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Make Random Number

function getRandomId($min = NULL, $max = NULL) {
       if (is_numeric($min) && is_numeric($max)) {
               return mt_rand($min, $max);
       else {
               return mt_rand();


  1. doesn’t

    rand(1, 50)

    do the same thing?

  2. Also,
    mt_rand(0,99) do the same?

    I hope to get a perfect random number, I generally use,
    function rand_num() {
    $rand_num = md5(mt_rand(0,99) . mt_rand(99,9999). time());
    return $rand_num;

    To make some email validation or generating random hash I use it.

  3. Jonathan
    Permalink to comment#

    Wtf ? whats is the great of that function ?

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