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Get All-Time Number of MySQL Queries


       if (!$handle)
               die("No connection to database");

       echo 'Total number of all-time mysql-queries: '.getTotalNumberOfMySQLQuerys();

       //Returns integer-value of the total number of alltime mysql-calls that have been made
       function getTotalNumberOfMySQLQuerys()
               //global mysql-status containing the number of querys has been renamed in newer versions of mysql

               //contact helper-function to receive the mysql-version
               if ($mysqlVersion()>=50002)
                       $sql="SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE 'Questions'";
                       $sql="SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Questions'";

               $result=@mysql_query( $sql );
               $row=@mysql_fetch_array( $result );
               return $row['Value'];

       //helper function is needed to detect the exact mysql-version
       function getMysqlVersion()
               $sql = 'SELECT VERSION() AS versionsinfo';
               $result = @mysql_query('SELECT VERSION() AS versionsinfo');
               $version = @mysql_result( $result, 0, "versionsinfo" );
               $match = explode('.',$version);
               return sprintf('%d%02d%02d',$match[0],$match[1],intval($match[2]));

Because the name of the global mysql-status-variable containing the number of queries changed in later versions of mysql, a helper-function is needed to detect the exact version of mysql you're running.


  1. Looks good, but:

    $conn should be $handle.


    should say:


    Then it works fine.

    Mine is 77352281 on a pretty small site. Scary!

  2. Rich’s fix does work is there a way to change the original error though? I cut and pasted it and had to find that error myself before I thought to look at the comments. If it could be changed in the original tutorial it could save others more time.

  3. Hey, this was pretty cool, thanks for this. Though, it still doesn’t work without some modifications, though, with any basic understanding of PHP, this shouldn’t be an issue.

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