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Roundup of Design Galleries

Published by Chris Coyier

I have a Happy New Year's gift for all you CSS-Tricks readers! It's a big roundup of all those web design galleries that are so popular these days. I've been wanting do a round of these for a while, and then when I finally started looking into it I found that there are tons and tons of them. Where to begin?


Well I just started looking -- I looked at easily over 100 of them. Then I compiled a list of the common features of those sites and started keeping track. I ended up with: Thumbnails, Dated?, Rated?, Comments?, Advertising Annoyingness, Submissions?, Searchable By, Browseable By, Other Content, and RSS. At first I started do some value judgments like general quality level, freshness, and extra notes/comments, but in the end I decided to leave my own feelings out of it. The one value judgement that made it is the Advertising Annoyingness level, just because I found it relevant and kind of funny.

I also had to cut a lot of galleries. Here are some reasons a gallery might have gotten cut:

  • It completely sucked.
  • It obviously hasn't been updated in months.
  • Non-English (There were lots of galleries, good and bad, in other languages. I just decided to keep this list English only. Many of the galleries link out to non-English sites though.)
  • It ONLY aggregated content from other sites
  • It was targeted at only a specific type/style of design.

So there you have it, enjoy The Great Web Design Gallery Roundup.

p.s. I'm sure there are some I missed, so feel free to contact me and let me know and I'll add them.


  1. ? I think it is none of the five reason for missing.

  2. Sergio
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    Why do you not consider non-english galleries? It seems kinda xenophobic and it obviouslt a stupid decission. I hope you reconsider it. It’s discriminatory.

  3. Well, it’s a 100% English gallery. What’s the matter with the links?! I cant understand your point.

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    how about CommandShift3 ? :)

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    Could I suggest CssGlance, the italian one?

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    Very comprehensive list, will come in handy in the future!


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    I suggest


  8. Hi All,

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll get them all added real soon here. CSSLeak I’m having some trouble with because it crashed my browser once and now it’s hanging on some external link, so I’m going to hold off on that one for now. I really really like CommandShift3, but it’s less of a gallery so I think I’ll leave that off too.

  9. shane
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    Sweet Chris… definitely coming back when I need inspiration.

    Since this post is about CSS, I thought I’d point out that the ‘Web Design Gallery RoundUp’ page/design is displaying incorrectly in ie7. The Header (header.png) is floated all the way to the right and extends beyond the viewable area. I’ve resized to 1024 wide from 1680 and it’s still whacked out.

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    yeah, CommandShift3 might not a ‘regular’ gallery, as you said. but i really like it too :) anyway, thanks for the great lists!

  11. Good list and thanks for including CSS Vault. You may want to disable column mouseover and clicking effects. The page feels really sluggish because of that.


    At least I didn’t see it at first glance…

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    +1 for CommandShift3 – the results are excellent! and maybe our small project:

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