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Check if Checkbox is Checked

Say that 10 times fast =).

Find out if a single checkbox is checked or not, returns true or false:


Find all checked checkboxes:


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  1. LuK
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    // your code


  2. What if a radio button is selected?

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    The website is horrible in IE6. At least the design for the page should be made differently to work in IE6

  4. Hasmi
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    var val=$(“input:checked”).length
    if(val>0){//At least one checked


    if(val<0){//Nothing checked


  5. Appreciate but you should upgrade the IE version.

  6. Pranjay
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    Another way to do this is $(element).prop(‘checked’) [ ]. This would always return a true or false value similar to what Wouter has suggested in is() method. $(‘#checkBox’).attr(‘checked’) however, will only return true when the box is checked and will return ‘undefined’ when unchecked.

  7. Also, I opine css-tricks’ audience are mostly web developers – In this containerful, (I comedian) they don’t use IE6 as their nonpayment browser.

  8. Stamatov
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    better add [0] to this code. I do this coz id is unique and there should be only one element with this id per page.
    Also useful if you want to checked/unchecked checkbox or radio button via jquery


    • Careful here, adding [0] to the end of that jQuery object will make it stop being a jQuery object and just a regular pointer thing. attr() will no long work on it.

  9. Stamatov
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    very true, my mistake.
    btw after small research i found that it will be better to use .prop() function about this case.

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    Is there a reason you can’t use: $(‘#checkBox:checked’);

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    On a separate but related note, has anyone noticed or explain why CSS and JQuery handle :checked differently? Where CSS looks at the latest state of a set of radios, jQuery only seems to see what is in the dom on page load. I created a jsfiddle to illustrate…

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    This really nice article . have a look of this also|-Validate-checkbox-is-checked-or-un-checked

  13. soncu
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    Very good explanation

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