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Equalize Heights of Divs

var maxHeight = 0;

   if ($(this).height() > maxHeight) { maxHeight = $(this).height(); }



  1. Sgobin
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    I don’t know why. it work offline but when I put the site to the server it make the height small than the content. And sometimes it change the height with browsers reload in Safari or Firefox.

    • Ramil
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      I think, that’s because your page is not fully loaded. Try to start this code after window is loaded.

  2. Interestingly enough, I experienced the same issue. Worked great on the hard drive, but when I uploaded the files to the server, for some reason the script didn’t work in the same manner. It actually set the height for each div to the height of the first.

  3. Josh
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    this is sooo good! thank you!

    • Josh
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      …actually I do have a small question. How do you implement this on multiple divs?

      for example I have 3 sets of 2 divs on a page. I only want the sets to equalize, not all divs on the page. I don’t mind the using multiple classes but whats the shortest way to write it.

      div.equalize-1, div.equalize-2, div.equalize-3 are my classes.

      I assigned these classes to each set of divs I want to be equalized.

      Any tips would be great thanks.

  4. Chris
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    // Plugin
    $.fn.equalize = function() {
    	var maxHeight = 0;
    	return this.each(function(){
    		var $this = $(this);
    		if ($(this).height() > maxHeight) { maxHeight = $(this).height(); }
    // Use generic class 
    $('div.equalize-1, div.equalize-2, div.equalize-3').equalize();
    • Chris
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      Woops, gotta replace the following line:

      if ($this.height() > maxHeight) { maxHeight = $this.height(); }

      Forgot to use the “$this” var!

  5. Your plugin version doesn’t work quite right I think – it appears to be applying the current maxHeight BEFORE it has looped through all the selectors, so its only correct for things after the tallest one.
    The original version is fine, though

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    Thanks Chris this is so easy I would have invented it myself

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    This is really important stuff to make the layout work. Sorry for being so new to JS, but I have two divs I need to equalize to the same height. In CSS, I call my div ids #slides and #product. Do I just insert that in the parentheses like this? It doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Thank you,

    var maxHeight = 0;

    if ($(this).height() > maxHeight) { maxHeight = $(this).height(); }


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    Could someone help me to understand how to fill in the blanks? I have two divs side-by-side: #slideshow and #menuVertical that I wrap in .equalize. I just can’t figure out where to put these in the plugin.

    Thanks Much.

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    Will this work on resize of the browser?

  10. This is an old post, but I’ve been able to do this in the one line, while setting the variable.

    var h = Math.max.apply(Math, $.map($(‘.el’),function(el){return $(el).height()}));

  11. Raviraj
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    Used this snippet. Thank you for making it available!

    I had to extend this a bit because I’m using it in the context of a responsive design. So thanks to a Stack Overflow answer, I got my script to trigger when the user pauses or stops resizing the window.

    Figured someone else might have the same issue so I thought I’d share!

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