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Poll Results: How Many Websites Do You Launch Per Year?

Published by Chris Coyier

  • 20+ (14%)
  • 10-20 (12%)
  • 5-10 (24%)
  • 2-4 (31%)
  • 1 (13%)
  • 0 (6%)

I'm probably in the 2-4 camp myself, which is the winning choice. I don't freelance, but I do do sites for family and friends once in a while. Even when I was at Chatman Design the vast majority of work we did was on sites that already were launched. This data would be more interesting if it was cross referenced with what kind of job you have. I would theorize that freelancers launch a ton of sites where web workers that work for specific organizations launch far fewer.

Here is the fun part about this poll:

How do you feel about your number? (Does it feel like too many or too few?)

What would happen if you worked on half as many websites per year?

What would happen if you worked on twice as many websites per year?

Did you just read those questions and scoff, like that would be impossible? Why?


  1. Albin Jacobsson
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    How do you feel about your number? (Does it feel like too many or too few?)

    I’m a 0, and I would like to do more, but not sure what they should be used for.

    Did you just read those questions and scoff, like that would be impossible? Why?

    I’ve tried to launch several web pages, but the guy helping me with php never does his part of the job and I can’t afford hieing someone.

  2. scott
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    Less than one.

  3. WC
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    I agree about the job thing. As a non-freelancer, I -never- launch sites any more now that the company is up and running. Some of my coworkers freelance and would answer differently, though.

  4. 1.) It sounds good ;)
    2.) I would get fired… :P
    3.) I would get more money :D


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    I’m pretty happy with my numbers (3-8). I’ve been designing (graphics / 3D modeling / print design / artwork) things for some time, but I really just moved into web design & development a few years ago, so my numbers sure aren’t “normal” yet : )

    I think I’d rather have just a few substantial projects (like my current, “big” project) than lots of minor sites. I enjoy making things where you can actually be happy with / proud of the results.

  6. Working seven days a week grants an amount of time to launch personal and freelance websites.

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    I’m an “independent” web designer ;)
    I’ve already launched quite a few sites this year, about 1-2 per month.

  8. nilopc
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    I feel this post quite nonsense. Don’t get me wrong.. but how does this is meaningful?

    Lauching several sites usually ends up with low to normal quality content, and little to no success (of course, there’s all that SEO techniques that work for some).

    If we’re counting web designs for business, that’s probably meaningless too, as most small business tend to be updated very little. I definately wouldn’t count it at all.

    The whole thing is to make content king, not crappy top 10 jquery plugin post, and such.

    Blogosphere is getting quite boring lately due to all of these viral show-off sites.

    I’d rather rephrase the poll to “how many successful websites do you launch per year”.

    • Eamonn
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      Woot! My bracket won! Suck it 20 plus-ers!

      I like my number, I’m still learning, so limiting my online pollution can only be a good thing…

      If I worked on half as many websites per year, I would learn half as much – on the other hand, if I worked on twice as many, the same would be true!

      No, I didn’t scoff – I take myself very seriously :P

      (I’m off now to hang out on the Blogosphere with Nilopc where we can does this meaningful on viral show-off sites, and such. We won’t go near any sites for business, ‘coz they’re just la-ame.)

    • Online pollution. Cute! I like to think of it as practice with feedback opportunities. :)

  9. If I probably go fully freelancer or even go back to an publicity or marketing agency I can do more sites, but I love my work in the University, and I still use a lot of javascript, css, php and mysql, I’m not completely happy, but when I be u can kill-me cuz I’m probably insane right?

    Nice pool… I’m one of 2-4 sites year guy now I’m parcial time freelancer.

  10. I launch about 4 – 5 per year myself, but work freelance for other companies that to many more than that in which I work on. :D

  11. Interesting. Probably means that more individual freelancer’s visit the site (and vote) than larger companies who would probably have to generate more than 4 sites a year to survive – which is about my average as well.

  12. I am in the 31% who launch 2-4 sites a year. I am mostly a blogger, but have those side projects that I do.

  13. Todd F.
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    With 31% of the poll only launching 2 to 4 a year, I take it you would not be making a living off of it? I mean this would be something you would do as a secondary job, so to speak. With the economy being the way it is right now would you say the web design business is slow? I would like to get my web design business off the ground, but I have ran into issues not knowing where to start. I mean you have to have contracts, marketing etc.

  14. 2 to 4

  15. Steven Schrab
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    How do you feel about your number? (Does it feel like too many or too few?)

    2-4 for me. Feels about right for the size of the sites we build.

    What would happen if you worked on half as many websites per year?

    Depends on the size budget. :)

    What would happen if you worked on twice as many websites per year?

    Depends of the size of the web sites. :)

  16. I want to admit, with those questions, I was kind of trying to evoke a particular thought.

    If you worked on half the number of sites that you do now, but you worked on them twice as long, charged twice as much, and sweated the details twice as hard, wouldn’t you be in the same place as you are now but with work you would be more proud of?

  17. Thomas
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    The other bit of data that is missing is perhaps what kind of sites are you launching? If you where producing huge corporate sites then maybe 1 a year. If however you worked with lots of photographers you could easily get a site out every month, if all they wanted was a gallery site.

  18. I’m in the 10-20 range, working on small to medium sized blogs – I think I averaged about one site a month in the last 12. I actually think that works out fairly well. I like the variety and being asked to learn new things for each project.

    Granted, it would be nice to have the luxury of seeking out the perfect solution each time, instead of settling for the hacks I sometime have to use to fit into the client timeline. But generally I’ve been okay with the learning curve and pace. And more importantly to me I’ve managed to find an acceptable balance between enjoying and taking pride in my work and in my personal life.

    Great questions Chris! Thanks for making me think about that. :)

  19. I just ate these cheese cracker snacks that tasted exactly as the label predicted, like grilled cheese sandwiches!

    * a m a z i n g *

    That said, I’m lucky to launch 2 per year and most of my time is spent managing/updating current sites.

    My ideal situation would be to work for an ad/web agency with an agile team of devs and designers (Hello, Viget?!) because I think a small team would be able to drive more creative, ambitious projects.

    More so than I’m able to manage on my own

  20. >> How do you feel about your number? (Does it feel like too many or too few?)

    2-4 is a bit too many, I feel like I’m littering websites to the not-so-unlimited-net.

    >> What would happen if you worked on half as many websites per year?

    Then I’ll have less fun in my life since this is what I enjoy doing.

    >> What would happen if you worked on twice as many websites per year?

    I’ll be over joyed but at the same time, exhausted.

  21. I am a little surprised that the +20 was as small as it was. I work at a small design firm as the only “designer” I make the design tear it down into html then turn it over to my cohort that tears it down further with his mad php skills and adds in the custom cms. We may not be doing award winning cutting edge stuff but we are getting paid and the clients are very happy with the results.

    We are at about 14 sites so far this year with no slow down in site.


  22. Don Turnblade
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    Poisson Estimates of your respondents
    Low High Frequency Expected_Sites for the group
    0 0 6.0% 2.81
    1 1 13.0% 3.20
    2 4 31.0% 2.23
    5 10 24.0% 4.18
    10 20 12.0% 7.29
    20+ 14.0% 15.26

    According to Whitehat Security, a sample of 20,000 websites showed that 82% had on or more critical vulnerability — take-over, dump its guts — all year long.

    Security of programming tends to follow developer habits. Would making less websites make them more secure? Perhaps not.

  23. Don Turnblade
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    If 82% of websites have a critical vulnerability according to Whitehat. How many websites are waiting to be hacked?

    @ 3.0 websites/yr * .82 = 2.46 websites/yr

    But, on average .61% of systems are exploited according to Microsoft, then how many vulnerable websites are exploited?

    @ 3.0 websites/yr * .82 * .0061 = 0.015 webisites/yr or 4.5% of websites that are vulnerable get exploited.

    Thus, 95% of the time, the fact that a website has not been exploited has nothing to do with its security state. Rather, the hackers are lazy, so the web developer lucks out.

  24. Don Turnblade
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    Ack: .5% of vulnerable websites get exploited.
    On average a web developer could make about 200 websites before getting hit.

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