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New Poll: What CSS3 Feature Are You MOST Excited About?

Published by Chris Coyier

The full questions is:

If CSS2 and CSS3 was fully supported in all browsers tomorrow, what would you be MOST excited about?

It's so tough to decide, since we want it all and we want it now! RSS readers will have to jump over to make a choice, poll is in the sidebar as usual. The choices are:

  • Border Radius
  • Multiple Backgrounds
  • Border Image
  • @font-face
  • Box Shadow
  • Text Shadow
  • RGBa
  • Gradients
  • Animations / Transitions
  • Other


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    The advanced layout module

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    Imagine the ease of coding @font-face supported across all browsers will create? I have used a variety of techniques throughout the years from weft to sifr to css replacement which all achieve the desired effect (to a degree) but increase development time. It can`t come too soon for me :o)

    • Daniel K
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      Think of the copyright infringement you can get into when you put a pay font that you want to use up on your site and anyone can download it. While I’d love to have it it opens up a can of worms in itself.

    • Snookerman
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      So don’t use copyrighted fonts.

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      Think of the copyright infringement when you put a paid image on your website and anyone can download it…
      What’s the difference?

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    Multiple backgrounds. I hate using tags for buttons with varying width, so I end up using 3 nested tags to use 3 different background images.

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    BORDER RADIUS. It would make so many things much easier to do.

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    valid border radius and multiple backgrounds, as Vasili said, will make things much easier.

  6. Other: CSS3 columns like so:

    div {
    column-width: 15em;
    column-gap: 2em;

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    I must admit I’m very interested in @font-face but I’m a little afraid of what web can be with a bad use of such property !

    I remember late 90’s with people coding websites that needed the installation of site-specific fonts (Mostly personal webpages !)

    Border-radius is an awesome property too, like lots of them.

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    CSS implementations are all exciting!

  9. xbakesx
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    I gotta go with multiple backgrounds. It happens so frequently that that I have to put border radius as a close second.

    I also really don’t want to see Animations/Transitions in css. Every tool we have is there to serve a purpose. We separate style and markup with css. We should also separate client side logic from style. Use javascript (or your preferred library) for things like animating and transitions.

  10. Marco
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    Border radius! Can’t wait for it.

  11. Border Radius


    text shadow

  12. Dylan Parry
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    It has to be @font-face for me. Websites have had to put up with awkward and poor typography for such a long time, so anything that makes it easier for me to get the text just right is very much welcomed!

  13. All of them!

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    Multiple background images will be real nice (in 8-10 years, when we can actually rely on it of course :P )

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    it has to be @font-face… Pretty much everything else is do able really, thanks to jQuery its very easy… but support for fonts makes me very excited..

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    Definitely multiple backgrounds. No more empty divs/spans/etc. just for the background images.

    (And yes, I can’t wait @font-face support too.)

  17. multiple backgrounds



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    @ font face!

  19. Font-face and transitions in Safari are great!

  20. patrick
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    can you imagine what websites will begin to look like when second- and third-rate designers start using box shadow and text shadow? i cringe at the possibilities.

    and @font-face is nightmare inducing. i like the fonts we have and the solutions in place now.

    • Snookerman
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      A little paranoid?

    • Sure, we’ll get some bad usage of the new stuff. We have bad usage of everything NOW. Because someone might make an ugly website is NOT a reason to withhold technology. We need as much control as we can get, implemented as intelligently as it can be.

    • Josh
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      I have to agree with you there. The last thing we need is more drop shadow.

    • EVula
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      Those of us using Safari have been noticing/using text shadows for a while. Yes, it could be abused, but so can pretty much every CSS feature. On the whole, it looks good, and a subtle drop-shadow can provide some quick-and-easy distinction to top-level headers.

  21. What do you guys think about CSS3 animations? I know that webkit is showing off with this leaf stuff, but should this be a CSS spec? CSS needs to advance and mature before we start adding animations – I mean shouldn’t this be a javascript implementation? Things like multiple backgrounds, @font-face, and RGBa are far more important to the “markup.” I get aggravated with the whole animation discussion. Am I alone on this?

    • I’m surprised no one’s getting more uppity about RGBa and png transparency! The number of just awesome effects these can achieve is very wide. When we’re talking about advances on standards, it’s easy to vote for things that improve the back-end workings of the web (@font-face for one, as I understand it, border-radius is a cute tweak, but still a tweak) and harder to go for things that change how we concieve of the web itself. For some reason, RGBa does this for me – semi-transparent pop-over menus, text boxes made readable by sitting over jazzy backgrounds… These things make sites interesting, and add to user experience over all.

      But this could just be a cop-out because I just found RGBa and now suddenly use it everywhere on my site because I think it looks so-cool.

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    definitely border radius! but shadows and multiple backgrounds will be sweet to.

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    Border-radius and Border-image, with full support in all browsers, would be really cool. It’s 2009, and rounded corners aren’t supported natively without images yet :) Quite amazing..

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    Layout that isn’t a hack. Must read

  25. Snookerman
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    @font-face of course, but if I could request one it would be selection. I can’t believe they won’t have that in CSS3. It could take a color value and a background-color value:

    div.article {
    selection: white blue;

    Does anyone know why they won’t do this? Or maybe it’s not too late?

    • Nile
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      Like this(copied from css-trick’s css file):

      ::selection { background: #fe4902; color: white; /* Safari */ }
      ::-moz-selection { background: #fe4902; color: white; /* Firefox */ }

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    I’m mostly waiting for multiple backgrounds.

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    How about, all of it!!!

  28. Jim
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    I’m mostly just waiting for all browsers to support it. The slow movement of people to modern browsers that support these things is going to create a lovely period of fun.

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    Definitely multiple backgrounds. As excited as I’ll be for all the features, multiple backgrounds and border-radius are the two most common things I find myself looking for.

    The only reason multiple backgrounds beats out border-radius, is that I could use multiple backgrounds to simulate border-radius (each corner image).

    I will say that on a recent project I cheated by using the jquery corners plugin for rounded corners and it was so nice to set up. The only issue was it turns inline elements into block or inline-block which can cause minor difficulty in IE without some fiddling (of course).

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    Oh yeah, it wasn’t mentioned but nested selector blocks would be most excellent, if I’m dreaming: See Eric Meyer’s discussion of them

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    The CSS3 feature I’m most looking forward to is border-radius.

    @font-face will be cool, but oh-so-sticky on the legal front. Plus, I’m a minimalist, so I probably wouldn’t use most of these anyhow.

    dodges incoming tomatoes

  32. @font-face without a doubt!

  33. ally`
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    multiple backgrounds will make my life so much easier.

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    Multiple Backgrounds.

  35. TheDoc
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    Most definitely multiple backgrounds.

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    Border-radius, without a doubt.

  37. Korek
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    I really do like the idea of @font-face. I have some great fonts I’d rather use compared to what the browser will let me use. I’m a typeface-is-the-art person. Though, because of the upcoming font misuse (you can predict that if you give people free access to something, they’ll find a way to abuse it), I can see a new font format coming out that is somehow restricted.

    Though, because of that, I’d have to change my vote to multiple-backgrounds. Seems like a great way to make things easier.

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    Either border-radius or @font-face.

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    border radius and multiple backgrounds – and IE that respects the rules…

  40. Nick
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    i think it is nearly impossible. i mean any of the above are huge advancements in terms of what is possible. the even crazier thing would be if ALL in fact were fully supported. the web would be a VERY different looking place.

    if i were to pick though it is a close tie between RGBa and @fontface.

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    Multiple Backgrounds :) awesome feature

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    1) Animations / Transitions – 2) RGBa

    Diogo Shaw

  43. the fontface detail for sure! You can use any font in the world as real time text as long as you upload the font. The beta of the next version of Firefox supports it and it rocks!

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  45. Maggie Wolfe Riley
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    I can’t pick just one!! If I had to narrow it down, though, I’d pick the ones that allow us to use CSS instead of images, like Border Radius, Box Shadow, Text Shadow and @font-face. I don’t like using unnecessary images.

    • Maggie Wolfe Riley
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      I’m talking to myself… but that’s not at all unusual! Supporting my “can’t pick just one” statement – I also really look forward to features that will allow me to keep markup more semantic and to a minimum, like multiple backgrounds. Needing to add extra tags just to hang a background feels so wrong. And RGBa seems amazing – having transparency actually supported properly (ahem, when it IS… which, of course, all depends on browsers and how soon we can get people to drop-kick IE6…).

      AND COLUMNS!!!

      So, yeah, ALL OF IT!

  46. Ira
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    Multiple backgrounds, hands-down!

  47. Banhawi
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    For me
    Multiple Backgrounds , Gradients , @font-face

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    I’m already using border-radius ie be damned.

  49. All have to say is that thier are a lot of new features that I am looking foreward to. I guess the gradient tool will save me the most image use, yet I am looking foreward to the font-face option for some much more creative use of design.

    All the same, I am a little nervous about the transaction between CSS 2 and 3 as I have only really known CSS 2 in my life time.

  50. Braden Douglass
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    Border Radius all the way. I already incorporate it with webkit and moz but when it gets its finalization into the mass browser base…pure sex.

  51. @font-face for sure, no more work-arounds.

    Other – specially Box-sizing. I am much more satisfied with the “border-box” model. I think the WC3 got it wrong when they went with the “content-box” model.

    For me, “border-box” is far more intuitive, and is more like how we perceive the real world.

    I can’t wait!

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    @font-face, no doubts…

  53. negs
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    probably text-shadow, gradient, and multiple background – will allow for a lot less photoshop prep and also for cleaner markup. The closer css gets to letting us do typical layout tricks such as gradient, drop shadow, multiple backgrounds, the fewer hacks we’ll need and the closer we’ll be to a standards-complient, table-less auto-layout tool… though, that might put us all out of work too!

    I wish they would introduce a simple variable, so we could have color variables.

  54. Marvin
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    @font-face seems to be great. But I’m not sure about it. People with some knowledge of hacking or whatever could probably take those fonts.

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