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.net magazine

Published by Chris Coyier

I've had articles in several recent issues of .net magazine. I thought I'd snap some pics for posterity.

  • Issue 186: jQuery / Building Dynamic Forms (part 1)
  • Issue 187: jQuery / Building Dynamic Forms (part 2)
  • Issue 189: Hot new design techniques / Pro CSS3 design tips revealed

I also wrote a response to a reader response that may or may not be published in an upcoming issue. Thanks to .net for having me! I think I need a breather though, writing magazine articles is a lot of work.


  1. I need to subscribe to this magazine.

  2. Nice one Chris. Im just getting started in the webdesign business, is it worth subscribing to .net?

    • meysam

      you are number1.
      I subscribe to this magazine for a year now.

  3. congrats man. I’ll have to check it out at the bookstore.

  4. Andy

    Hi Chris, I must say that your jQuery / Building Dynamic Forms articles were the reason I started to buy .net mag – I hadn’t paid it any attention before to be honest, but I find it a great resource. Keep it up :)

  5. Mike Henderson

    Do you have some coupon codes, for a subscription, to give out Chris? Great articles for sure!

  6. I’ve recently snapped up a 50% offer and can’t recommend it enough. I’ve visited some great sites and started following new people on Twitter from it, and it always serves as inspiration for me.

  7. Yeah .Net Magazine rocks!
    I’m always glad to see when Chris is featured in the magazine!
    I love this site and have the podcasts automatically downloaded to my iPod touch and Macbook so I don’t miss anything :-)

    Some issues of .Net have been a total waste of money, do you find that they usually reprint old articles?

  8. Yeah I was reading this recent article and realized that you were the writer, it was pretty cool. Good job!

  9. I’ve seen .net on magazine stands in bookstores but never really looked at it, not sure why :)

    Guess I’ll have to take a look!

  10. CONGRATS Chris!!!! Great article!!

  11. creativecheetah

    Chris your website got me startwed off in web design and i’m so glad its here.

    US/Canada subscribers can save up to 40% off .net mag.

    To make use of this offer, enter the promotional code a001 at

    (source: page 89 of .net mag issue 189)

  12. “I also wrote a response to a reader
    response that may or may not be
    published in an upcoming issue”

    I have this issue and your response to the reader response is published, it’s in the Letter’s section – I live in the UK and have had this issue for a couple of weeks. Good articles from you in a top magazine.

  13. This the best mag for web developr I have all issues I encourge everybody to subscribe on it

  14. u artist now.. CONGRATS

  15. TeMc

    Congrats Chris.

    I noticed they even used CSS-Tricks’ “star” to indicate your Issue189-article (or was that a coincedence ?)

    Anyhow, nice work.

  16. Your screencasts were what got me seriously motivated to start designing websites.

    Thanks for your brilliant work.

  17. Nice, Chris!

    For some reason print articles just seem so significant. Keep up the good work!

  18. Jonas

    yeey. Go Chris.

    Unfortunably my subscription has ended so I’ll have to buy the issue for 18 USD :S

  19. Hey Chris,

    I am staying in India, would like to subscribe for .Net Magazine. Request you to share promo code if you have.

    Please mail. thanks.

    Thanks, Harpreet

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