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Poll Results: How do you keep track of design inspiration?

Published by Chris Coyier

As always, fascinating results. I am part of the very smallest segment, in that I use an image-based social bookmarking service, ScrnShots, to keep track of a lot of my design inspiration. I'm not a nut about it though, and I definitely "cruise the galleries" as well.

I was surprised to see Local Bookmarks take the #1 spot. Seems like that could get unwieldy to me, and that local bookmarks sort of lack the annotation ability to deal with this specific task properly. More power to ya though, if you got a system, that is awesome.

I'll leave it up for a few more days, and hopefully get a new poll up later this week. Feel free to come up with ideas!


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    i use firefox with the foxmarks plugin, so i can synchronize my “local” bookmarks with all the computers i use. that’s easier and faster than to log into some social bookmark site.

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      Yeah, this is what I do too, including Foxmarks. I usually also categorize my bookmarks as well for easy reference i.e. Lovely Concepts, Wood etc. Luckily Firefox’s tagging feature is perfect for that. It seems simpler than logging to other sites.

  2. Chris
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    I’m looking for a better way myself. I’d like a system where I can tag the site with descriptive words like: professional, clean, dark, messy, etc. What would you suggest for that?

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    Chris–I’ve never heard of ScrnShots, but I just took a look and I’m hooked. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    No love for RSS feeds?

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    Chris: try

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    I agree with stumpy-p. I tend to use RSS Feeds the majority of the time for design inspiration, and to keep learning from all the brightest minds in the industry.

    • I think most of use are RSS users, but I meant the poll to be about how you keep track of stuff AFTER you discover it. Unless you have features in your RSS reader for that?

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      Chris it sounds like RSS and Google Reader might be exactly what you are looking for. It has a tags feature.

      I subscribe to a couple gallery feeds like CSSMania and I tag everything. Then later when I am in need of some footer inspiration I can check my Footer tag for a list of sites that had amazing footers.

      I don’t know what I would do without Reader.

    • I’m a huge Google Reader fan, I just don’t trust it to actually manage stuff I want to remember forever. Perhaps I just haven’t done as much testing as I should. So what if you tag and entry, but then later unsubscribe from that feed. Can you still find that entry by searching your tags?

  7. I use a combo of RSS feeds (css type galleries as well as sites with articles),,, and flickr/flickr groups. These are more than enough to occupy my inspiration needs, I have way too many RSS feeds.

  8. Oldschool bookmarks.

  9. eNx
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    woh – I’ve never heard of scrnshots – but it looks like an tool I’ve ever searched!
    looks great!

    thanks for sharing!

  10. Darrin
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    Great site. I was unaware of scrnshots also. Very cool

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    Scrnshots looks great, thx. I use rss feeds, veerle’s blog is a great inspiration for me.

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