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New Site: Quotes on Design

Published by Chris Coyier

Here's another new site from me. I love reading books about design, so I've made a little site to help immortalize the great little quotes I come across. There aren't a ton of them up there yet, but I plan to add to it whenever I come across anything good in a book, blog, or anywhere else I see a good one!


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Got a good one to contribute? Go for it.


  1. Shane
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    Nice site/project. Some cool quotes, must have taken some effort to compile the initial list.

    I was thinking that this might be a cool widget with a “design quote of the day” sort of feature to add to blogs etc. This can be done via the feed easily, but are you planning a simple api for this site as well.

  2. Player
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    especial Homer’s quote! =D

  3. Dnyanesh
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    well, can you name the font used in your logo ‘Quotes on Design’?

  4. What WordPress theme are you using for this site?

  5. Is QOD-Theme-1 your theme? Do you have plains or releasing it?

    • It’s ridiculously simple, I don’t think there is much use in releasing it. I’m sure you could copy it exactly in no time!

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    Nice site. I think it’d be more interesting if you gave the user the opportunity to suggest or add quotes.

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    oh, forget about it, i just saw the got one? section… my bad.

  8. Fitz
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    Quite a cool site, some good quotes.

    I have a suggestion maybe the source of the quote (if known) could be displayed i.e. URL or Book.

    A link to buy (probably Amazon) the book could be hopeful as I’m sure if there good enough to quote from they must be a decent read.

    • Most of them have sources. At first I wasn’t doing that, but I have since added that feature. You can see them on the single posts page (click the linked name, or find it in the archives). I’ll be going back and trying to find sources for the ones that don’t have them yet.

    • Fitz
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      Oh, my mistake. I only saw ones without a source.

  9. Great Post Chris! I’ve always been looking for something like this.

    This has given me a ton of new designers to be inspired by. I’m a bit of a philosopher myself, so these quotes give me deeper insight.

    I’ll pass this along on twitter!

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    I like it. It’s a nice, simple site.

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    Nice website! I like it!

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    Hey Chris, nice collection you got going there. I would love to see this as a widget for one of my blogs.

    • On my list of things to figure out for sure. I’d love to build a little JavaScript widget that you could include on a page to pull a random quote. Slightly beyond my talents at this point, but I’ll be researching at some point.

  13. Here is a little “API” (just some JavaScript) to pull a random quote:


    1) It depends on jQuery
    2) It’s kinda slow

    If anyone can improve, I’d be grateful!

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    Looks good! Got a feed for those randoms?

  15. daksh bhatt
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    Hello Chris, can I use your “Quotes on Design” JSON API in my Android quotes app, where I will place a section for “Design Quotes” and need your API in it, I will mention your name and website in credits part.

    Thank You.

    Regards Daksh.

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