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Detect First Visible Element of Certain Class

Adds a class of "first" to the first element that has a class of "activity" that is visible in the browser window.

	var scrollTop = $(window).scrollTop();
	var windowHeight = $(window).height();		
	var first = false;
	$(".activity").each( function() {
		var offset = $(this).offset();
		if (scrollTop <= && ($(this).height() + < (scrollTop + windowHeight) && first == false) {
		} else {


  1. Jeff
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    This helped me out of a jam I was in for days, and completely solved my problem. Thanks so much, this is a fantastic site!

  2. Jacob Smith
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    Unless I misunderstand, this requires that div’s bottom is higher than the bottom of the screen (that the element is completely visible). I personally would prefer that it require that the element is at all visible (top < screen bottom).

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