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Poll Results: Which Next Gen Web Language?

Published by Chris Coyier

Surprising results again, at least for me. "Don't Care - As long as there isn't a standards war" was actually in the lead for a little while, but was ultimately beat out by "XHMTL 2".

I cast my vote for No Standards War. I can adapt to anything and both the new formats have cool stuff. I assume XHTML 2 is winning because it sounds cooler more modern and how dominant XHTML 1 is right now. If I HAD to pick though, I think HMTL 5 is better.

A few people didn't know what I was talking about. If you need to get up to speed, I did an article roundup a little while ago. As for those "Other" folks, feel free to chime in and explain!

I'll leave this up for a few days for any stragglers then a new poll will be going up shortly. Remember old polls aren't gone forever, there is a Polls Archive where you can go check out old polls, and even still vote. I don't have any navigation anywhere to get to that yet, gotta get around to that someday.


  1. I won’t understand why there is still development on two standards. It ends up that web developers will still need to choose the standard that has the features that fit to their current project. So why can’t there be one standard that combines all features?
    I think it will remain a matter of choice what standard to use.

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    I… Need… want… canvas… tag… A.S.A.P.

    I think this will be the best addition (and local storage)
    that would affect me as developer allowing us to make better ajax applications.

  3. ThiagoHP
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    Where’s the option “any one, as long as it is always XML compliant”? The acceptance by browsers of broken documents (tag soup) is one of the the things in webdesign that most annoy me.

  4. XHTML 2 the way to go. I love the new navigation list along with being able to add the href attribute to any item that alone will allow for some cleaner code. I also think the ability to have any element be an img by just adding the src attribute is a great idea.

  5. global support for WAI-AIRA would be nice

  6. I’ve come across articles on why XHTML is bad. I’m not implying anything here; I still like XHTML.

    But in the end, all I want is something that causes the least amount of problems, and where “semantically correct coding” doesn’t also mean “hacked to hell”.

    What sucks is that you often have to support older browsers anyway, hence all the (creative) hacks. Browser wars and hacks after 10+ years, and I’m all burnt out! XHTML 1.0 is circa 2000-2002, and (from my own scant observations) has only gained momentum over the past few years. I say this because there are several open-source PHP programs and plug-ins that are just now becoming X/HTML-valid (or are still working on it).

    Good luck to everyone who still feels they need to support IE 5.5 — an 8-yr old browser! Oh, and maybe we should start a crusade and bitch-slap anyone who recommends the use of the <font> tag. They’re still out there, thanks to MySpace!

    (Am I wrong here? Feel free to enlighten me on any of this.)

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    HTML 5 is by far the way to go, anyway XHTML 2 is getting nowhere fast.

  8. Jaap
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    HTML5, XML in the browser for the end user has failed.

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