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Results of the “What do you use to write your CSS?” Poll

Published by Chris Coyier


That sums up my reaction to all the responses from this article. You guys really had something to say on this subject!

As of Wednesday evening, there have been 430 votes on the poll and a whopping 123 comments on the post itself. That's gotta be some kinda record around here. =)

And it's Dreamweaver by a nose.


With 135 votes, Dreamweaver has taken the poll as the most popular CSS editor edging out Text Editor with Highlighting with 131 votes. Other was third with 61 votes. Next came Text Editor without Highlighting at 36 votes. Coda beat CSS Edit narrowly with 36 and 30 votes respectively. Distant last place goes to poor little Xyle Scope and CSS Sculptor with only a few votes each.

One big problem with the poll.

Looking through all the comments, the most popular write-in vote by far was Notepad++. This presents a major problem with the poll results because it technically HAS highlighting, but Notepad was listed in the WITHOUT highlighting poll choice. So I'm not really sure which option those people who use Notepad++ voted for -- the one with the correct name but incorrect feature, or the one with the correct feature. Ruh-roh.

Other popular write-ins

The Web Developer and Firebug exensions for Firefox were mentioned a lot. I love and use both of these tools, but neither of them are exactly editors, so those were left off the poll. Microsoft Visual Studio had some votes. Top Style had quite a few votes. Apanta had a few votes. Surprisingly, GoLive (which I totally forgot) had only one write in. PSPad had a couple of votes. There were also maybe a dozen more random ones which only had one vote. Pretty fascinating, if you ask me.

I'll be leaving the poll open for probably at least a few more days until I can think of something else. Any ideas?


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    U can always re poll it, people don’t mind voting :)
    This will also give material to compare it with.

  2. Steve-o
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    Where can I find this Text Editor with Highlighting? It is kind of hard to track it down considering its general name…thanks!

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    notepad ++, just google it steve o.

  4. Jack Keller
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    I flip back and forth from Coda and CSSEdit, I have used Dreamweaver a few times to get a layout started though.

  5. Jeremy
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    e-texteditor css, html, javascript … what ever you like :)

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    Personally, I use CSS Sculptor to get the inital layout. Then I tweak the CSS using a combination of CSSEdit and the Firefox Web Developers Tools.

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    BBEdit!!!!! (for Mac)

    You can use a lighter version for free – Text Wrangler.

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