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Poll Results: Your Favorite Page Title Separator

Published by Chris Coyier

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. The pipe character "|" is by far the most popular page title separator with 47% of the vote and being up against 15 other choices. Example:

Article | Category | Site Title

The dash and en-dash split another 24% of the vote and then the rest fought for the scraps. I'm in agreement. I like me some pipes. My second favorite is the middot. Not as intense as a bullet and without the baggage of a period. There is a permanent living archive of all poll data.

New poll will be up later tonight or tomorrow.


  1. I really enjoy these polls, can’t wait for the next one!

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    This was a fun poll. I’m always up in the air on this one. They’re all fun in some way…

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    I still say that this poll should have been a multiple choice one. Still, fun to learn what people say is their #1 choice.

  4. I’m WoWd! By looking at the results from the poll, I can see that “-” got a massive win over the other separators.

    Can’t wait for the next poll :)

  5. Very interesting!!

  6. Lets hope the next poll isn’t as pointless and dumb as this one

  7. Interesting results, it’s nice to know what other web bods are using.

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    Interesting post!! I really like this site, and hope you will write more, thanks for your information.

  9. I usually use the pipe separator, but I also use > and –
    From and seo perspective I bealive the dash is the best separator. But the semantics of a title could establish the best option.

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