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Round 2 of Smashing Magazine Q&A

Published by Chris Coyier

I probably won't announce it every single time here anymore, but I am doing a regular column of Question & Answer over on Smashing Magazine now. The second installment is up, where I answer questions about list bullet colors, rollover buttons, website widths, left-tab navigation, and bringing up a modal box on page load. Most of them have demos!


  1. cssProdigy
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    I guess i’ll leave my question here. Q: I know you focus primarily on CSS but this is a question about JavaScript frameworks, I already asked David Walsh who shared his thoughts in his 2nd mailbag. Here’s the Question:

    What are you thoughts on jQuery 1.3 and the future of MooTools and other javascript frameworks in the coming year?

  2. jQuery has been strong and continues TO BE strong.
    It is highly supposed by many larger corporations.

  3. Alex
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    Chris, your “” link is

    Just to let you know… Otherwise, you did great!

  4. It’s a great series going over at S.M Chris! Good Work on it :)

    I just noticed on CSS-Tricks that comments are closed on older posts, has this always been the way or something new?

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    Great to see you over @ Smashing!

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