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Find all Internal Links

Find all links that start with the sites domain, a slash, relative file path, or a hashtag.

var siteURL = "http://" +;

var $internalLinks = $("a[href^='"+siteURL+"'], a[href^='/'], a[href^='./'], a[href^='../'], a[href^='#']");


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    Surely this only works with wordpress though? What if I just had <a href=”about/img” rel=”nofollow”>? This wouldn’t be selected. You’d have to use this as an overwrite.

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      No it’s just a Jquery script so you can use it widely in any website as you want.

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    =), I use the following to find ALL EXTERNAL Links, for what kind of taks you want to find the INTERNAL LINKS?

    $(window).load( function() {

    but the problem I ran into was if the external Link has a https:// then it’s not recognized…how would I fix that in the above example?

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      why don’t you just use this :


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    This will fail if you have a link like this:

    <a href="page.html">Link</a>

    Any solution to include such links as well?

  4. LuK, why don’t you add both statements together (http and https), comma separated? I tried it, works beautifully.

        $("a[href*='http://']:not([href*='"+location.hostname+"']), a[href*='https://']:not([href*='"+location.hostname+"'])").attr('target','_blank');
  5. Clément
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    I use this :

    var internalLink = $("a:not([href^='http://']:not([href^='https://']");

    and I never use absolute url to target internal link

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