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On Boagworld

Published by Chris Coyier

In more podcast news, I got to be on Boagworld as well! I was interviewed by Paul Boag himself in the final interview ever on Boagworld. Bittersweet, isn't it? We talk about CSS-Tricks, CSS3, Flash, and you know, just some general back and forth about stuff.


  1. Hey Chris, good talking, I enjoyed to listen.

  2. So… What you’re saying is that YOU’RE the reasons the Podcast is ending!? ;)

    Look forward to hearing the interview!

  3. Webo
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    Very nice podcast, Chris. Loved it.

  4. Definitely longer than your screencasts. Good stuff though, I’m also not using much of WordPress 3.0’s new features.

  5. Nice podcast!!

  6. Ditto Doug, what do you mean “final interview ever”? I love Boagworld…I REALLY hope it’s not coming to an end.

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    Glad you mentioned Director, even though much like yourself I still haven’t seen it been used in the industry… Ever. Good talk.

  8. This is your site Chris, i urge you to not re-brand ever. CSS-Tricks is excellent the way it is, personally i know what to expect when coming here as i feel in a way i know what you are about, taking it full circle back to this being your site.

    CSS being your favourite language, or the grass roots that got you excited to shoot web. Viva la CSS

  9. Jerm
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    great stuff Chris and the first time I’ve ever listened to Boagworld!, Great podcast, glad to know about it.

  10. That was a nice pod cast, well said.

  11. good job! interesting podcast;)

  12. Nice podcast Chris. Shame that it marked the end of one of my favourite web related publications though :(


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