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Now With Archives!

Published by Chris Coyier

There were pretty much no archives to speak of on CSS-Tricks before. You could browse by month and year (and I'll probably leave that alone for now), but that was a really crappy way to peruse the archives. Thanks to a fancy little plugin I stumbled across, there is now an official CSS-Trick Archives page.

In other meta-news, I completed the upgrade to WP 2.5, which was almost entirely painless (thank god).


  1. Edwin
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    Great :) Now it’s a lot easier to find something back… Although I allready could do that in my rss-reader, I think it’s a good supplement (hope that’s the good word, the dictornary said that was the word) to your site. Also in sight of SEO it’s good to have all those links on one page, like a sitemap :)

  2. This idea is great to find old article for us ;)

    Yes, CSS-Trick is in my RSS-Reader, too ;)


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