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Published by Chris Coyier

New thing! Dave Rupert and I are going to be doing a podcast called ShopTalk (@ShopTalkShow).

It's going to be a weekly show on (mostly) Thursdays at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern. Variations to that will be noted at the site. You'll be able to listen live if you'd like, otherwise subscribe on iTunes and listen to it anytime.

Similar to CarTalk, our plan is to have the meat of the show be audience question based. We also plan to have a guest each week. Not to interview, but just to hang out with us and all three of us will answer the questions and talk shop about the web. Nuts and bolts real web dev stuff.

Our very first guest for episode #1 is Jonathan Snook! We'd love it if you would submit questions. Either just written or use Record MP3 send a link to that recorded question. Questions can be about Jonathan and all cool things he does, or really anything web development (mostly front end) related. Doesn't even have to be a question, could just be a topic you'd like to hear about or a tip on some cool new thing. Eventually we'll have more ways people can participate live.

This is gonna be a fun time folks. I hope everyone can tune in when they can and participate!


  1. Jerry
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    Im in!

  2. This sounds great!
    I can’t get enough of podcasts these days.

  3. Paul D
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    Sounds good – great first guest too.

    I really wish sites wouldn’t bury (or omit altogether) their RSS feeds though. Not everyone uses chuffing iTunes!

    • Links in the footer now.

    • Paul D
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      I did find the link, thanks. It’s just annoying when sites hide their RSS links, or even worse, don’t include them at all. Seems a bizarre thing to do from a usability standpoint. And from a podcast specifically about UX it’s doubly troubling.

      What’s the UX rationale behind having a gigantic iTunes link next to the title and a tiny RSS link buried in the footer next to the copyright and sponsor info? Why make it harder for people to subscribe?

      This is just a pet peeve of mine. I’m actually really looking forward to hearing these btw.

  4. Been wanting to find a good one, and that’s just been done!

  5. Really excited about this! I’ve never gotten into listening to podcasts – but this might make me change my mind. I submitted a question/topic as well. Can’t wait!

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    Sounds great! I’ll definitely be checking in!

  7. Congratulations Chris! It will be great!

  8. What time would that be in central?

    • The four United States time zones:

      Pacific (PST): 10am
      Mountain (MST): 11am
      Central (CST): 12 noon
      Eastern (EST): 1pm

      Other locations:

      UK: 6pm
      Australia: 2am

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    How are you handling the live broadcasting?

  10. Hey Chris,

    Great job with launching the podcast…you’re probably already on this, but I think it could use more of a description/details in iTunes…the listing is kind of bare right now. It doesn’t even have your last names in there. I’m sure you’ll get to this.


  11. Den
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  12. Gabe
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    NICE! My commute is about to get a little bit better.

  13. Kevin Jones
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    Really looking forward to this Chris! Good luck and I’m spreading the word as we speak.

  14. Elshereef
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    It means 6pm here in Egypt :)
    Can’t wait Chris

  15. Corey Lewis
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    This sounds so awesome! I am looking forward to sitting at my desk at work creating sites, snacking and learn by listening all at the same time! I will definitely benefit from this as well as others.

  16. Nojan A.
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    Congrats! it’s very cool . as im in a different time zone i wanted to know is it possible to download the whole podcast later ?

    • Jerry
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      Yeah, you can download it from the itunes podcast section. Just search for “shoptalk”, it´s free!

  17. That chicken bg-image joke rocks :>

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    This’s rly great!

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    Wounderfull Post thanks for sharing…!

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