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Calculate Distance Between Mouse and Element

(function() {
    var mX, mY, distance,
        $distance = $('#distance span'),
        $element  = $('#element');

    function calculateDistance(elem, mouseX, mouseY) {
        return Math.floor(Math.sqrt(Math.pow(mouseX - (elem.offset().left+(elem.width()/2)), 2) + Math.pow(mouseY - (elem.offset().top+(elem.height()/2)), 2)));

    $(document).mousemove(function(e) {  
        mX = e.pageX;
        mY = e.pageY;
        distance = calculateDistance($element, mX, mY);


This code will calculate the distance between the mouse cursor and the center of an element. This can be useful for triggering a function when the mouse is within a certain distance of an element. Or, you can base the value of a property, such as the width, height, or opacity of the element, on the proximity of the mouse cursor.

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    In this case the point 0 is the center of the element.
    How would the point be 0 anywhere in the element?
    That is, the edge of the element takes away a = 0

  2. Mario
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    Thanks for this post – this makes life really easy.

  3. sadunaresh
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    I was working with jquery for last 3 months.. I am well acquainted working with functionality but never tried to write a plug in… just started experimenting with above functionality.. coded as below..

    $.fn.calculateDistance = function(elem, mouseX, mouseY) {
            return Math.floor(Math.sqrt(Math.pow(mouseX - (elem.offset().left+(elem.width()/2)), 2) + Math.pow(mouseY - (elem.offset().top+(elem.height()/2)), 2)));        
        var mX, mY, distance, $distance = $('#distance span'), $element  = $('#element');
            $(document).mousemove(function(e) {  
            mX = e.pageX;
            mY = e.pageY;
            distance = calculateDistance($element, mX, mY);

    doing so gives me an error

    calculateDistance is not defined

    where am I going wrong?

    • You attached it to to the jQuery object ($.fn.calculateDistance) so you’ll have to call it like $.calculateDistance.

      Or just don’t attach it like that. Different schools of thought on that. Since your function requires jQuery internally might be good to leave it like that.

  4. Sonar
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    hi, I was wondering if it possible to move the element center to the current mouse position. any suggestions pls.

  5. Sonar
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    In that example i want to move the circle to the position(means i want the center of circle to at the cursor position) where the cursor is currently present when i hover it.

    Can u please help me in solving the problem..


  6. I was trying to use this code to make something rather special. A div calculating height until mouse position in combination with rotating. No luck so far, but if you have any ideas, feel free to share :)

    codepen can be found here:
    See the Pen Afxlz(@sugomi) on CodePen.

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