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Some Nice Recent Snippets

Published by Chris Coyier

I am really liking the new snippets area we have going here. I find myself using it all the time, which is exactly why I thought it was worth building. Remember there is an RSS feed just for snippets, which doesn't come across the main feed. I only mention it because I have yet to integrate a link to it anywhere easily findable on the site... I gotta get to that soon.

I wanted to mention a few nice ones that have been added recently.

  • A friend asked me how to do a half-and-half layout, so I made a left and right version. But then he said he meant top and bottom, so I made that too.
  • While I was working on that post about long dropdown menus, I was learning about mouse position stuff in jQuery, so I posted one about finding x, y coordinates within a given box.
  • In the recent chatroom demo, I had reason to do a little HTML tag stripping in JavaScript. It uses a regular expression to do it.
  • Andrew submitted a cool PHP script to read all the files in the current directory and display a styled table of them along with the relevant information (file type and size)
  • Dan submitted a solution that can help fix weird z-index issues with Internet Explorer. Has both jQuery and MooTools versions.


  1. Really cool! Il be looking up that page everynow and then if I ever forget how do to something or just want to learn something new. So thanks for that. Its nice to have a big easily accessed database full of code snippets, usually I turn to google and try sifting through numerous websites for the info!

  2. Nice job with the coda integration. Very slick.

  3. Rick
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    I love that Snippets page. Keep em coming.

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    Yh, loving the snippits section.

  5. Agreed. The Snippets section is really cool. I’ve enjoyed the Snippets RSS feed a lot, and I’ve definitely used some of the snippets in some projects.

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    These snippets are really great, any time I need a code this is where I come first. They’re very helpful.

  7. Robert
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    Thanks for these snippets, they are very useful. In Google Reader, I don’t get the information about which sub category each snippet is for, such as PHP or JavaScript. Is that possible?

  8. Axel
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    Hi Chris,
    Thaniks for all great tuts posted here, recently I’ve had a problem with equal heights column. What solution do you recommend for it?

    Right now I’m using that version with margin and padding to 2000px and overflow hidden but internal links does not work anymore with this overflow.

    Any tips?


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    Always on-top-of-things. :-)

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    Thank Chris!

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    Love, it thanks!

    Could there be a way to post li’l demo’s after the snippets?

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    These snippets are really great

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