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1024×768 Bookmarklet

The days of 800x600 screens are all but over, but most of us still try to accommodate 1024px wide screens. Hence the popularity of "960" width sites. This bookmarklet will resize the current browser window to that width and height. You know, so us web designers with giant monitors can see what it's like to be slummin' with a 1024 screen. Also, to see "the fold", if such a concept even matters anymore.


The Bookmarklet

1024x768   < Drag to bookmarks bar

This doesn't seem to work at all anymore (tested in stable version of Chrome and Firefox, April 2013). It used to work only when the window was by itself, not when multiple tabs were open, but now that doesn't work anymore either.

There is some kind of way to do it, since I still regularly see resized popups, so feel free to chime in the comments if you know more.


  1. Wow, that’s really nice. Works perfectly for your website!

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    Maybe another to return my browser to what it was?

  3. LaVonne Ellis
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    Nice. But Chris, now I see that your site is a few pixels too wide! :)

    • This site fits right in there just snug with no scrollbar….

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      A scroll bar shows up for me :(

    • Well then you have something in your browser that is inhibiting the width of it.

    • LaVonne Ellis
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      Hmm, not in my Firefox… but very close. Probably something to do with my settings. Sorry, with all your digital troubles this week, you don’t need me giving you a hard time!

    • Callum
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      I have to say, I did notice that too. But very helpful tool

  4. Not working from the bookmark bar in Safari 4 but works if you click the button on the page. Any ideas?

  5. Pretty clever and it works perfect in Firefox. Though I’m not going to keep this size up for much longer as it’s really, really small :)

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    The bookmarklet doesn’t work in Safari via the web site or the bookmarklet, but it works fine in Firefox. I have several other JS bookmarklets that function fine.

    Any idea, Chris?

    • Works fine for me in Safari. Probably some settings on your end.

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      Found that the bookmarklet only works in Safari 4 with no tabs open. If you only have one window open it works like a charm. 2 or more tabs and you are out of luck.

      I also created a 1200×1180 bookmarklet to return my screen to how I would like it.

  7. mizwo
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    web developer’s toolbar! =)

  8. Hmm, doesn’t work in Chrome 3.0.195 on XP?

  9. Doesn’t work for me, I’m in Firefox 3.5.4

    • How many tabs do you have open? It doesn’t work in Safari, Chrome or IE unless you have only one tab open. Also, it’s really, really easy to change the dimentions to what you want – you could do 1×1.

    • Very interesting to know about the multiple tabs preventing it thing.

  10. Oh and Developer Toolbar has this functionality, except it doesn’t remember what dimensions you entered and one of the defaults is 800×600.

  11. it didn’t work on Chrome!

  12. Daryl
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    What about handlheld devices such as ipods, ipads, blackberries, ect., that all use 800×600 resolution still? I disagree with this post stating 800×600 are all but over! As matter of fact 800×600 resolution is more popular than you think and is widely used everywhree still.

  13. This doesn’t seem to work in Chrome 8, Chris. Not sure what the deal is, but you may need to check on that.

  14. Doesn’t work in Chrome, and now doesn’t work in Firefox for me either :-(

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    This didn’t work for me, for some reason…

  16. I’m trying to use in safari but can’t seem to get it working, anyone had success?

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    This only works in IE now, still very helpful as long as you have a PC.

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    It seems that this still does work in IE11 but only if you have one tab open. As soon as you open a second tab, the resize doesn’t work anymore.

  19. Arturo
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