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Screencasting a Complete Redesign (Get Access on Kickstarter!)

Published by Chris Coyier

Hey folks, I got some big news. Part of me going off on my own is that I plan to work harder on CSS-Tricks. Part of that is doing the biggest and best redesign ever. So I figured, why do all that in a cave? Instead, I'll screencast every last bit of it and make it available to you. It will be available in a private access area that you can get access to by backing the project on Kickstarter.

Here's my explanation and appeal:

I'm planning to make it quite comprehensive, breaking things down into small easily digestible bits. I have a plan, but I'm also going to be doing lots of off-the-cuff stuff as it comes up in the process. For instance, choosing and setting up the private access area to begin with. Here's some of what we'll cover:

  • Visual design decisions and process
  • Writing semantic HTML and using HTML5
  • Working with WordPress and crafting a heavily customized theme
  • Writing CSS and using CSS3
  • Working efficiently
  • Responsive design and all the complex issues that come along with that
  • Using cool tools like Sass with Compass and CodeKit
  • Using JavaScript and jQuery where we need it
  • The version control (git) and deployment setup
  • Making good choices around monetization

I would absolutely love your support on this. I think the rewards will be worth it.

Help fund this project and get access on Kickstarter.


  1. Awesome Chris, I’m totally behind this!

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    Best of luck Chris! You’ve done loads for the community, and I probably owe you most of my skill set. Really hope this all goes well for you – looking forward to seeing the increased content levels and I will definitely be reading/watching literally everything you put on here.

  3. 100% behind you Chris, can’t wait to see how things go in the coming months

  4. Count me in! Least I can do for all the tools and resources you’ve provided over the years.

    Good luck!

  5. As if this is not going to get funded :D

    So glad Kickstarter reassessed your idea and I am already looking forward to the first screencast.


  6. Its crazy for me to even think that your site (one of the best sites like it on the web) needs a re-design :)

    looking forward to this.

    p.s. congrats, fully funded in 1 day!

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    Oh man am I excited! Definitely count me in for support on this project, I love CSS-Tricks and think this is a great idea.

  8. Dude! Awesome idea. God Bless.

  9. Nice.

  10. Right on, Chris! I am totally on board with this.

  11. Chris, best of luck in your endeavors! Your site has been my number one resource since I got thrown into teaching Web Design in a high school (I’m a CS teacher originally) four years ago. Thanks to you, I have learned an immeasurable amount, and I eagerly devour every article I see in the RSS feed. Keep up the great work.

    You’re the only site I regularly click ads on, just to help you out in a small way.

  12. Dude how cool! It’s really great to watch people grow like you have. I feel like this is what it’s all about – being passionate about something you love to do and get to do what you love every day.

    Really looking forward to what comes!

  13. Great idea Chris! CSS-tricks is really a great resource for web developers and I wish you all the best on your way.

  14. Bert de Vries
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    I’m in. Can’t wait for the start of this series….
    Pretty much all of what i know of CSS, jQuery and HTML comes from Chris and his awesome screencasts.
    Time to do something in return.
    Cheers Chris!

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  15. Daniel Albertsson
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    You totally got my support!

  16. Hi Chris ,

    will get my money as support.
    Knowledge I learnt here from you got me a new job :)

  17. dude this is freakin’ cool!
    I just wanna mention that I am huge fan of css-tricks, it’s been on my bookmark list like forever! and I’m like coming to your site every hour to see if there’s a new article or a snippet! the amount of coool and awesome css, wp and javascript-jquery tricks and codes I have learned from this site is like ……. nah I can’t count them!

    Ok I’m done but I can go for another round and then another and then another lmao but seriously you’re the best! :brofist:

  18. Federico Teotini
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    Hi Chris,
    these screencasts will be available forever like at christmas for who help fund this project?


    • not forever, the description says:

      $25 +
      Access to the private area on CSS-Tricks (for 6 months) where the screencasts will be available for viewing and downloading

  19. HI Chris,
    this sounds great – you’ ve my support!

  20. Good luck with this! I’m in. And, by the looks of how the kickstarter is going, so are an awful lot of other people. Hey, maybe you’ll be able to retire on the back of this screencast. :)

  21. Alfred Larsson
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    Yey, now we are going to pay for css-tricks. Thank you Chris, you just not lost a viewer/reader!

  22. Your dog is named Digby? Is he named after Sir Digby Chicken Caesar?

  23. Jesper
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    This sounds just great! Two questions though. After I have payed, how do I get access to the private area? And also, the six month peroid limit for $25, will you be finished within those six months so that I don´t miss out on anything?


  24. Wow, after all years of service Chris, Im proud of you and will put in my donation.

    If you cant afford $25, you should be charging more for your development. :)

  25. Muhammad Saleh
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    TOTALLY IN IT.. it will be the best thing ever :D a money worth spending Good Luck Chris

  26. Congratulations on getting funded! I can’t wait to see the screencasts. I have always enjoyed them, and I was thinking that you need to do more of them. If my contribution can help that, it is great. I just want more screencasts! I learn so much from them!

  27. You know, I looked at the prices on kickstarter and initially though “That’s a lot of money to put down on one thing”. but the more I think about it, the more I want to spend that money. I have learned so much from css-tricks, and I’d love to see more. Here comes my contribution to the kickstarter!

    • I thought so too, like a lot of money, but then realised I basically spend about $200 bucks / month just for food :D
      So $25 for such a great cause ain’t much for learning purposes.

      Plus, imagine Chris doing all this awesome work in his free time so how better it will be when going full time :))

  28. Nicklas
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    That’s a lot of money for a poor student, i will consider it though, cause i really want to see this. When will the whole redesign begin?

    • I’ve done a good bit of planning and preliminary design. Things will start in earnest after July 4th. The complete redesign will be done in september at the latest. Shirts and stuff October at the latest.

  29. Hi Chris,

    now I am asking as paying customer :)
    Will send you $25 tonight so I want to know (did not find the info elsewhere):

    1.] When we can await this thing to begin from JUL 5 ?
    2.] For those of us accessing this private login area how do we get there? (link. login credentials, …)
    3 .]Will you make a new blog post after you get funded with info what to do?

    • All your questions will be answered both through Kickstarter and here. The estimated date for completeness is Septemberish, but I’m hoping to have you folks into the new area far before then.

  30. So I just backed you for $100 ( 107 since I already added the international shipping after I saw it in the comments section ). I am greedy that way besides the learning I also want the HTML CSS and PSD goodies ;)

  31. There was going to be an image there saying “Shut up and take my money”.

  32. Wonderful idea Chris. Looking forward to the screencast. I’ve learnt a lot from CSS-Tricks so giving something back feels goooood :o)

    Oh and congrats at reaching over 450% funding!

  33. Alex
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    You’re fаt :)

  34. there goes my $25 :)
    keep up the good work Chris
    eager and waiting for those screencasts
    greetings from Europe, Czech Republic

  35. Chris, you’ve thrown away more beautiful designs than most people have ever thought of. I’ve been here since your first design, and really credit you with the most knowledge and my self-teaching more than anyone.

    Good luck,

    Vincent Tobiaz

  36. I love, and I’m in! I have learned a lot from css-tricks and I can wait to start watching the screencast series, now I will get all your secrets :)))). Good one Chris

  37. DJ
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    @chris… I’m in for access and the book – I do have a question – You’ve said that the access would be for six months, could you explain a bit more specifics. For example: your screencasts and material, will they be posted on an ongoing basis or all at once when it’s done? And you’ve said access would be for six months – I’m assuming the whole process will be done by then? The “september” time frame, I didn’t catch whether that was when you’ll start the process, begin posting, or have it completed.

    • @CHRIS
      so far all paying folks are your true fans only I guess
      the sooner you post some info the more “customers” you get :)

      for example:
      “Hi guys. By 1st of October you will be able to log in private login area using your credentials you use to log in forums. There is gonna be 25+ screencasts at least and each will have from 30 – 60 minutes.”

      so far it is like “I am not really sure”
      you can easily get it to “hell yeah I am gonna give this guy my money because I know what I am buying”

      Best regards

  38. Frank Spin
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    Hi Chris,

    New here on Man i really love this site, keep up the good work! It is sad that kickstarter uses amazon payment gateway. I have no credit-card (living in Europe..)

    I can support you through PayPal? ( I hope so ;-)

    • Pascal V
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      Same here!
      It was a no brainer to support your project, but I was stopped at the last click due to KickStarter payment limitation. PayPal anywhere?!

      So best way left to express my gratitude for years of css-tricks gem: THANK YOU.

    • Just hold off on the Kickstarter thing then and wait for the membership area to open up on CSS-Tricks. That will take PayPal for sure. Don’t worry Kickstarter folks, the rate you’re getting is better =)

  39. Noah Gelman
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    $23,904 out of $3,500 reach?
    Lol, Chris, you’re going to owe SO many favors

  40. Quality posts is the important to be a focus for the viewers to pay a
    quick visit the web site, that’s what this website is providing.

  41. Very happy to see you far exceeded your Kickstarter goal. I was really bummed that they rejected you the first time around and a happy supporter of you this time. I won’t lie and say you’ve been my only resource over the last 6~ish years, but very early on I realized your articles were more useful than others, and began regularly reading css-tricks long before I took Google Reader/RSS seriously. You’ve not only helped me grasp css and jquery, you’ve taken the time to make your site a resource that passes the test of time- a true rarity on the web. I cannot think of anyone else I would rather support financially. I know this project will turn out great and best of (unneeded) luck to your future independent endevours.

  42. Rasmus
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    css-tricks > treehouse

  43. Just signed up, this will be worth every penny, can’t wait!

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    Been a supporter of CSS Tricks for ages, so happy to back this awesome idea! Looking forward to the screencasts. Let the learnathon begin!

  45. Amazing how much you were able to raise for this in just a few days. Shows you the importance of building trust with users/customers., which you’ve done over the past 4 years or so.

    I cheaped out and contributed $25. I just didn’t care much for the T-Shirt or Hoodie. :)

  46. Have to say, I was on the fence about this at first.

    That was until I saw Digby at the end of the video. I mean, how could I say “No” after that? Count me in!

    Seriously though, really looking forward to this. And what better way to support something and someone that I’ve gotten so much out of these past few years. I know I’ve learned a lot, and it’s all been virtually free up to this point.

    Congratulations on the spectacular amount of funding you’ve received thus far, sir. I think it is well deserved.

  47. Chris,

    You’re awesome, and CSS-Tricks has helped me A TON over the last year. You bet I’ll throw some cash your way. I can’t wait for the new features and this site to be overwhelmingly awesome.

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    This could possibly be the best thing I have ever read on the web! Nice one Chris

  49. Hey Chris, first time posting long time user, this are great news, i don’t have much money but i will chip in and support the project as soon as i can, i will take the chance to thank you for all the great tips, screencasts, etc.

    This site helps me almost everyday and it’s helping my business to go from a cheap design service to a top quality service provider, you rock!

  50. Sax
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    This is awesome! Project of the year and it hasn’t even started.
    Greetings from Montenegro.

  51. Man you talk so fast !!! :D
    But i’m backing you for sure !

    Good luck bro

  52. congrats on going full time with CSS-Tricks, chris! living the dream.

    you’ve steered me (and the web design community at large) towards so many great resources, and provided so much knowledge. its awesome that we can finally give back and help you in this worthy cause. cant wait to see where you take the site next (not to mention those screencasts!), best of luck buddy!

  53. Nojan
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    Hey Chris, i’m looking forward for the payment through paypal too.
    congrats and good luck on this project ;)

  54. Michael
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    Just backed you on Kickstarter, can’t wait to get this thing started.

    Good job Chris!

  55. Hey Chris,

    Been following you since over a year and I love your work and css-tricks but I have couple of questions regarding the Kickstarter’s project

    The $25 contribution says, I will have access to the Private area for 6 months? What If I contribute bigger? will I have access for those videos for a longer time?

    Finally, will you be adding more premium tutorials after 6 months like other membership sites (tuts+, lynda, etc)?

    • will I have access for those videos for a longer time?

      After the 6 months you’ll be able to decide if you want to continue access or not through the subscription part of the site.

      will you be adding more premium tutorials after 6 months like other membership sites

      Maybe probably

    • Frank Spin
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      Please don’t store our passwords in plaintext ;-)

    • @Frank LOL agreed. Readers at tuts+ has been very upset because of that.

  56. Permalink to comment#

    Hey Chris,

    I just baked $25 to show my support and thank you for your work for all these years. :)
    Can’t wait to see what’s gonna be !

  57. Conrad
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    I just baked $25 from Argentina!!!

  58. Well I’m in, I’m a tight wad so I went back and forth all day. I just couldn’t fathom missing all the great info you are going to provide with the redesign. I use your lessons as a resource on every website I make, so didn’t feel right not to return the favor. Good luck with quitting the day job to pursue your dream.

  59. Matori
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    please provide Moneybookers payment once membership comes to, I have no other way to pay qq

  60. Awesome idea thanks

  61. So would the public be able to watch the progress screencasts if you are too late to back on kickstarter?

  62. Congrats on the huge success of your idea. I want to pledge $125 & would like to print the PDF, is this possible? Cheers.

  63. Clint

    Just wondering about the funding date, can we pay Kickstarter after July 5th or is it a real cut off date?

    • It’s a cutoff for the Kickstarter prices. Eventually there will be a signup thingy here on CSS-Tricks itself, but the best deal will be Kickstarter now.

    • Clint

      OK, made me take action – I’ve paid up my $’s.

      Looking forward to the process and glad to be helping css-tricks in this way.

  64. Hey chris, i would love to send you $25, we run a small company and don’t have much money right now, but i would like to help and of course to get access to the screencasts, is there any way i can do it with paypal?

    Thanks for everything man!

  65. So, I also just backed you on Kickstarter. Good luck Chris!

  66. Glynn

    Hi Chris,

    I’m pretty skint right now but would love to be able to back the $25 dollars for the 6 month access.. will there be any way to pay once its closed say in 2 weeks time?

    Great work!

    • Glynn

      Sorry you’ve already answered this, I should have read above! good stuff!

  67. grr.. bad time to go on vacation.. I came back just in time to see this close.. Congrats on such a good result on this. I will eagerly await the opening of the redesign. Cheers

  68. Annette
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    Just out of total curiosity (and I genuinely don’t mean to sound like a douche for asking) — Your Kickstarter campaign was wildly successful. How did you use the excess donations?

    • Various ways. One important part is that with more supports comes more costs because that’s all the more merchandise that needs to be purchased and printed and shipped. There was so much of it I had to hire help. I also hired a bunch of other people to help with the design that I couldn’t have otherwise. Illustrators, content strategists, UX people, user testing and eye tracking, and more.

      All in all, I made very little money from the Kickstarter. Which is correct! You shouldn’t make your money from Kickstarter, it should be a kick start to the business itself.

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