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New Poll: Your Internet Connection Speed

Published by Chris Coyier

I think it would be interesting to get an idea of what the internet connection speeds are like for CSS-Tricks readers. Connection speed makes such a huge difference in the web browsing experience I hope that getting an understanding of what speeds people are getting will help us all kind that in mind when working on websites.

So go test your speed right now (Download Speed) and pick the most appropriate answer in the poll (in the sidebar). If a mobile device is your main connection, test that, otherwise use your main home/work connection.

Remember, "Mbps"

That's "Megabits per second." Somehow this has become the standard for measuring internet connection speed. Personally, I think this is insane. People understand the size of digital things in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes. Yet instead of using these common sizes that everyone understands, we use the "bit" versions of those, which are are 8x larger numbers. Because:

8 "Megabits" == 1 "Megabyte"
et al.

Let's stick with "Mbps" since that's what the speed tester reports.

Full, real time results for this poll and all post polls are in the polls archive.


  1. EmpreJorge
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    Ping: 25ms
    Download Speed: 10.05 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.00 Mbps
    Coquimbo, Chile

  2. Ping: 42ms
    Download Speed: 11.14 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.88 Mbps
    Preston, UK

    • I copied that response format from EmpreJorge because it seemed like a good idea to standardise, but it made me think: Semantically what would be the ideal way of presenting that data? A <dl> ? In this context it makes little difference, I doubt the comment system supports definition lists – or if it does I doubt it styles them in a meaningful way.

    • Carl
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      You poor bugger, you only get .88!!! Is that normal? We live in Perth Australia and we get 5, and we thought it was slow mate. But what about bloody Sweden!!! But also I know in aussie you get what you pay for so it might be slower because were on a cheaper plan, for $70 a month I get free phone calls across Australia + 250,000MB.

    • Vincent
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      Ping 635 ms

      download speed is 0.99

      Upload is around 0.27
      I am not sure what is going on there with my speed , yet i have the highest Ping from everyone .

      Victoria Australia who i use starts with Tels,
      So if you think your net is slow think again & i pay a small fortune of $45 for just 8 gb a month .

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    Interesting poll.
    Ping: 10 ms
    Average download: 30.04 Mbps
    Average upload: 31.54 Mbps (weird, isn’t upload usually less?)

    This was also interesting because there was a giant peak at the beginning of the download, which must be that way to make browsing web pages faster, whereas longer/bigger downloads will even out for me at 30 Mbps.

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      Yeh – there was a peak for me too. Although I only averaged out at 5Mbps…. :-/

  4. Paddy
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    Ping: 36ms
    Download Speed: 6.20 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.71 Mbps
    Toronto, Canada

    The best part: I pay for 25 Mbps and with what I currently have whenever I download anything with >200 Kbps nobody can use the internet anymore. Every page gives an DNS error. Bell’s customer service is no help. :D

    • Richard Ayotte
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      Bell is terrible when it comes to Internet service. I’m not surprised with your stats. You’re probably paying more than you should too. Since you’re in Toronto, you might want to check out TekSavvy for their cable service.

    • Ping: 20ms
      Download Speed: 7.12 Mbps
      Upload Speed: 1.83 Mbps
      Toronto, Canada

      I have the same problem in Toronto.. Rogers BUSINESS internet provider. We have the highest package, yet, it’s consistently under 10Mbps. We’re switching offices in a few weeks, looking forward to potentially getting a better connection.

  5. Adam S
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    Ping: 5ms
    Download Speed: 6.7 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 15.5 Mbps
    Santa Cruz, CA

  6. Ping: 5ms
    Download Speed: 101.05 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 98.10 Mbps
    Stockholm, Sweden

  7. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 17ms
    Download Speed: 20.42 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.98 Mbps
    Los Angeles, CA

  8. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 9ms
    Download Speed: 15.71 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 5.28 Mbps
    Clifton, NJ

    Go little VZ Fios, go!

  9. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 11ms
    Download Speed: 10.87 Mbps
    Upload: 0.81 Mbps
    Minas Gerais, Brazil

  10. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 13ms
    Download Speed: 27.14Mbps
    Upload Speed: 10.25Mbps
    Szeged, Hungary

  11. Tim Tunbridge
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    Ping: 50ms
    Download Speed: 10.67 Mbps
    Upload: 0.91 Mbps
    Nelson, New Zealand

  12. condimen
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    Ping: 6ms
    Download Speed: 9.74 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.06 Mbps
    Madrid, Spain

  13. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 8ms
    Download Speed: 19.16 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.14 Mbps
    Denver, Colorado

  14. Benjamin Steyaert
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    Ping: 25ms
    Download Speed: 10.42
    Upload Speed: 6.27
    Pleasanton, California

  15. Matt L
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    Ping: 24ms
    Download Speed: 14.77 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 7.46 Mbps
    Boston, MA, USA

  16. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 41ms
    Download: 21Mbps
    Upload: 4.18Mbps
    Minnesota, US

  17. ping: 92 ms
    Download Speed: 7.34 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.55 Mbps
    Ankara, Türkiye

    i pay for 8 Mbps so 7.34 with firefox open with tons of tabs is reasonable i think.

  18. et
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    Ping: 16ms
    Download Speed: 54.31 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 32.48 Mbps
    TOKIO, Japan

  19. Joel
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    Ping: 13ms
    Download Speed: 21.55 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.73 Mbps
    New York, NY — Time Warner Cable, Road Runner Extreme Service

    Much more accurate speed info from here (your avg. speed is at the top of the page):

    Actual Download Speed: 9.66 Mbps

  20. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 24ms
    Download: 15.63 Mbps
    Upload: 0.39 Mbps
    Olsztyn, Poland

  21. New Zealand internet speed is awful.

    Ping: 51ms
    Download Speed: 1.81 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.65 Mbps

    • In India too, it’s too low (especially the upload speed that also plays a vital role in the overall browsing experience).

      Ping: 352ms (to the server in New York)
      Download Speed: 2.5 Mbps
      Upload Speed: 0.59 Mbps <–

  22. Ping: 16ms
    Download Speed: 42.67 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 30.80 Mbps
    Richmond, VA, USA

  23. Ping: 17ms
    Download Speed: 20.45 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.27 Mbps

    Southwest Florida, USA

  24. Ping: 31 ms
    Download: 8.16 Mbps
    Upload: 5.62 Mbps

  25. Advertised Mbps: 30 up/30 down
    Actual Mbps: 34.5 up/28.7 down
    Ping: ~30ms
    Chattanooga, TN (residential fiber)

    WiFi actually stops being able to keep up these speeds, giving figures more like 28/26.

  26. Jennifer El Shafei
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    Well Jono, New Zealand beat Egypt!!

    Way to go TeData (way below what is being paid for, but no way to get them to do better)

    Ping: 353 ms
    Download Speed: 52 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 21 Mbps

    TeData isn’t even embarrassed! Lol… I am. :P

  27. Brian Horlings
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    Ping: 28ms
    Download Speed: 17.13 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.46 Mbps
    Grand Rapids, MI

  28. Ping: 27ms
    Download Speed: 10.87 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.48 Mbps
    Azores, Portugal

  29. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 14 ms
    Down: 22.18 Mbps
    Up: 2.35 Mbps

    From west coast of Canada. The small island of Gabriola.
    On Shaw’s “Extreme” high-speed package.

  30. Heidi Faith
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    Ping: 18ms
    Download Speed: 34.75 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 6.19 Mbps
    Mountain View, CA

  31. Ping: 67ms
    Download Speed: 15.95 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 10.59 Mbps
    Residential fiber
    Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

  32. Ping: 44 ms
    Down: 5.97 Mbps
    Up: 1.60 Mbps

    Des Moines, IA on a locally owned ISP providing DSL service.

  33. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 250ms
    Download Speed: 0.01-1.50 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.1 Mbps
    Granada, Spain

    Don’t talk about slow speed… please.

  34. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 9ms
    Download Speed: 20.66 Mbps (promised 25)
    Upload Speed: 2.37 Mbps (promised 2.5)

    Victoria, BC, Canada

  35. Permalink to comment#

    ping: 3ms
    down: 96.87 Mb/s
    up: 80.06 Mb/s
    Vilnius, Lithuania

  36. Ping: 11ms
    Download Speed: 34.26 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 5.96 Mbps
    Clearfield, UT – Comcast

  37. Dan
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    <strong>Ping:</strong> 24ms
    <strong>Download Speed:</strong> 36 Mbps
    <strong>Upload Speed:</strong> 8 Mbps

  38. Ping: 29ms
    Download Speed: 30Mbps
    Upload Speed: 6Mbps

  39. Ping: 14ms
    Download Speed: 10.95 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.42 Mbps
    Brooklyn, New York
    Time Warner Cable, Road Runner

  40. Ping: 79 ms
    DL: 4.63 Mb/sec
    UL: 0.68 Mb/sec
    Still living in The Netherlands, but I might add that Speedtest also tells me that’s slower than 85% of the NL. I might add that I pay for an 8Mb/sec bandwith, but due to me living in the middle of nowhere, that gets capped by technical limits.
    An 8Mb/sec bandwith is average and private connections can get up to 20Mb/sec. My friend, who goes to the University at Enschede has a 100Mb/sec bandwith and is getting an upgrade to 1Gbit/sec, but that’s reserved for universities and organizations. Fiber optic connections are still sold as a delicacy over here, but that’s just a means of virtually keeping prices high.

  41. Ping: 26ms
    Download Speed: 18.92 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.22 Mbps
    Peoria, IL – Comcast
    I hate Comcast, but this is actually a really good deal. I only pay $30 a month.

  42. peter
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    Ping: 69ms
    Download:2.57 Mbps
    Upload: 0.49 Mbps

    Does CSS-TRICKS use a CDN ? Will it speed up my connection here in Argentina?

  43. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 25ms
    Download: 7.21
    Upload: 0.33

    Perth Australia

  44. Tom
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    Ping: 21ms
    Down: 30 – 50Mbps depending on wifi interference – ethernet, usually around the full 50
    Up: 4.9Mbps

    Virgin Media cable, North East England

  45. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 13ms
    Download Speed: 18 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.93 Mbps
    Milwaukee, WI

  46. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12 ms
    Down: 23.71 Mbps
    Up: 4.38 Mbps
    Chester Springs, PA

  47. Tom
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    Ping: 341ms
    Download: 1.04 Mbps
    Upload: 0.21 Mbps

    Bandar (Central Java), ID — New York, NY

  48. Maikel
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    Ping: 92ms
    Download: 68Mbps
    Upload: 5.7Mbps

    I think mine is rather low. :(

  49. Jeff
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    Ping: 7ms
    Download: 30Mbps
    Upload: 1.14Mbps
    Sydney, Australia

  50. sdhdfw
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    Download: 24.12 Mbps
    Upload: 4.88 Mbps
    Ping: 12 ms
    Sioux Falls, SD

  51. Ping: 22ms

    Down: 9.54 / I pay for 11

    Up: 0.97 / I pay for 1

    Orlando Florida – USA (brighthouse)

  52. ontelo
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    Download: 160.54Mbps
    Upload: 6.86 Mbps
    Ping: 15ms

    (Should be 200/10)

    Helsinki, Finland

  53. Michael Ward
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    DL: 49.71 Mb/s
    UL: 4.78 Mb/s
    PING: 16 ms

  54. Paul
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    Hi Chris

    What about destination server ?

    This poll is so wrong on one thing, it doesn’t control the location of the destination server , by default will use the closest server based on user’s ip to do the test.

    ( Most people don’t even care to click and choose destination server to test, they will just click the test button. )

    So if you don’t ask everyone to use same exact destination ( maybe closest city or state in which css-tricks server is located ) then the result of this poll is almost useless.

    • Only if the question is “Who can download the fastest?”. This is talking about connection speeds in general. is far from ideal but having everybody use the same service and choosing their closest server is probably as good as it will get.

      Besides, I imagine Chris has the site set up to serve through a CDN so there isn’t really a “closest city or state in which css-tricks server is located”, it will be hosted around the globe.

    • Paul
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      for the internet speed in general,

      we can just go here

      They already do that for us.
      More variety of results.

  55. Adam
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    A true speed test would be if your ISP hosted a speed test page and you ran it against their server. This poll means absolutely nothing.

    • Permalink to comment#

      Absolutely nothing? That’s absolute hyperbole. You’re right in that we would see results slightly closer to a theoretical maximum if each ISP was hosting its own speed test, but ask yourself this: how many web sites do you visit that are hosted by your ISP? In terms of real world performance (i.e. connecting to external websites) these numbers are absolutely valid.

    • Michael Chang
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      @Dave Yeah, you’re totally right. But that’s not what this article is about. This article is about connection speed [ideally to the farthest hop inside your ISP].

  56. Brandon Diaz
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    Ping: 11ms
    Download Speed: 26.17 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 3.09 Mbps
    Los Angeles, CA

  57. tranbonium
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    DL: 25.39 Mbps
    UL: 4.36 Mbps
    Ping: 12 ms
    Fort Collins, CO

  58. echo
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    Ping: 9ms
    DL: 25.06 Mbps
    UL: 3.64 Mbps
    Eugene, Or
    Comcast, I <3 U

  59. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 15ms
    DL: 41.85mbps
    UL: 25.07
    Longmont, CO

  60. Work:
    Ping: 65ms
    Down: 5.54
    Up: 17.50
    Ping: 120ms
    Down: 2.80
    Up: 0.65

  61. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 34ms
    Download: 50 mbps
    Upload: 5 mbps
    Location: Cleveland, OH

  62. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 42ms
    Download Speed: 11.23 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.82 Mbps
    Advertised DL: 6 Mbps
    Advertised UL: 0.75 Mbps
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  63. Holden
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    Ping: 19ms
    Download Speed: 50.50 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.98 Mbps
    Austin, TX     (Time Warner Cable)

  64. toufik
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    ping: 55ms
    download speed: 1.12 Mbps
    upload speed: 0.25 Mbps
    Bandung, Indonesia

    it sucks, I know.

  65. Eytan
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    Ping: 6ms
    Download Speed: 2.23 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 2.56 Mbps
    Piscataway, New Jersey

  66. Ping: 30ms
    Download Speed: 21.03 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 5.06 Mbps
    Warwick, RI

  67. Ok guys, try and beat this…

    Ping: 117ms
    Download Speed: 1.25 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.43 Mbps

    Pune, India

    • And I’m talking DSL, mind you, not wireless. This is pretty much the norm out here, in case you were wondering.

    • Nuruzzaman Sheikh
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      I’ve already beaten you!
      Mine is::
      Ping: 448ms
      Download: 0.10 Mbps
      Upload: 0.09 Mbps
      Location: Bangladesh
      Provider: Grameenphone

      But as I know MTNL offered 2Mbps at the cost of only 200 (Indian rupees) back in 2008.

      So, why you’re still in the dark?

    • Permalink to comment#

      But not me :D

      When I have a connexion… usually even for loading a simple page it take ages… when it finish the work, it’s really really painful…

  68. Geoff Smith
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    Ping: 3ms
    Download Speed: 119.32 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 92.62 Mbps
    San Francisco, CA

  69. Ping:89ms
    Download:6.48 Mbps
    Upload: 3.70 Mbps

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

  70. Ping: 13ms
    Download Speed: 20.39 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 5.59 Mbps
    Brighthouse Cable
    St. Petersburg, FL US

  71. Ping:21

    Download:9.52 Mbps

    Upload :0.73 Mbps

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  72. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 5ms
    Download :: 34.44
    Upload :: 1

    Toronto Canada

  73. Ping: 29
    Download: 15.19
    Upload: 0.98
    Location: Toronto, Canada

  74. Aro
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    Ping: 18ms
    Download Speed: 16.07 Mbps
    Upload: 0.79 Mbps
    Whangarei, New Zealand

    I have to agree with the others from NZ. Internet speed here, as a general statement, is awful. Which is unsurprising given that most of the country still uses copper cables which were never designed to be laid underground as they are. The only reason mine is so high is because I happen to live close to the major exchange for my town.

  75. Adi
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    Theses times are going to suck, but it’s because my connection is slow sometimes. I don’t know why, an the ISP is absolutely no help.
    Ping: 980ms
    Download: 0.14 Mbps
    Upload: 0.08 Mbps
    Location: San Diego, California

    It’s appalling, but I can’t change it. :-(

  76. Dali
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    Ping: 11ms
    Download speed: 25 Mbps
    Upload speed: 17 Mbps
    Solna Sweden

    Meassure on iPad.

  77. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 25ms
    Download: 42.65 Mbps
    Upload: 2.90 Mbps
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    My ISP is Shaw and I’m on a 50 Mbps Cable plan.

  78. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 48ms
    Download: 1.82 Mbps
    Upload: 1.41 Mbps
    Location: New Delhi, India

    • Permalink to comment#

      On another connection:
      Ping: 62ms
      Download: 6.64 Mbps
      Upload: 0.29 Mbps
      Location: New Delhi, India

  79. Nour
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    Ping: <5ms
    Download: 98 Mbps
    Upload: 90 Mbps
    Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Connection Type: Fiber optics

  80. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12ms
    Download: 48.23 Mbps
    Upload: 2.43 Mbps
    Location: Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands
    Connection Type: Cable 50Mbit

  81. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 276ms
    Download Speed: 2.81 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.77 Mbps
    Baku, Azerbaijan

  82. Hey All!

    Download Speed: 2Mbps
    Upload speed: 550Kbps

    Srinagar, Kashmir, ASIA

  83. I have recently upgraded my internet connection, so now I have:

    Ping: 8 ms
    Download: 24.5Mbps
    Upload: 1.5Mbps
    Location: Madliena
    Provider: Melita

  84. Ping: 9 ms
    Download: 18.5Mbps
    Upload: 0.47Mbps
    Provider: Optus

    Melbourne, Australia

  85. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 8 ms
    Download: 17.47Mbps
    Upload: 6.32Mbps
    Location: SF, USA
    Provider: Comcast

  86. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12 ms
    Download: 30.73 Mbps
    Upload: 6.32 Mbps
    Location: San Jose, CA
    Provider: Comcast

  87. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 5 ms
    Download:21.26 Mbps
    Upload: 18.87 Mbps
    Location: Riga, Latvia
    Provider: Lattelecom

  88. Internet in Iran is very weak :(

    Ping: 85 ms
    Download: 0.87Mbps
    Upload: 0.73Mbps


  89. Permalink to comment#

    Ping 17 ms
    Download 121.97 Mbps
    Upload 8.89 Mbps

    Grootebroek, Netherlands

  90. Whyzak
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    Ping: 3ms
    Download Speed: 89.92 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 82.50 Mbps
    Zurich, Switzerland

    Sadly, this is just at my office. I’ll have to check at home.

  91. Ping: 5ms
    Download Speed: 58,3 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 3,3 Mbps
    Hasselt, Belgium

  92. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12ms
    Download speed: 42,0 Mbps
    Upload: 3.80 Mbps

    By the way, I think part of the reasons megabits are used is because that way internet providers can abuse that higher number in marketing.

  93. Ping: 19ms
    Download Speed: 3,60 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 21,16 Mbps

    Bursa, Turkey

  94. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 4 ms
    Download: 95.05 Mb/s
    Upload: 75.96 Mb/s
    Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

  95. SakuraSama
    Permalink to comment#

    @the office
    speedTest result png

    Ping: 12ms
    Download Speed: 7.37 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 7.33 Mbps
    Gent, Belgium

    The office proxy must have something to do with these results i think,
    will have to try this at home to ^^.

  96. Steffen
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    Ping: 12ms
    Download Speed: 101.05 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 2.72 Mbps
    Frankfurt, Germany

  97. Ping: 9ms
    Download Speed: 60.74 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 10.72 Mbps
    Oss, The Netherlands

  98. Permalink to comment#

    I live in Israel.
    Testing with a server in Tel Aviv, I get
    Ping: 23 ms
    Download: 5.30 Mb/s
    Upload: 0.78 Mb/s

    But when I chose a server in NY, the results are quite different!
    Ping: 188 ms
    Download: 1.31 Mb/s
    Upload: 0.74 Mb/s

    Can someone please explain the significance of the Ping value?

  99. datok najib
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    Ping: 59ms
    Download Speed: 0.85 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.75 Mbps

  100. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 953ms
    Download: 0.96Mbps
    Upload: 0.28Mbps
    Location: Australia
    Provider: Skymesh – (Satellite)

  101. Ping: 16ms
    Download Speed: 29.73 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 2.79 Mbps
    ISP: Virgin
    Worthing, UK

  102. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 5ms
    Download Speed: 18.54 Mb/s
    Upload Speed: 17.45 Mb/s
    Location: Murska Sobota
    ISP: Telekom Slovenia

  103. Kaloyan Ivanov
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 4ms
    Download Speed: 91.93 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 71.90 Mbps
    Sofia, Bulgaria

  104. Manfred
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 21ms
    Download Speed: 32.44 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.95 Mbps
    Ludwigsburg, Germany

  105. Michiel De Wild
    Permalink to comment#

    From pc to a lan connection with a own server for the school.
    Pretty decend.

    ping 23
    download speed 73,52 Mbps
    upload speed 4,32 Mbps

  106. ping 9ms
    download 49
    upload 0.9

    Virgin Media, london suburb

  107. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 15ms
    Down: 37.14 Mbps
    Up: 6.76 Mbps
    Netherlands, Hengelo

  108. Ping: 21ms
    Download Speed: 15.78 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.96 Mbps
    ISP: Virgin
    Bristol, UK
    £25 a month (i think)

  109. Burbursur
    Permalink to comment#

    Download Speed: 21.03 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 17.46 Mbps
    Krasnodar, Russia

  110. Kevin
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 14ms
    Download Speed: 48.75 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 2.75 Mbps
    Victoria, Canada

  111. First I have a note to make. usualy suggests the closest server which in my case is in my town of Sofia, Bulgaria. And since Bulgaria has an excellent inner peer network the results are:

    Ping: 3ms
    Download speed: 94.00 Mbps
    Upload speed: 61.03 Mbps

    Lets do the test again but with a server somewhere in Europe … lets say Vienna:

    Ping: 41ms
    Download speed: 80.30 Mbps
    Upload speed: 19.45Mbps

    And last one – this time to US (Nashville, TN)

    Ping: 149ms
    Download speed: 9.69 Mbps
    Upload speed: 5.62 Mbps

    That’s it :)

  112. umren
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    Ping: 11ms
    Download Speed: 948.75 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 950.48 Mbps
    Moscow, Russia

  113. At work: (10Mbps BT SDSL)
    Ping: 16ms
    Download: 9.7Mbps
    Upload: 9.4Mbps

    At home:
    Ping: 34ms
    Download: 1.8Mbps
    Upload: 0.4Mbps

    Residential broadband in the UK is absolutely pathetic :(

    • Ping: 33
      Download: 0.88Mbps
      Upload: 1.31Mbps
      Omg I know. They go on about rolling out a faster broadband for the Olympics next year, except, what happens when the fastest isn’t fast enough? We’re definitely lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of speed.

  114. Zavrus
    Permalink to comment# Ukraine 10$ 100mb/100mb

  115. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12ms
    Download Speed: 32.02 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.85 Mbps
    Vancouver, Washington (USA)

  116. mariandev
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 7 ms
    Download Speed: 55.19 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.89 Mbps
    Bucharest, Romania

  117. Genek
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 32ms
    Download Speed: 10.20 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 9.64 Mbps
    Lublin, Poland

    PS. Love symmetry :)

  118. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 6 ms
    Download: 28.36 Mbps
    Upload: 29.88 Mbps
    Barcelona, Spain

  119. galeon
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 8ms
    Download Speed: 42.01 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 34.76Mbps
    Bonn, Germany

  120. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 42ms
    Download: 1.2 Mbps
    Upload: 0.2 Mbps
    Location: Brisbane, Australia
    Provider: Internode, via an optus dslam
    Results skewed due to semi-broken router not connecting at full speed, and my girlfriend simultaneously watching movies on another computer…. I previously had results 6 times better.

    I keep wanting to take all the data and put it in a nicely formatted spreadsheet… but then I’d might as well visit some net speed statistics site.

    If nothing else, this poll is great because it’s interesting to see all the countries that CSS-Tricks readers come from :)

  121. Dahu
    Permalink to comment#

    At work:
    Ping: 27ms
    Download: 6.99Mbps
    Upload: 6.27Mbps

    Near Paris, France

  122. Permalink to comment#

    Ping : 139ms
    Download Speed : 0.52Mbps
    Upload Speed : 0.10Mbps
    Dhaka , Bangladesh

  123. Niek
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 6ms
    Download Speed: 70.80 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 61,53 Mbps
    University of Cape Town
    South Africa

  124. Laddi
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 6ms
    Download: 226.98 Mbps
    Upload: 86.66 Mbps

  125. Pat
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 32ms



    Auckland, NZ

  126. StefanR
    Permalink to comment#

    For servers inside Romania (my country) I have around 100Mbps download and 1Mbps Upload (crappy ISP policy).

    So I’ve tested my speed with a NY server. Here are the results:

    Ping: 141ms
    Download: 13.52 Mbps
    Upload: 0.93 Mbps
    Server: NY (~4650mi)

  127. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 19ms
    Download: 45.29 Mbps
    Upload: 8.60 Mbps

    Cologne, Germany

  128. faster
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 65ms
    Download Speed: 2 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 5.36 Mbps
    Russia, Rostov-on-Don

  129. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 22
    Download: 11.54 Mbps
    Upload 0.80 Mbps

    Melbourne, Australia

  130. Sam
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 3ms
    Download: 22.78 Mbps
    Upload: 20.19 Mbps

    London, UK

  131. Henrik
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 24 ms
    Download: 48,35 Mbps
    Upload: 59.28 Mbps
    Location: Borås, Sweden

  132. Roman Ceban
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 2ms
    Download Speed: 98.59 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 97.27 Mbps
    Chisinau, Moldova

  133. Ping: 48 ms
    Download Speed: 1.66 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.59 Mbps
    Server: Aurora, Illinois, USA (~200 Miles from location)
    Tested during non-peak hours (3AM Local Time). Average during the day is between 400Kb – 900Kb.

  134. Permalink to comment#

    ping: 28ms
    download speed: 12.18 mbps
    upload speed: 0.79 mbps
    Zwolle, The Netherlands

  135. Ping: 21ms
    Download Speed: 50.02 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.47 Mbps

    Chesterfield, UK

  136. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 47ms
    Download: 23.21 Mbps
    Upload: 16.85 Mbps

    Madrid, Spain (at work)

  137. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 13ms
    Download Speed: 45.01 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 25.58 Mbps

  138. S
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 32ms
    Download Speed: 34.73Mbps
    Upload Speed: 6.34 Mbps

    Lancaster, Pa. US

  139. ruurd
    Permalink to comment#

    16 ms, 25.92 Mbps down, 1.42 Mbps up
    Den Burg – Texel
    The Netherlands

  140. Ping: 8ms
    Download Speed: 73.70 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 74.43 Mbps
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  141. Enrico Martelli
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 53ms
    Download: 11.53Mbps
    Upload: 0.62Mbps
    Location: Bologna, Italy
    Provider: Telecom Italia

  142. Remco Hendriksen
    Permalink to comment#

    I don’t think Chris meant to post your Internet Connection Speed here… That’s why he created poll, don’t you think so?

    It would be much more interesting to discuss wether you should take low-speed connection in considiration while developing a site. Or only during mobile development. And if you do so, what things do you consider?

    • Permalink to comment#

      Wow, I didn’t even notice the poll on the right hand side of the screen…. I was so busy looking at the comments. Even when you mentioned the actual poll, it took me a while to find it on the page. Interesting user interface design point for this site.

    • Me either. I even looked for it but it was below the fold and by the time I got to it, I was reading comments. That’s good ergonomic info to learn too!

      I like the comments better anyway.

    • Remco Hendriksen
      Permalink to comment#

      I am totally not intrested to see everyone’s results at
      Though i am interested in the poll’s result, because this gives me a much more clearer view about everyone’s connection speed.

    • Nikolaj Meedom
      Permalink to comment#

      I absolutely love this complete comment-chaos. There is a lot of energy here. <3

      Took the poll too and agree: Its more usefull.

      By the way:
      DL: 9.87
      UL: 11.27

      Copenhagen, Denmark

  143. Ping: 39ms
    Download: 29,54 Mbps
    Upload: 1,94 Mbps
    Munich, Germany

  144. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 41ms
    Download 11.61 Mbps
    Upload: 2.31 Mbps
    York, PA
    Not terrible but I’ve seen better

  145. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 180ms
    Download: 1 Mbps
    Upload: 0.23 Mbps
    Beirut, Lebanon

  146. 95,77Mbps down
    8,80 Mbps up
    Bucharest, Romania

  147. Mazz
    Permalink to comment#

    I’d love to see these results in a table.

    Satellite for me:

    Ping: 960ms
    Download: 1.56 Mbps
    Upload: 0.04Mbps

  148. Mazz
    Permalink to comment#

    I also didn’t notice the poll! I think knowing the exact results is more useful anyways.

  149. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 9ms
    Down: 4.29 Mb/s (pathetic)
    Up: 0.65Mbps up (sheesh)
    Location: Toronto (downtown), Canada

    I can get faster with plans that are 2-3x more expensive. Canadian customers (especially those of us in Toronto) pay through the nose for pathetic speed with ridiculously small bandwidth caps. I’m lucky that I have a bandwidth cap of 300GB/month from an independent ISP.

    Equivalent speed DSL plans on Bell have caps as small as 25GB/month for 50% higher cost. At Rogers Cable a 12Mbps/0.5Mbps plan is 47% more expensive with a 60GB/month cap.

    I truly envy those of you in Europe & the Far East that have incredible speed and reasonable prices!

  150. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 17ms
    Download: 16.83 Mbps
    Upload: 0.49 Mbps
    Toronto, Ontario
    Rogers… the worst.

  151. Permalink to comment#

    Download: 17.23 Mbps
    Upload: 0.51 Mbps
    Toronto, Ontario
    Rogers… the worst. – I second that!

  152. Sondre
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 2ms
    Down: 260.93Mbps
    Up: 187.05Mbps
    Roskilde, Denmark

  153. Eliseu
    Permalink to comment#

    Damn it, and the brazilian government keeps saying that this country is in full progress -.-‘ Maybe I have the worst connection in this page (I can’t buy more, it doesn’t arrive here):

    Ping: 534
    Down: 1.37 Mbps
    Up: 0.29 Mbps
    Praia Grande, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  154. T.J. Crowder
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 72ms
    Download Speed: 6.05 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.30 Mbps

    That’s what I get for living out in the countryside. That and sheep for neighbours.

    The download number surprised me, I would have said more like 4.5 (it’s theoretically an 8Mbps connection, but this is ADSL and I’m a fair way from the exchange), but they keep upgrading the equipment at the exchange and things keep getting better (four years ago, this same connection wouldn’t do more than 2.5).

  155. Permalink to comment#

    ping: 9ms
    down: 12Mbps
    up 0.92
    location: Joao Pessoa, Brazil
    3 years ago, when I moved here, average speed was 1 – 3Mbps

  156. Ping: 45ms
    Down: 1,92 Mbps
    Up: 0,32 Mbps
    Location: Belgium
    We have recently had loads of problems with the connection, so it’s much slower because we’re at the end of the line, so are subject to all the traffic, …

  157. Kev
    Permalink to comment#

    ping: 16ms
    download: 5.80Mbps
    upload: 5.42Mbps

    An office somewhere in Portsmouth, UK

  158. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 42ms
    Download Speed: 11.14 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.88 Mbps
    Ukraine, UK

  159. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 5ms
    Download: 91.53 Mbps
    Upload: 77.57 Mbps
    Bucharest, Romania

  160. Yohann P.
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 15ms
    Download: 23 Mbps
    Upload: 0.43 Mbps

    Toronto, Canada

    Measured on my iPad

  161. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 211ms
    Download: 0.37 Mbps
    Upload: 0.20 Mbps

    Thus the problem of living in a very rural area!

  162. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 5ms
    Download: 281.53 Mbps
    Upload: 180.97 Mbps
    Stanford, CA

  163. Nabeel
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 37 ms
    Download: 1.04 Mbps
    Upload: 0.24 Mbps
    Mansoura, Egypt

  164. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 65
    D/L: 15.83
    U/L: 3.11

  165. Richard Ayotte
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 41ms
    Download: 31.07 Mbps
    Upload: 1.85 Mbps
    Niagara Falls, Canada

  166. alyoka
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 5 ms
    Download Speed: 27.40 Mbps
    Upload: 40.72 Mbps
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  167. Ping: 18ms
    Download: 45.56 Mbps
    Upload: 2.06 Mbps
    Leander, TX

  168. Marija F. Luthor
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 24 ms
    Download speed: 10.15 Mbps
    Upload speed: 0.50 Mbps

    Zagreb, Croatia

  169. Remco Hendriksen
    Permalink to comment#

    B.T.W., what is wrong with Chris’ sentence:
    So go test your speed right now (Download Speed) and pick the most appropriate answer in the poll (in the sidebar)?

  170. Permalink to comment#

    6.07 wireless and 6.16 through ethernet. Something must be going on. That can’t be right.

  171. Dimitris Tsironis
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 36ms
    Download Speed: 4.28 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.28 Mbps
    Country: Greece

    Also, I pay for 24Mbps and I get this crappy speeds. But this is the internet policy in Greece. You either pay for 24Mbps (which is maximum now) and you hope some day to actually have that kind of Internet connection or you pay for 2Mbps (which is unbearable).

    So, stop whining you guys because you have ONLY 30 Mbps :P

    • chris kournoutas
      Permalink to comment#

      they forgot to tell you that you still get 2mbps-if the wires are over 5 kilometers from the exchange they cant send you 24 -for some reason the longer the wiring the working speed must be lower-so i think they are send you 2mbps

  172. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 44ms
    Download: 4.73Mbps
    Upload: 0.67Mbps
    Toronto, Canada is my ISP

  173. Langer
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 40ms
    Download: 20.37Mbps
    Upload: 1.55Mbps

  174. Adithya
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 102 ms
    Download: 1.66 Mbps
    Upload: 0.24 Mbps
    Bangalore, India

  175. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 10ms
    Download Speed: 54.67 Mbps
    Upload: 5.41 Mbps
    Winnipeg, Canada

  176. Ping: 8ms
    Download Speed: 25.20 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 5 Mbps
    Maclenny, FL

  177. Jon Cousins
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 7ms
    Download: 20.41 Mbps
    Upload: 65.74 Mbps
    London, UK

  178. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 73ms
    Download: 0.71 Mbps
    Upload: 0.21 Mbps
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    ISP: PTCL Tripleplay project

  179. Download: 632 Mbps
    Upload: 244 Mbps
    Ping: 3 ms

    Dublin, Ireland

    We have a 1Gbit/s, but the test server doesn’t

  180. Martin
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 25ms
    Download: 62.95Mbps
    Upload: 41.22Mbps
    Durban, South Africa

    A few variables affect these tests:
    a) Congestion – I’d never see these speeds during university term time, but it also changes moment to moment. Ordinarily I can’t watch even small videos.
    b) Proxies? – 1st test a few minutes ago only had a download speed of 8.??Mbps, the next 72.18Mbps. I can only assume the proxy is responsible.
    c) The test first selects the ‘nearest server’ and route to that will vary. Mine appears to be in Mozambique, which would mean it’s only a hop or two away on the country’s main undersea cable. Few hops on a fat pipe would be fast, but not so good if everyone were measured against the same server.
    d) Upload speed is not influenced by proxies and usually not much affected by congestion, so all 3 tests were around the 40Mbps mark – so probably reasonably close to the theoretical limit I could get (and way above the original download speed).

  181. Antonio
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 11ms
    Download: 91.36 Mbps
    Upload: 21.52 Mbps
    Porto, Portugal

  182. Ping: 79ms
    Down: 5.60 Mbps
    Up: 4.20 Mbps
    Jacksonville, FL

    At the office. Will have to do this at home as well.

  183. Marvin
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 49ms
    Download: 25.36Mbps
    Upload: 2.13Mbps
    Tuebingen, Germany

    This is at work. Wait for the results when I get home :)

  184. cnwtx
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 129ms
    Download: 0.61
    Upload: 0.32

  185. Brian
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 28ms
    Download Speed: 93.54 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 40.03 Mbps
    Chattanooga, TN


  186. Kushal Khandelwal
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping : 46 ms
    Download : 16.11 Mbps
    Upload : 15.92 Mbps
    Location : Goa, India

  187. Marvin
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 3ms
    Download: 223.23Mbps
    Upload: 246.15Mbps
    Location: University of Tuebingen, Germany

    It’s kind of hard to find a good server to test against.
    Connection Link is 1Gbps, but if I remember correctly there’s some piece of hardware limiting it to about 600Mbps.

  188. Ping: 40ms
    Download: 8.03 Mbps
    Upload: 0.48 Mbps
    Recife, Brazil


    Speed Test finished in 0.233 seconds. Your speed is 8789.7Kb/s
    Porto, Portugal

  190. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 33ms
    Download Speed: 3.53 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.42 Mbps
    Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia.

  191. Ping: 22ms
    Download Speed: 36.90Mbps
    Upload Speed: 8.23Mbps
    N Ireland, UK

    I do love statistics!

  192. Rob Y
    Permalink to comment#

    25.62 down
    2.61 up
    Cox Cable (business level) Irvine CA

  193. Ping: 37ms
    Download Speed: 17.19 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.82 Mbps
    Aigio, Greece

  194. nibys
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12ms
    Download Speed: 16.85 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 30.61 Mbps
    Cracow, Poland

  195. KPR
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 19 ms
    Download: 4.15 Mb/s
    Upload: 0.65 Mb/s
    Location: Ajax, Canada ( Just outside Toronto )

    And I am on Teksavvy, yes maybe not the fastest, I have a 5Mb account, but far better than Bell and Rogers!!

    Oh, and I have 6 Remote connections into work at this time, so that may slow it down just a bit!


  196. JSno
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12 ms
    Download: 49.06
    Upload: 18.50
    Pittsburgh, PA, US

  197. Ping: 347ms
    Download Speed: 20.40 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.43 Mbps
    Location: Madison, NJ

  198. Jonny007-MKD
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 4ms
    Download Speed: 72 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 71 Mbps
    Karlsruhe, Germany

  199. Permalink to comment#

    Ping 3 ms
    Download: 70.90 Mbps
    Upload: 42.58 Mbps
    Location: Provo, UT, US

  200. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 53ms
    Download Speed: 236.76 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 59.72 Mbps
    Universal City, CA

    Yeah, using work’s internet is cheating, I’ll admit.

  201. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 11ms
    Download: 36.06 Mbps
    Upload: 6.39 Mbps
    Cherry Valley, IL

  202. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 20ms
    Download: 19.49 Mbps
    Upload: 1.95 Mbps
    Virgin Media 20Mbit Plan (I think it’s 20, I forget) – Cambridgeshire, England

  203. M.Z.
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 7ms
    Download Speed: 83 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 40 Mbps
    Rochester, NY, USA

  204. Ping: 10ms
    Download Speed: 93.18 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 3.20 Mbps
    Arlington Heights, IL

  205. Kushal
    Permalink to comment#

    It makes me emotional (and even feeling like I should scream and cry).

    Ping: Taking long time even to open page
    Download Speed: 16 kbps
    Upload Speed: 15 kbps
    Network: Tata Docomo
    Comments: Faster networks (400 kbps max downlink) are too too expensive to afford in our country.
    Gujarat, India.

  206. Permalink to comment#

    Connecton type: ADSL
    Ping: 22ms
    Download Speed: 70 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 9.50 Mbps
    Luleå, Sweden

  207. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 54 ms
    Download: 27.10 mbps
    Upload: .96 mbps
    Greensboro, NC


  208. Andy
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping 48ms
    Download 4.02Mbps
    Upload 0.37 Mbps
    Location Norfolk, UK (Still in the dark-ages)

  209. Ping: 26ms
    Download Speed: 15.69 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.55 Mbps
    Lisbon, Portugal

    it’s ok, I guess. Although I would like better upload speed…

  210. Ping: 15ms

    Download: 21.61 Mbps
    Upload: 4.82 Mbps
    Location: Sebastopol, CA (near San Francisco)

  211. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 4 ms
    Download Speed: 66.58Mbps
    Upload Speed: 7.05Mbps
    Baia Mare, Romania

  212. Zsolt
    Permalink to comment#

    At work:

    Ping: 20ms
    Download: 25.9 Mbps
    Upload: 4.96 Mbps

    At home:

    Ping: 32ms
    Download: 4.91 Mbps
    Upload: 1.12 Mbps

  213. I don’t mean to screw up the poll results, though I just gotta say, that mobile device network connection speed changes, often. User may be on a have a slow network connection when they initially visit your site, then they may be able connect to wifi, or 4G, or vice-versa.

    Network connection speed on mobiles will not always be consistent.

    In my opinion, only auditing the network speed once on mobiles is a bad idea if you are going to use that information to serve content/markup. I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for a blog post, but wanted to share this here.

  214. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 7 ms
    Download: 78.55 Mbps
    Upload: 67.23 Mbps
    Vancouver, BC (at work, will try to repeat at home later)

  215. Permalink to comment#

    Oh man, mine’s bad

  216. remrem
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 59ms
    Download Speed: 15.19 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.77 Mbps
    Dunkerque, France
    faster than 57% of France

  217. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 17ms
    Download: 43.11
    Upload: 29.69

    VZ Fios, Manassas, VA

  218. Permalink to comment#

    Down: 12.08 Mbps
    Up: 4.22 Mbps

    @chris Coyier
    I believe the ONLY reason we are forced fed Megabits instead of Megabytes is because of marketing reasons. Numbers look much higher in Bits than Bytes, and during the Comcast Verizon, and Cox cable wars (many others I know) they needed their numbers to look sexy to the uninitiated. Who didnt know a bit was not a byte and saw it as being bigger than the competitor. Purely marketing.

    But we have the power. We dont have to copy what they do. We can choose to use megabytes. We have just chosen to go along with what was spoon-fed.

  219. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 17ms
    Download: 43.11
    Upload: 29.69

    VZ Fios in Manassas, VA

  220. Permalink to comment#

    ATT: DSL
    Ping: 50ms
    Download: 5.63Mbps
    Upload: 0.42 Mbps

    With a 150MB CAP I am swithing

  221. You might find my One prehistoric!! I mean have a look at my internet speed:

    Ping: 60ms
    Download Speed: 0.63 Mbps
    Upload: 0.33 Mbps
    Kathmandu, Nepal

    For this Internet Speed, we need to present our Company’s Registration Certificate ( as this speed is only available to Companies). It’s internet service from our government Communication Authorities. This one’s doing good for me though!

  222. Ping: 18 ms
    Download: 10.14 Mbps
    Upload: .83 Mbps
    Graz, Austria

  223. Ping 53 ms
    Down 32.88 Mbps
    Up 6.14 Mbps
    Location San Diego, CA
    ISP Cox Business

  224. This could be why I live at my desk.

    Ping: 20ms
    Download: 58.27 Mbps
    Upload: 41.36 Mbps
    ISP: Rackspace Hosting

  225. Ping: 10ms
    Download: 52.16 Mbps
    Upload: 43.01 Mbps

    Mexico City, Mexico

  226. Justin
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 16 ms
    Download: 48.97 Mbps
    Upload: 48.75 Mbps
    Location: Orlando, FL (AT&T at a large corporation)

  227. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 26ms
    Download: 4.56Mbps
    Upload: 0.64 Mbps

  228. Ping: 9ms
    Download Speed: 88.10 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 42.88 Mbps
    Santiago, Chile

  229. Ping: 12ms
    Download Speed: 49.80 Mbps
    Upload: 4.81 Mbps
    Location: Leicestershire, UK
    Provider: Virgin Media

    That’s unlimited in it’s true meaning, and also it’s not traffic shaped like the slower services on Virgin Media. Couldn’t be more happy with my service.

    I have the option to go up to 100Mb, but not feeling a huge need to do so right now.

  230. Gussoner
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 213ms
    Download Speed: 1.69 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.02 Mbps
    French Guyana..

    80 US$/ month .. !

  231. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 15ms
    Download: 12.40 Mbps
    Upload: 1.77 Mbps
    Cranleigh, UK

  232. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 68ms
    Download Speed: 7.07 Mbps
    Up Speed: 0.53Mbps
    Provider: Bell
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  233. Ping: 6ms
    Download Speed: 31.23 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 9.72 Mbps
    Washington, DC (@ work)

  234. Ping: 73ms
    Download: 0.36 Mbps
    Upload: 0.07 Mbps
    Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

    I know, it’s pretty slow. :) It’s wireless and it is one of their slower plans.

    Opera Turbo to the rescue!

  235. Ping: 32 ms
    Download Speed: 28.56 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 12.13 Mbps
    Location: Phoenix, AZ USA
    ISP: Cox Internet (Cable Internet

  236. P-A
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 7ms
    Download: 42.09 Mbps
    Upload: 48.72 Mbps
    Montréal, CA

  237. Wahiaronkwas
    Permalink to comment#

    1.95mb/s download
    0.87 mb/s upload
    86 ms

    It’s a Turbo Hub from Bell. Better than my dial up connection, but I didn’t test to see just how much.

  238. Igor
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 16 ms
    Down: 3.93 Mbps
    Up: 0.45 Mbps

  239. Lars
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 24ms
    Download: 7,29 Mbps
    Upload: 1,37 Mbps

  240. Brendan
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 10ms
    DL: 31.19Mbps
    UL: 9.66Mbps

  241. These results are nice for web geeks but for the more mainstream users (at least in the US, sorry rest of the world), you can look at maps thanks to the FCC.

    Check out “Percentage of housing units with access to 4 Mbps or more” from this map

    Here’s a broader sample of speed tests

  242. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 8ms
    Download: 15.29 Mbps
    Upload: 1.99 Mbps
    Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

  243. Ping: 8ms
    Download Speed: 28.36 Mbps
    Up Speed: 1.12Mbps
    Provider: Telenet
    Location: Dendermonde, Belgium

  244. Rudy
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 37ms
    Download: 4.98 Mbps
    Upload: 0.97 Mbps
    Location: Newfoundland, Canada

  245. Ping: 21ms
    Download Speed: 27.20 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.93 Mbps
    Provider: Time Warner
    Location: Austin, TX

    Just fast enough to DL a 720p episode of the Simpsons in about 3 minutes.

  246. Permalink to comment#

    ping: 37ms
    down: 2.90Mbps
    up: 0.52Mbps

    That’s my Infinitum Lentum (private joke) connection here in Monterrey, Mexico.

  247. Steven Wiggins
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 29ms
    Download: 18.28 Mbps
    Upload: 1.78 Mbps
    Location: Carrboro, NC, USA – using Road Runner with Turbo Boost

  248. pfff mine is terrible

    México City

    i think i actually have better speed on my mobile paid plan

  249. Matthias Ruchay
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 15ms
    Download Speed: 14.92 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.92 Mbps
    Edewecht, Lower Saxony, Germany

  250. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 17ms
    Download Speed: 14.64Mbps
    Upload Speed: 2.01Mbps
    Provider: UPC
    Location: Fălticeni, ROMANIA
    Cost: ~$8

    A pretty good deal&service.

  251. Ping: 4ms
    Download Speed: 219.58 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 149.63 Mbps
    Cupertino, CA
    Apple’s Internal Network

  252. Marin
    Permalink to comment#

    My location: Bucharest, Romania

    Did several tests.
    The results vary very much depending on how close the test server is to your location.
    This is normal i think, considering the hops are between the servers.

    Download 76.93 Mb/s
    Upload 53.79 Mb/s
    Ping 8 ms
    Server Pantelimon (Near Bucharest)
    Distance <50 mi

    Download 22.99 Mb/s
    Upload 8.96 Mb/s
    Ping 127 ms
    Server New York, NY
    Distance ~ 4750 mi

    Download 17.10 Mb/s
    Upload 2.72 Mb/s
    Ping 422 ms
    Server Portland, OR
    Distance ~ 5950 mi

    Download 11.61 Mb/s
    Upload 5.39 Mb/s
    Ping 152 ms
    Server Washington, DC
    Distance ~ 4950 mi

    Download 48.95 Mb/s
    Upload 5.21 Mb/s
    Ping 57 ms
    Server Frankfurt
    Distance ~ 900 mi

  253. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12ms
    Download speed: 13.95Mbps
    Upload speed: 3.14Mbps
    Ukraine, Kharkiv

    Sadly, that my ISP canceled 50 and 100 Mbps tariffs for this building :(

  254. Ping:39ms
    Download .6mbps
    Tecumseh, Oklahoma

    You can switch to MB/S by going to the settings tab in the top right corner, then select it from the drop-list in the bottom right corner.

  255. iaretiga
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 13 ms
    Download Speed: 29.96 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 3.08 Mbps
    Location: Budapest, Hungary

  256. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 13 ms
    Download Speed: 18 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 2 Mbps
    Location: Laval / Montréal, Québec, Canada

  257. I have the up/down mixed up. It should read:

    Upload: .6mbps
    Download: 6.17Mbps
    Tecumseh, Oklahoma

    That rates a D in the speetest results, but it’s an A+ in my book. 2 years ago I could only get dial-up at 41 KBps, a friend down the road is still stuck with Dial-Up.

  258. Joe
    Permalink to comment#

    1.5Mbps down, 0.5 Mbps up

    Clearwire Corporation

    • Joe
      Permalink to comment#

      Though, my brother works at Stanford and has 300+ Mbps and my friend works at NASA and has 600+ Mbps. It’s insane, lol.

  259. Nir
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 21ms
    D/L Speed: 10.93Mbps
    U/L Speed: 0.79Mbps
    Location: Binyamina, Israel

    Although it is not what this poll is meant to check, I’d really like people to post how much they pay for what they actually get (in US$), just for comparison, if that’s OK by you, Chris…

    I pay around 35$. It comes down to 3.2$ per D/L Mbps (per month).

  260. Emmanuel
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping : 45ms
    Download speed : 1.30Mbps (best speed ever : 1,7Mbps)
    Upload speed : 0.33Mbps (best speed ever : 0,44Mpbs)
    From St Sébastien (suburb of Nantes), France

    Price : 29,99 euros (no TV)

    Last house at the end of the phone line eligible for internet access (my neighbors can’t get it…).

    Good enough for web sites design, upgrade and maintenance though!

  261. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 3ms
    D/L Speed: 96.29Mbps
    U/L Speed: 78.71Mbps
    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    I can almost see the Amsterdam Internet Exchange from here!

  262. Adam
    Permalink to comment#

    Holy crap batman… Is someone going to compile all these results into a country based graph to go with the poll results to compare css-trick readers’ internet speeds from all across the globe.

    NB: by ‘someone’ I clearly mean Chris.

  263. Permalink to comment#

    wow, everybody in this poll hast over 10mbps!!!

    i have an AVERAGE GERMAN “home consumer” package and i only get 6mbps!

    ping: 67ms
    download: 5.76mbps
    upload: mbps
    location: berlin, germany

  264. Stuart
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 84ms
    Download Speed: 8.02Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.39 Mbps
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Got a feeling that there may be a problem with this wifi router that O2 have sold to us…

  265. Daniel J.
    Permalink to comment#

    ping: 33 ms
    download: 8.52 mbps
    upload: 0.88 mbps
    Tavistock, Devon, UK

    This is a goodish day for me, can’t believe some of the results they’re so much quicker! Especially in Japan and Sweden! Wow

  266. Permalink to comment#

    One thing for everyone to keep in mind is the unscientific nature bandwidth testing in general. has some requirements for their servers, but there are so many factors that go into the number you at the end of the test.

    Also, just because you pay for X mbps doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll get on a test like this. Not to say that your ISP is screwing you, but the number they give you is only guaranteed from your location to their servers – they can’t guarantee that you’re going to get that full bandwidth to or any other server. There are going to be a certain number of network hops between your ISP and any server on the web that they can’t control.

  267. Monty
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping : 24ms
    Download : 17.35 Mbps
    Upload : .82 Mbps
    Phillip Island, Australia (1.5 hrs from Melbourne)

    This is really interesting considering some of the comments and blogs I’ve been reading lately concerning page size. With these results, anyone suggesting up to 2Mb per page is ok is kidding themselves.

    Soon (up to 8 years till completion) Australia will have a new fibre network to speed things up, but I wish they’d hurry up!

  268. Chris
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 13ms
    Download: 119.81 Mbps
    Upload: 11.38 Mbps
    The Netherlands

  269. Colin
    Permalink to comment#

    I work on a university campus… :)

    Ping: 4ms
    Download Speed: 450.96 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 213.46 Mbps
    Seattle, WA USA

    I tested a handful of nodes in my area, and this was the fastest, but average is more like 100Mbps down and 60 Mbps up.

  270. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 31ms
    Download Speed: 4.97 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.73 Mbps
    Sydney, NSW Australia

  271. yderf
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 28ms
    Download Speed: 24.47 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.97 Mbps
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Suffice to say, I was surprised too. I do pay for 25/2, so it is not like it can possibly get any better :-).

  272. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 37ms
    Download Speed: 3.78Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.36Mbps
    Server: GLOUCESTER (~50 mi)

  273. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 25ms
    D/L Speed: 15.3 Mbps
    U/L Speed: 3.55 Mbps
    Location: Berlin, Germany

  274. Heesang
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 19ms
    Download Speed: 49.20 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 9.23 Mbps
    Location: Seoul, Korea

  275. Permalink to comment#

    Ugh. I’m so depressed.

    I knew my internet was slow, but I think this is about the worst on your list….

    Ping: 1010 ms
    Download: 0.51 Mbps
    Upload: 0.03 Mbps

    I pay $80 a month for the “fastest” option with WildBlue satellite and I live in Upstate NY.

    Such a Bummer.

  276. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 12 ms
    Download: 31.70 Mbps
    Upload: 3.15 Mbps
    Location: London, UK
    Provider: Virgin Media.

    Pay £21 (about $32.48) for 30 Mbps fiber Optic. You can go up to 100 Mbps in my area if you want to pay for it.

  277. Ping: 17ms
    Download: 22.42 mpbs
    Upload: 4.41 mpbs

    Provider: Comcast

  278. Jami Reynolds
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 10ms
    Download Speed: 23.35 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 38.82 Mbps
    Tokyo, Japan

  279. Ping: 21ms
    Download Speed: 19.73 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.69 Mbps
    Albany, NY
    Time Warner Cable (“Extreme” speed package)

  280. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 14ms
    Download Speed: 59.82 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 9.27 Mbps
    Brighton, UK

  281. Permalink to comment#

    From Beijing, China I have two results for you. One is while I am on VPN (tunnelled through via LA, USA), the other is without VPN. The latter will look faster, but it also means that I won’t be able to reach many sites including this one.

    with VPN
    Ping: 185ms
    Download: 3.49 Mbps
    Upload: 0.63 Mbps

    without VPN
    Ping: 81ms
    Download: 3.79 Mbps
    Upload: 0.64 Mbps

    As you can see, it doesn’t even differ so much. China Telecom promises me far more than I am paying for and it is morning here now, so things are even faster than when Europe wakes up.

    Hope this helps for your “survey” :)

  282. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 711ms
    Download Speed: 1.31 Mb/s
    Upload Speed: 1.64 Mb/s
    Location: KL, Malaysia
    ISP: TM

    Result is based on best effort (as promised by ISP) but my mobile broadband is much faster, only it always DC

  283. Permalink to comment#

    In Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Server in Toronto, Canada. ~450 miles away.

    Ping: 20ms
    Download: 19.31 Mbps
    Upload: 0.96 Mbps
    ISP: EastLink (25Mbps Service)

    I’m fairly happy with the service I’m getting. I paid for the highest uncapped amount, because… well… I’m the type of guy who goes on CSS-Tricks. (And that’s a good thing!)

  284. Permalink to comment#

    Ping : 10ms
    download : 8.96 Mbps
    Upload : 8.23 Mbps

    Its very good Speed in INDIA. I’m very happy with this.

  285. Ping: 10
    Download: 13.52 mbps
    Upload: 3.27mbps
    Issaquah, WA, USA

  286. Chris Clark
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 69ms
    Download: 0.81 Mbps (have seen as high as 1.20 Mbps though)
    Upload: 0.72 Mbps
    Roy, WA (40 miles south of Seattle)

    Really frustrating because we’re buffered on two sides by Joint Base Lewis-McChord (huge Army/Air Force base), which means relatively low population density and thus fewer, slower service options. My parents live 7 miles to the north and have 30+ Mbps service.

  287. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 392ms
    Download: 0.62Mbps (during office hours – on a private connection)
    Upload: 0.03Mbps
    ISP: MWEB 4mb uncapped
    Total line cost: $128 pm
    Johannesburg, South Africa – connecting to – Los Angeles, California, USA

    Before 2009, any uncapped internet account was out of the price range of many companies, never mind individuals. Since then the Seacom cable has come online, connecting Africa and Europe. I believe the West African cable is due to come online next year, connecting the Western Cape to London and delivering the possibility of 20Mbps! Still, we have a far way to go to bring the prices of these connections down enough to make it affordable for the majority of South Africans and South African schools.

  288. Ping: 50ms
    Download Speed: 2.95 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.37 Mbps
    Leer, Germany

  289. Pu
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 15ms
    Download Speed: 32.32 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.92 Mbps
    near Hamburg, Germany

  290. Ping: 2ms
    Download Speed: 107.12 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 93.2 Mbps
    Stockholm, Sweden

  291. sankahchan
    Permalink to comment#

    Pings – 80ms
    Download – 10.36 mps
    Upload – 2.05 mps
    Phuket, Thailand

  292. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 160ms
    Download: 0.69 Mbps
    Upload: 0.02 Mbps

    This is through Vodafone mobile broadband, 100km out of Auckland, New Zealand, connecting to Auckland testing server! During “off-peak” times in a low-density area!
    My family of 4 uses just 8GB of data per month which costs roughly $75/month on a 2 yr contract.

    Now can people please shut up about their “slow” 5mbps internet and crappy service. Thanks

  293. Ping: 10 ms
    Download: 24.95Mbps
    Upload: 4.0Mbps
    Location: Charlottesville, VA
    Provider: Comcast

  294. Bullett
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 10ms
    Download: 9.47 Mbps
    Upload: 0.99 Mbps
    Location Nottingham, UK

  295. Alex
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 3ms
    Download: 94.12 Mbps
    Upload: 9.13 Mbps
    (Optic fiber)

    Milan, Italy

  296. Ping: 186ms
    Download: 32 MBps
    Upload: 2 MBps
    ( Broadband Cable )

    Weichering, Germany

  297. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 38ms
    Download: 22.41 Mbps
    Upload: 2.78 Mbps

    Groningen, The Netherlands

  298. KDA
    Permalink to comment#

    Download speed = 1.52 Mbps
    Upload speed = 0.88 Mbps

    Colombo, Sri lanka

  299. A
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 21 ms
    Download: 9.42 Mbps
    Upload: 1.83 Mbps
    Location: Finland
    Price: 28€/month
    Connection Type: Cable

  300. Mike Neyens
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 29 ms
    Download: 4.09 Mbps
    Upload: 0.41 Mbps
    Location: Belgium
    Provider: Belgacom

    The different packs are on the site below:

    We have the comfort pack

  301. Nuruzzaman Sheikh
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 448ms
    Download: 0.10 Mbps
    Upload: 0.09 Mbps
    Location: Bangladesh
    Provider: Grameenphone

    Pretty fast huh! :)

  302. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 24ms
    DL: 63.59 Mbps
    UL: 5.07 Mbps
    Charter – Michigan

  303. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 20ms
    DL: 1.96 Mbps
    UL: 1.91 Mbps
    Leipzig, Germany

  304. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 10ms
    DL: 15.67Mbps
    UL: 1.57Mbps
    Montreal, QC, Canada

  305. Micke
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping 7ms
    DL: 109.57Mbps
    UL: 10.10Mbps
    Stockholm, Sweden

  306. Kenneth
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 62ms
    Download Speed: 18.17 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 3.09 Mbps
    Querétaro, Mexico

  307. joe
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 49ms
    Down: 12.21 Mbps
    Up: 0.92 Mbps
    Halle, Germany

  308. Ping: 3ms
    Download Speed: 100.41 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 92.00 Mbps
    Stockholm, Sweden

  309. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 271ms

    Download Speed: 0.33 Mbps

    Upload Speed: 0.25 Mbps

    Itajubá, MG, Brazil

  310. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 23ms
    Download Speed:55.05 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 45.25 Mbps
    Jönköping, Sweden

    Monthly cost 9$

  311. How about the prices? I think, here in Turkey, expensive than others. 8 Mbit / 30 € per month! But competitor of my ISP, 20 Mbit unmetered Fiber optic line is just 35€.

  312. Miguel Alonso
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping : 60ms
    Download Speed : 3.40 Mbps
    Upload Speed : 0.20 Mbps
    Prague, Czech Republic

    I pay around 25 USD per month to Telefónica O2

  313. Ping: 6ms
    Download: 34.91 Mbps
    Upload: 8.29 Mbps
    Craiova, Romania

    I pay around 20 USD for both Cable and Internet. It is Fiber optic line but I am limited because I use a router.

  314. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 84 ms
    Download: 1.33 Mbps
    Upload: 0.74 Mbps

    ID, USA

  315. Ping: 100ms
    Download Speed: 50 kbps
    Upload Speed: 10 kbps
    Kathmandu, Nepal.

    DAMN TRUE.. i’m not joking at all

  316. Jeff
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 20ms
    Download Speed: 50.9Mbps

    Upload Speed: 26.11 Mbps

    Gold Coast, Australia

  317. Permalink to comment#

    Chris Coyier Whats your speed??

  318. Ping: 25 ms
    Down: 27.92 mbps
    Up: 63.90 mbps

    I’m paying $10 a month for 100/100mbps. I couldn’t be arsed to go hook my computer up to the router via a cable, so I did the test over the wlan. I imagine the results would be a bit better if I was on a threaded connection.

  319. Ping: 4ms
    Download: 55.30 mbps
    Upload: 56.99 mbps

    London, England

  320. Adrian Oprea
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 6ms
    Download: 48.81Mbps
    Upload: 5Mbps

    Pitesti, Romania

  321. Ping: 1974ms
    Download: 0.4mbps
    Upload: 0.1mbps

    Lagos, Nigeria

    It really sucks!

  322. Dan
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 77ms
    Download: 37.21MBs
    Upload: 14.23MBs
    Location: Toronto, Canada

  323. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 5ms
    Download: 93.84mbps
    Upload: 10.83mbps

    Indianapolis, IN

  324. mapero
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 54ms
    Download: 7.23 Mbps
    Upload:0.64 Mbps
    Location: Montenegro

    I pay for 5 Mbps i don’t know why I have more. lol

    But this pool could be much more interesting to see how much everybody pays for their speed. so we can see which country is a cheating thief :). Bye

  325. Matt
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 16ms
    Download: 11.24 Mbps
    Upload: 1.05 Mbps
    Location: Oklahoma, USA

    I get the speed I pay for, even though it’s a tad bit steep at $70 per month.

  326. Permalink to comment#

    You will not believe, due to my location, but I am using most expensive subscription.

    Ping: 16ms
    Download: 16 Mbps
    Upload: 1 Mbps
    Location: near Belgrade, Serbia

  327. Permalink to comment#

    ping 50ms
    download 10.76 Mbps
    upload 1.93 Mbps
    Location Smithville, Texas

    Wireless internet connection.

  328. Ramon Tonnaer
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 37ms
    Download: 12.92 Mbps
    Upload: 0.81 Mbps

    Amsterdam – The Netherlands

    Provider Tele2 ADSL.
    Wireless Internet Connection.

  329. Newton Mota
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 11ms
    Down: 35.26 Mbps
    Upload: 3.50 Mbps
    Salvador, Ba, Brazil.
    Provider: GVT VDSL

  330. sage
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 27ms
    Download Speed: 16.38 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.87 Mbps
    Paris, France

  331. Ping: 4ms
    Download: 6.69 mbps
    Upload: 0.68 mbps

    Manchester, UK

  332. Ping: 42ms
    Download Speed: 10.14 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.88 Mbps
    Helsingør, Denmark

  333. sage
    Permalink to comment#

    The poll is strangely “well reparted”. Each category has almost 10%, with a slightly more aroud 4-8 and slighly less around 30-50 (but 11% over 50).

    It’s like Chris has done the choices knowing what was the actual repartition

  334. Permalink to comment#

    Download speed:76.46Mbps
    Upload speed: 1.65Mbps
    Sydney, Australia
    I’ve just moved onto a “Premium Speed” plan – costs an extra $20/month. Prior to that download speed was anywhere between 9 and 20Mbps.

  335. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 7ms

    Download Speed: 37.14 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 7.34 Mbps

    Essex, UK

  336. steve
    Permalink to comment#

    why do ppl have difference’s in the net speeds….cuz it’s a lame world where everyone’s treated differently :( yup.. the world is cruel…plus no-one actually like’s to do we?? pardon the offensiveness but that’s reality…it’s boom boom pow situation

  337. Sujan
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 114ms
    Download Speed: 0.57 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.11 Mbps
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  338. Pedro Coelho
    Permalink to comment#

    My two houses and office:

    House #1
    Ping: 34ms
    Download: 1.42 Mbps
    Upload: 0.12 Mbps
    Santo Tirso, Porto, Portugal
    Provider: PT Comunicações

    House #2
    Ping: 16ms
    Download: 21 Mbps
    Upload: 2.1 Mbps
    Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal
    Provider: Vodafone

    Ping: 11ms
    Download: 92 Mbps
    Upload: 9.8 Mbps
    Porto, Portugal
    Provider: Optimus (Clix)

    My House #1 is in a rural place, outside the nearest town, my Internet package is of 8Mbps Download and 256Kbps Upload, but that is the best i can get. This is one of two Internet Providers in the area.
    My House #2 is in a large, seaside city, with lots of providers, here the Vodafone Package is a 25 Mbps Download and 2 Mbps Upload in optical fiber. Soon it will be upgraded to 50 Mbps, but maintaining the price.
    My Office is in the middle of the second biggest city in my country, where we have a multiple choice of providers with many offers. This package is a 100Mbps Download and 10Mbps Upload in optical fiber.

    • Pedro Coelho
      Permalink to comment#

      As asked by someone back there, I pay:

      House #1: 51 Euros/month
      House #2: 42 Euros/month
      Office: 64 Euros/month

      All the three packages are triple play: Internet, TV and Phone.

  339. Mikla
    Permalink to comment#

    ping 15ms
    Down: 10.47Mbps
    UP: 1.52 Mbps

    Belgrade, Serbia

  340. Internet Speed test really matter specially for professionals who are working on heavy sites and to check that u can visit

  341. oroce
    Permalink to comment#

    ping: 12ms
    down: 78mbps
    up: 22mbps

    Budapest, Hungary

  342. APL
    Permalink to comment#

    ping: 28ms
    download speed: 32.66 Mbps
    upload speed: 1.63mbps

    Edinburgh UK

  343. ping: 20ms
    download speed: 18.59 Mbps
    upload speed: 18.03 Mbps

    Lublin, Poland

  344. brobar
    Permalink to comment#

    ping: 7ms

    download speed: 25.44 Mbps

    upload speed: 4.52 Mbps

    Aurora, CO USA

  345. Danny
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 69ms
    Down: 2.56 Mbps
    Up: 0.69Mbps
    Maine, USA

  346. Permalink to comment#

    Test Date: Dec 19, 2011 7:40 PM
    Connection Type: Wifi
    Server: Toledo, OH
    Download: 17.80 Mbps
    Upload: 0.91 Mbps
    Ping: 39 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:

    Sent from my iPad

  347. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 4ms
    Download Speed: 485.61 Mbit/s – 60 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 97.96 Mbit/s – 12.2 Mbps
    Stockholm, Sweden

  348. John
    Permalink to comment#

    ping 28ms
    down 9.37Mbps
    up 1.02 Mbps

    Girona, Catalonia, Spain

  349. Ping: 13ms
    Download Speed: 19.02 mbps
    Upload Speed: 15.91 mbps
    Chatham, Kent, UK

  350. Permalink to comment#

    ping: 10 ms

    download: 3.16 mbps

    upload: 3.07 mbps

    viva l’italia!!!!

  351. Ping: 3ms
    Download Speed: 90.15 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 73.17 Mbps
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    I work for a cable company and we’ll be rolling out a 240Mbit connection at our sister company in Poland …. can’t wait to have it at my home as well.

  352. Kyle
    Permalink to comment#

    26ms – ping
    75-95 Mb/s – down
    19-20 Mb/s – up

    University connection, just a typical connection for the university, I’m sure some areas of campus can get up to 3-5x faster.

  353. Loz
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 4ms
    Download Speed: 81.36 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 68.42 Mbps
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    (this is at my work, at home download is ~25Mbps)

  354. Ping: 12ms
    Download Speed: 7.05 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.65 Mbps
    Istanbul, Turkey

  355. Cellular (3G)
    D: 5.28 Mbps
    U: 3.23 Mbps
    P: 64 ms

    Home (8 Mb / 1 Mb plan – ADSL)
    D: 7.18 Mbps
    U: 0.64 Mbps
    P: 28 ms

    D: 19.55 Mbps
    U: 17.38 Mbps
    P: 40 ms

    Ankara, Turkey

    All results are from the nearest server.

  356. Download: 94.89 Mbps
    Upload: 8.91 Mbps
    Ping: 23ms
    Rochester, UK

  357. Jae Lee
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 36ms
    Download Speed: 16.74 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.72 Mbps
    Columbus, Ohio, United States

  358. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 18ms
    Download Speed: 15.83 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.98 Mbps
    London, England

  359. Ping: 62ms
    Download Speed: 5.14 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.51 Mbps
    Merida, Spain

    We need more speed!!!

  360. amol
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 40ms
    Download Speed: 1.98 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.43 Mbps
    Pune, India

    ye dil mange more…!!!

  361. Permalink to comment#

    Home (ISDN modem)
    Ping: 139ms
    Download Speed: 64 bps (no, not Mega)
    Upload Speed: 62 bps
    SH, Germany

    Campus (should be 500/350)
    Ping: 4ms
    Download Speed: 419 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 250 Mbps
    Esbjerg, Denmark

  362. Ping: 5ms
    Download Speed: 16.42 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 36.23 Mbps
    Brasov, Romania

  363. Ping: 45
    DL: 10.18
    UL: 0.71

    I pay for 16 Mbps down and up… Overpriced too… There’s times that it goes up dramatically, like this one time I downloaded Window 8 in 30 seconds (That’s a 5gb file) and 17Gb files in 3 minutes… Does anyone know what’s the fastest provider in the US if not North Carolina? This is really crappy…

  364. nathan
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    Ping: 12
    Download: 20.46 Mbps
    Upload: 2.12 Mbps

  365. nathan
    Permalink to comment#

    oh yeah, my iphone (via cellular)

    Ping: 98
    Download: 2.16 Mbps
    Upload: 2.80 Mbps

  366. Chrono
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 270ms
    Download Speed: 2.22 Mbps
    Upload: 0.36 Mbps
    Canelones, Uruguay

  367. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 25ms
    Download:3.5 Mbps
    Upload:0.46 Mbps

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Pretty bad compared what i see here on what other have submitted. Banging my head here with frustration. :)

  368. Ping 14ms
    Download 26.81Mbps
    Upload 4.73Mbps
    Saratoga, CA
    Etheric Networks Wireless service $100/month 50GByte Cap / Month

    Believe it or not there is NO Wired/Coax or Fiber service in my neighborhood. No DSL or CableTV. But I’m 6 miles (by car) to Apple World Headquarters and 23 miles to Cisco World Headquarters in Silicon Valley.

  369. Kabbo
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 361
    Download: 0.05 Mbps
    Upload: 0.02 Mbps

    Mine is the lowest of all :D

  370. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 18ms
    Download Speed: 7.65 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 1.88 Mbps
    Zapopan, Mexico

    And I pay for 6Mbps, so 7Mbps is nice :)

  371. Permalink to comment#


    Ping: 31
    DL: 0.97 Mbps
    UL: 0.26 Mbps

    Giza, Egypt

  372. Permalink to comment#

    Home (Krakow, Poland)

    ISP: UPC
    Ping: 20ms
    DL: 42.36 Mbps
    UL: 4.72 Mbps


    ISP: Play Mobile (P4)
    Ping: 58ms
    DL: 3.37 Mbps
    UL: 1.056 Mbps

  373. Jason
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping 10
    Down 110,54 Mbps
    Up 42,01 Mbps

    Cologne / Germany
    P.S.: At the office :D

  374. These results are the averages of 3 tests performed over a 30 minute span.
    WHY? Just because :)

    Ping: 40-45ms
    Download: 13-16Mbps
    Upload: >1Mbps
    RoadRunner (TimeWarnerCable) El Paso, TX

  375. Ping: 59ms
    Download: 7Mbps
    Upload: 0.79Mbps

  376. Nick
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 11ms
    Download: 45.64 Mbps
    Upload: 2.46 Mbps
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  377. Frank
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 16
    Download: 36 Mbps
    Upload: 10 Mbps
    Virginia 22204

  378. Frank
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 16
    Download: 36 Mbps
    Upload: 10 Mbps
    Virginia 22204

  379. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 50ms
    Download: 7.13Mbps
    Upload: 0.32Mbps

    Sydney (just), Australia
    Since moving to where is basically the bush, I had to “downgrade” to ADSL 1
    I now regularly get faster download speeds (albeit still only at 7Mbps) than when I was on ADSL 2

    Upload speed is significantly slower, but I’m not a web host so I don’t particularly care

  380. Permalink to comment#

    I’m 51 dl / 15 ul. I’m usually around 48 dl /40 ul. I wonder why my up is slow… anywho, cool collection of speeds, mostly everyone here is quite fast.

  381. Steve
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 33ms
    Download Speed: 0.73Mbps
    Upload: 0.65Mbps

    ADSL2+ 500 gb Optus Broadband.. i pay $100.00 AUS every month for this shitty quality.
    FFS anyone wanna help me with better connection?

    • Permalink to comment#

      Mate that’s slow. How much porn were you downloading when you ran the speed test? :)

      How far from the exchange are you? Distance from your phone exchange has a significant impact on your ADSL speeds.

      What does your modem / router say it’s connecting at?

      At that speed, you couldn’t possible download as much as 500Gb in a month, so hardly seems worth the $100

    • Carl
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      Mate we pay $70 a month in Perth
      and get free phone calls across Australia + 250,000MB, and we receive 5mbps. That’s with iinet but if you Google broadband plans theirs a fair few plans from different mobs, that is a bloody lot better then your mob is giving you mate.

  382. Nick
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping : 20ms
    Download : 2.58Mbps
    Upload : 0.68Mbps

    I pay $50 a month for 8/1, so needless to say, my IP is going to be recieving an irate call from myself today…

    BTW, Anyone who lives in Ontario – DON’T use Lara DSL (Teksavvy BS) they charge you the same amount as big providers for less than a fraction of the speed. They say they only started capping people to 320kilobyte per second download speeds as of Mid-2011, but I’ve had them for longer than that, and never thought that it might be a cap, I always just assumed it was the line speed (that’s what they told me)…

  383. Neville
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    Ping : 9 ms
    Download :103.56 Mb/s
    Upload : 9.33 Mb/s

    Vigin media DL speed is good at low usage times , requires use of external DNS to improve perfomance. There is a problem in my area with jitter which can cause poor performance at times – costs £35 a month at the moment…….

  384. Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 41ms
    Download: 10.64 Mbps
    Upload: 0.66 Mbps

    Romania, Craiova.

  385. Permalink to comment#

    @at home:
    Ping: 4ms
    Donwload: 36.62Mbps
    Upload: 19.16 Mbps

    Romania, Craiova

    @office I use Romtelecom provider – 30 Euro / month
    @home I use RDS provider – aprox. 10 Euro / month

  386. Steff
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    Ping : 71ms
    Download : 0.38 Mb/s
    Upload : 0.17 Mb/s

    Windhoek, Namibia
    Cost per month = N$559 = US$80 !!

    If anyone feels sorry for me, i’d feel a lot better! No way that’s going to change over here.

    • Permalink to comment#

      Wow! That sucks man. Were you waiting all this time (since the poll started) just to load this page? :P

  387. Permalink to comment#

    Ping 45ms
    Down 12.40 Mbps
    Up .60 Mbps

    That’s what the stats say, but it seems much slower most days!!

  388. I’m 51 dl / 15 ul. I’m usually around 48 dl /40 ul. I wonder why my up is slow… anywho, cool collection of speeds, mostly everyone here is quite fast.

  389. Permalink to comment#

    17.47 MBPS 2.56 MBPS 8:00 am – 50.80 MBPS 5.82 MBPS 11.26 am – 87.42 MBPS 8.36 MBPS 12:08 pm $122.15 + 13% tax per month with Rogers Cable. Just went to leave to go with TechSavvy and Rogers dropped the price down to $68.02 taxes included. Admittedly I got off their 150Mbps package to 35 Mbps with unlimited bandwidth.
    Right now I am still getting 163.67 Mbps 3.22 Mbps 12:58 pm

  390. Andy
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    Ping: 11ms
    Download: 4.02
    Upload: 57.99
    Location: Beijing, China

    I wish I uploaded more than I download with those stats!

    and in December 2011 (when this post was published):

    Ping: 48ms
    Download: 2.32
    Upload: 1.14
    Location: Beijing, China

  391. Alan
    Permalink to comment#

    Ping: 2ms
    Download: 982
    Upload: 827
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Google Internet IS SICK!

    • Alan
      Permalink to comment#

      My internet speed equals out to around 122 Megabyte Down and roughly 103 Megabyte Upload Google fiber is were its at

  392. Dave
    Permalink to comment#

    I use Shaw Internet Speed 25Mbps Package:

    Dec.7/13 Speedtest
    Ping: 40 ms

    Download Speed: 22.74 Mbps; Download song (5 MB): 1.76 seconds; Download movie (800 MB): 4.7 minutes

    Upload Speed: 2.3 Mbps; Attach file to email (5 MB): 17.39 seconds; Send videoclip (35 MB): 2 minutes

    Quality: Excellent

    Prior to Shaw Tech visit, I was at about 10 Mbps Download. They replaced my modem/router and that improved the Download Speed. Upload Speed still seems rather turtoise-like! Perhaps, a more tech-savy individual could enlighten me on the Upload criteria.

  393. Jack
    Permalink to comment#

    Download: 0.74mbps
    Upload: 0.34 mbps
    ping: 84

  394. kirara
    Permalink to comment#

    i am paying for a 10mbps connection from “my bro” from largest network in my country philippines which is “SMART”
    and here is weird…when i visit the site it shows that this plan is 2mbps only..and my netowrk status shows 10mpbs(i dnt understand) x.x

    makes me go crazy..when i brose internet while playing A 2d GAME the game dc’s e.e”
    i dnt knw if i get what im paying for…sometimes it says DNS server not responding….in my country politicians are corrupt..didnt knw they envade also the internet connections and prepaid celphone loads…

  395. Carl
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    G’Day our plan is $70 a month I get free phone calls across Australia + 250,000MB, is that a good plan or have I buggered up? I’m with iinet… we get 5mbps.

  396. Elisha

    Ping: 14ms
    Download Speed: 6.19 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.60 Mbps
    Victoria, Canada

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