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CSS3 Zebra Striping a Table

tbody tr:nth-child(odd) {
   background-color: #ccc;


  1. great certainly saved me some time searching

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    this didn’t work well for me, but the PHP one worked great.

  3. Artem
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    Cant understand, how it works…

  4. @Dyllon and @Artem, here is a simple demo explaining how to use this code, and a live example of it being used.

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    Sadly… not supported by IE

  6. John
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    Can be done with jQuery addClass.

  7. Maksvil
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    shitty explorer not supported

  8. I bet these people saying that it isn’t working are browsers that are not supported. :D

  9. Drew
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    Just wanted to say thanks for all of the cool tips and tricks. I’ve used the css zebra stripe trick before but it hadn’t occurred to me to prefix my css with tbody so that I could better target hovers and such.

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    How do you maintain a consistent zebra pattern in a sortable PHP table?

  11. This is awesome, sadly it’s not working in IE. Therefore I am using the PHP or jQuery way, until IE wakes up and shuts down that terrible browser.

  12. openriot
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    Great, thank you!

  13. Katie
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    I want to use this but I have tables inside my table rows, does anyone know a way I can have it skip the nested rows/columns? Thanks!

  14. Ramesh Chowdarapally
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    I think it will not support internet explorer,
    but it is useful.

  15. In response to being able to use jQuery it also adds a lot of classes, (if its scaled up and there’s hundreds of rows) it would add a lot of classes. and in turn couldn’t that eventually create bloat code or even slow down the page? (not a lot but a little) and so i guess chris just wanted to use the most efficient way of using the code, or maybe just first one that came to mind or just preference. Just a thought :)

  16. bonyiii
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    For my case this is perfect.

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