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Test if at least one checkbox is checked

In this example, a submit button is disabled if none of the checkboxes are checked and enabled if at least one is checked.

   <!-- bunch of checkboxes like: -->
   <input type="checkbox" ... >
   <input type="checkbox" ... >

   <!-- submit button, defaults to disabled -->
   <input type="submit" value="submit">

The trick is that you can use .is(":checked") on a jQuery object full of a bunch of elements and it'll return true if any of them are checked and false if none of them are. AND, using .attr() for the disabled attribute with that boolean value will enable/disable that button.

var checkboxes = $("input[type='checkbox']"),
    submitButt = $("input[type='submit']"); {
    submitButt.attr("disabled", !":checked"));

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  1. Bakaburg
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    That’s net!

  2. Permalink to comment#

    elegant solution

  3. r
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    so nice

  4. Jeff
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    Thanks! Exactly what I needed!

  5. can we do the same with UL LI structure, like I use custom selectbox and it will convert SELECT – OPTION Tags to UL – LI, so we will be having

      li class="selected"  

    while clicking on the LI and I want atleast ONE LI has CLASS selected there. And if not there it should give alert and not able to refresh the page.

    Can you help me?

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