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Slides From Recent Presentations

Published by Chris Coyier

As you know, slides alone pale in comparison to being there to see a talk, but I still feel they are worth sharing. I've just gotten to posting up my last three prepared talks on SpeakerDeck.

RSS readers, you'll have to visit the site to see these as the SpeakerDeck embeds are scripts.

A Modern Web Designer's Workflow

I plan to keep this one up to date for years to come, adjusting for new tools and ways of doing things as my own workflow changes.

How To Stay Up To Date on Web Technology

This one is brand new and designed to be more philosophical than instructional. This one gave me the motivation to get these online because the end of it has a section called "The Boss Slides" full of links'n'stuff that you could tell your boss about if you forgot to take notes during a conference.

Let's Do A Bunch of Simple Stuff to Make Websites Faster

I made a screencast of this one, but never posted the slides. So here are those. As the title says, it's simple stuff, but important not to mess up.


  1. Jesse
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    Thanks Chris, really enjoyed those, especially the first one.

  2. Thanks, Chris. ‘How To Stay Up To Date on Web Technology’ was a favorite of mine and I discovered some links I didn’t know about.

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    Love this, though the commando slide from the first deck was a bit disturbing

  4. Permalink to comment#

    Nice. Really impressed by coloring scheme and slide design overall. Especially the last one.

  5. Permalink to comment#

    Thanks for sharing your slides and introducing a lot of useful ressources !

  6. Brian
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    Chris, really enjoyed looking through your slides. Thanks.

    There’s a great deal of value in what you’ve presented. I’d love to hear the accompanying audio to any one of your slide decks – both for the information & insite, but also because it was undoubtedly funny at times.


  7. Gabor
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    Thanks Chris!
    Very useful article, cute Dogs, good stuff.

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    Really a great sharing. I also much like intro about sass –

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    Forget about the info in these slides, it’s awesome as usual but I’d like to point out the adorable design Chris has come up. It was fun reading them each. Thank you so much for putting them together.

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    Thanks so much for this slides! Awseome source of resources!

  11. Michael Griffin
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    The second set of slides lists Dave Ruperts url as “”. Not sure if it was a joke or a mistake.

  12. Josh Green
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    Chris your colour choices for all three presentations were great! They do so much to really keep your attention and bring focus to certain points. Do you have these saved out in a colurlovers palette, do you even use that site? Lastly would you mind sharing what fonts you used?

  13. Sascha
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    Great post as usual, thanks Chris! I really enjoyed the first one, lots of useful things in there. More of that ;)

  14. Luka
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    Thank you very much.

  15. Mike
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    Great stuff, Chris.

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    Funny, absolutely funny AND interesting too.

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    Thanks Chris, lots of good stuff here – I have a browser full of new links to explore now!

    How do people do css/js caching during development without having to change the file name every time you make a small change? Or is this something you turn off and on when going from dev to live?

  18. Andrew
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    Looks like fantastic resources. And is that you modelling on the Sep 19 slides? :)

  19. Michael Whyte
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    I second the great slide design all three decks looked great….but that is just a bonus…the content was excellent as well…I got a lot from the content…even without the corresponding talk…

    Thank you for sharing…

  20. Angelo
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    Thanks for always bringing web development updates for us! Your efforts are always being appreciated by us.

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    Codepen looks legit!

  22. CodePen Pro looks great! You certainly chose those features well!

    And could you make a list of the links please, so that we can just click them?

  23. Dimitrie
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    for convenience :)


    oh btw got some questions of my own:

    anyone knows a reallly and then I mean, reallly good workflow for after you have your website up & running ( whatever website, static/php/with database/ without) to back it up keep it safe.

    say that you deploy with git but then your customer is gonna interact with the cms, after that is happening i want a solution to instantly restore my server when its blown up by some random natural disaster or something.

    oh and anyone has the best media-temple kind of hosting for europe/netherlands?

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      Thanks for posting this video. Chris’ slides were very well detailed that I didn’t feel like I needed the narration, but it’s always better to hear him talk through it :).

      P.S. nice name.

  24. Akshay
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    Wow this is what i was looking for.. Thanks Chris

  25. Saw your talk on CSS workflow at the inControl Conference in Honolulu, some of these slides relate to that talk but are covered in more detail. Great resources, thanks for the hard work on them.

  26. Mike
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    Hey Chris, what font’s are you rocking in the “How To Stay Up To Date on Web Technology” slideshow? (for example the fonts in slides 8 and 12). Thanks!!!!

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    Thanks for posting these! I always enjoy learning from you.

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    Found the stuff about workflows really useful, thank! I’ve spent the last few months convincing myself that all designs should start in photoshop, but getting it to the browser fast is sound advice.

  29. Jeff Mitchell
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    Thank you for this. So many great resources in the decks. With your help, I am now going to be much further away from inboxzero!

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    Thanks Chris,

    Great stuff. I really enjoyed these slides. That is it really. Peace.

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    Thanks for Pumping up!

  32. Steve Muir
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    Thank you. Very enjoyable reading and learning.

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    Hi Chris,

    I really enjoyed your slides titled “How To Stay Up To Date on Web Technology” – however, as you said “slides alone pale in comparison to being there to see a talk”.

    I totally agree with this & was wondering if you had already presented this one & if so do you have a link so I can view it online or even better if you haven’t presented it yet, where are you going to?

    Many thanks.

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