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My Recommended Books: The CSS-Tricks Bookshelf

Published by Chris Coyier

A few weeks ago I started a little new section of the site for books that I recommend on design and development. I'm calling it the CSS-Tricks bookshelf.

I own and have read (probably more than once) and fully endorse every single one of these books. The links to purchase the books are Amazon affiliate links, so their purchase supports me and this site a bit. Good place to get rid of them Amazon giftcards you got for Christmas =)

Free Book Giveaway!

Packt Publishing very kindly offered me a free book to give away to one of you guys:

Learning jQuery by Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg

I'm a big fan of this book. I read most of it on a long plane trip this past October and it is 100% responsible for me getting all excited about the possibilities of learning to use JavaScript and jQuery and hence all the tutorials and examples around here.

To win it...

Just leave a quick comment with the text "Learning jQuery" in the body of it somewhere and quick sentence or two (or however much you want) on why you want it. I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass, I just want to give it to someone who really wants to learn jQuery. I'll literally use a random number generator on Wednesday, January 21st to pick a totally random winner. Use your real email when commenting of course so I can get in contact with you to get your mailing address.


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    I just got a new job and for part of my job, they are having me learn jQuery. I would love to have a new book as a reference to help me out. Learning jQuery would be a big help.

    • Chris
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      Why hope to get it for free then? Just buy it. The PDF version is at least 1/2 price

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    Learning JQuery can help me understand javascript more.

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    One of my goals for 2009 was to learn more and place some jQuery articles online on I already started learning from various tutorials, but a book is always better. I’m pretty sure Learning jQuery will help me out with the amazing JS Framework which will clear some fuzzyness / inconsistency that I see a lot online.

    Would really love to win this book, thanks for this opportunity Chris :) .

  4. I don’t have any experience with jQuery and and would like to learn something to help with future projects.

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    Learning JQuery, already quite good at xhtml/css, php/sql. so javascript, and especially jquery will be a good logical next step!

  6. Chris Horton
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    I have just just starting a new job working with Sharepoint and Jquery for the first time, I would really appreciate the book.

  7. I starting Learning Jquery about a year ago, it’s been one of the best decisions since i decided to go from tables to css! but the work is never finished and you can always learn more exciting things to do!

  8. Jan
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    I love jQuery and I have been Learning jQuery for some time, but a book on Learning jQuery would be a great and fantastic resource. I would be excited to win it!

    I also love your blog. I check on it every day, always hoping for something new and interesting to learn and I’m never disapointed. Also great job on the webcasts, those are fantastic too.


  9. simon
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    Learning jQuery, I’m a MCT ( multimedia ) student and would love to own the book to expand my knowledge about webdevelopment!

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    great of you to do this :)

    I really need to start Learning jQuery, this would help me out a lot!

  11. Brian Klepper
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    Hey Chris Im starting to integrate Jquery into my sites more and more because of css-tricks. I appreciate the motivation and drive you have! I would like to learn more about the development side and the common practices of web applications

  12. Kevin Bond
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    I have been reading quite a few tutorials about JQuery lately and Learning JQuery came highly recommended. I went to my local bookstore but they don’t have this book unfortunately.

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    I would love to learn jQuery. I think it would help alot not only at work but in my freetime designing as well.

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    Hey chris, I actually was going through your css-bookself yesterday and added at least 5 of them to my amazon cart. Thanks for posting that as i was looking for good starter books on php and mySql. Oh yeah, and learning jQuery would be a great addition to the collection.

    Quick question…I’ve already begun learning JavaScript from the “JavaScript bible”, is a good understanding of JavaScript required to learn jQuery?

  15. Neil
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    Learning jQuery

    Was just looking at ordering this book over the weekend – would be great to win it now instead… :)

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    Learning jQuery would allow me to make more money for my unborn child. I know very very little about the subject and would love to expand my knowledge base and increase the solutions available to my clients as well.

  17. colgaooo
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    This is just a comment with the Learning jQuery phrase. I really need this. Greetings from Spain!

  18. bolo
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    I’ve been “attempting” the whole Learning jQuery thing for a year now and I really need a foundational book to get me over the hump.

    Thanks Chris!

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    I am a 15 year old who loves web design and is trying to “Learning jQuery”. It does not fit perfectly but is OK.

  20. Daniel
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    Hi Chris!

    I use a lot of javascript but never used a JS framework/library before. So I think its a good idea to start with this book.


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    I have been searching for a long time to a book like this. Now I’m just 15 years old, but I really want to learn jQuery! Not only to know it, but because later on it might become useful to have some knowledge of this language for my study. (I want to become a graphic designer and web developer)

    So I would really really appreciate it, if I could get this book :)

  22. Steve
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    Learning jQuery – I’ve been interested in getting a book about jQuery and really learning it instead of hacking. Although you can find a lot of tutorials on the web, it’s always nice to have a book on it as well.

  23. I am an accomplished borrower of other people’s jQuery code. Learning jQuery would help me be one of the people whose code other people borrow.

  24. Darren
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    Learning jQuery rocks!

  25. Learning jQuery – I have been using Prototype for a bit now on other various projects and have heard a lot of good things about jQuery and would like to learn more about it and possible switch over to using it!

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    Learning jQuery – I’ve just started learning jQuery for use with some Drupal sites we’re building at work. This would be an excellent resource for my coworkers and me to use. Thanks for offering to give this away!

  27. I’m the right person for this giveaway!! I’m joking, everyone could be the right person in a giveaway…

    seriously, I’m Learning jQuery right now and I’ll really appreciate if you randomly choose me!!!


  28. Learning jQuery has been my new passion (j/k wifey) for the last 6 months. I’ve been in school and took some JavaScript/Java/Perl/cgi classes and should graduate this May. I have a good grasp on xhtml/css and would love to get more! I already follow CSS-Tricks and really love having this resource. A FREE book would be handy to cause I’m broke! :)

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    I’m kinda in a little web project, I think Learning jQuery would help

  30. Andrew
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    learning jQuery has been on my to-do list…

  31. MileHigh
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    Learning jQuery is fun for you and me… Yi-pee! (On a serious note: I know html\css and very little javascript. As jQuery is the “hottest” JS kit, it would be great to have this book.)

  32. Mathias
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    I am a jong web developer from Norway. I haw developed a fev pages but it is just done by CSS and plain HTML. But now is the time to move on, im am lerning PHP and jQuery on my own now and this book would realy help.

    Sory about the bad english =P

  33. I would love to have Learning jQuery. I just started implementing jQuery on some of my sites and it would be a handy resource. Thanks Chris!

  34. Random winner….well thats my middle name. I’d love to start Learning JQuery and change it to something like Awesome.

  35. Blue
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    I love the new Bookshelf idea! great way to generate support for the site, as well as providing tips, and alternate learning resources. I’d love to win the Learning jQuery book, so that I can add dynamics to my websites, and future web apps.
    I’ll definitely be picking up a few of the bookshelf books too, asap.

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    I’d love to get my head around and start Learning jQuery and get a better grasp on why it does what it does

  37. Arafat
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    I just passed from my university & try to get a job, but i haven’t so much expriece of work during my university life for this i have rejected from 3-4 interview. 5-6 days before one of my big brother from my university advice me to learn a js library & do some play with it, it will help to get a job. for this i want to learn jquery and for this i need a book…

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    I would love to spend time with Learning jQuery. At this point all I’m doing is using implementations that others have created. This book would definitely add to my skillset as I prefer learning while reading something in my hands rather than on-screen.

    *drops name into hat.

  39. Chris Gedrim
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    Cheers for the chance to win free stuff in your Learning jQuery competition!

    I’d like to win because, although I can do ‘bits’ in jQuery, most of what i’ve coded has been tweaked versions of tutorials.

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    I would love Learning jQuery so I could start understanding what I’m doing when I poke around in all the awesome plugins I use, and eventually write it from scratch.

  41. I am using jQuery for a while… I wanna improve my jQuery knowledge. So, I must get this book :)

  42. Carlos Torres
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    Since long ago, I’ve wanted to spend time Learning jQuery in order to acquire more knowledge for my developer skills.

    I really want the book because, let’s face it,… it’s FREE! and also because of the knowledge part =)

  43. I am just getting started with jQuery and I love the intuitive style of it. I could really use the book “Learning jQuery” , because I would love to extend my basic knowledge and form a solid foundation.
    many thanks for this contest!

  44. Snookerman
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    I just started Learning jQuery and I’m just amazed by how awesome it is. This is the first script language I’m learning so a book like this one would be really helpful. Also, it would be awesome if you would make more screencasts about jQuery, the ones you have helped me a lot!


  45. Chris
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    Im completely new to Javascript and Jquery, this book would therefore really help me out in Learning jQuery.


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    Learning jQuery

    I have been using scriptaculous/prototype for a couple of years now and have poked around with jQuery for a few months. I really need to just buckle down and make the switch. A good jQuery book would definitely help.

  47. Nad
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    Learning jQuery help me understanding JavaScript and i can do something more for other people

  48. jQuery is an awesome library that I would love to learn, to gain a better hold of, and to master.

  49. Anders
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    I see myself falling behind in the jQuery race, so I would love to lay my hands on this book!

  50. Lee
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    Learning jQuery could be neat. I have the companion book jQuery Reference; something to be aware of is that it was written for jQuery version 1.1, so there have been a handful of improvements and changes now that we’re on 1.3.

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    jQuery has gained major adoption (like Google Ajax APIs or Microsoft’s Visual Studio), so it’s become an essential item in every web developer’s toolbox. Learning jQuery would be a big help in mastering it.

  52. Steven Gardner
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    I love the screencasts for learning jquery you produced and have tried for many weeks to get a proper handle on the library. I can manage to tweak exsisting jquery stuff to suit my needs but still can write my own. I would love this book to help me continue developing my skills.

  53. Bill
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    As a UX designer who is prototyping and building RIAs, Learning jQuery has been an invaluable addition to my arsenal of tools

  54. Butch
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    Learning jQuery is on my to buy list. I’m still learning Javascript and its a great lib to use. Thanks for offering this Chris.

  55. Whooooweee! Always up for a freebie. I’m a starving artist, so I need all the free knowledge I can get in order to enhance my website with jQuery goodness. Learning jQuery book is the perfect starter! :)
    Good luck to all.

  56. Abdullah A. Al-Ageel
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    Oh good,
    loong time i want to learn jQuery. “learning jquery” could help a great start for me.

  57. Learning JQuery, that what I want to learn :)

  58. josh
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    Learning jQuery

    Beecause i suck at it.

  59. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery – I have been contemplating over what new language/skills should I learn, I have Objective-C and jQuery in my mind, having this book will definitely help me in my adventure with jQuery + Javascripts :)

  60. aaronbazinet
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    The bookshelf idea is great, I’m always looking for good books to pick up. I’d like to get that jQuery book, because I only have a small understanding so far, and I want to get a good handle on it so I can design some sweet stuff for future clients. If I’m not super lucky and don’t win it, I’ll just buy the book after the drawing from your Amazon store.

    Thanks for the help on the learnin’s!

  61. Daan
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    learning jQuery

    I want to learn jQuery sooo bad (like, yeah, that explains why I want it :D)
    But yeah, I want to learn jQuery to improve my JavaScript knowledge, impriove my efficiency in working with JS, to use it in some templates I sell, and many more!

    Good idea this bookshelf!

  62. Léo Renaud-Allaire
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    I want this book so bad! I’ve been working a lot with Prototype lately and it would be great to have something to start with JQuery so I can compare the two librairies.

    Learning jQuery :)

  63. JQuery is something I wanted to learn for a long time. However, due to my bad financial state, I wasn’t able to buy a book such as “Learning JQuery”, so this is my chance to achieve that goal.

  64. Ben
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    I would use the “Learning jQuery” book to help me add functionality to the web applications I am writing at work. Thanks!

  65. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery!!!!!

    I need to get the ball rolling with jQuery, hungry to learn!

    Regardless, my goal is to learn it and master it :-)


  66. Eric
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    I would gladly leave a comment here so I can start Learning jQuery.

  67. I would love a copy of Learning jQuery to help me take the next step with jQuery from casual knowledge to really understanding it’s proper use and techniques.

  68. David Brien
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    I’m a back-end coder who’s being required to learn jQuery because in this economy we can’t afford to hire front-end developers. I think Learning jQuery would help me out a great deal!

  69. AdamA
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    I would love to win Learning jQuery! I have been so busy with back-end development, that my (nonexistant) javascript skills have suffered. I have heard so many great things about jQuery, and I believe this would make a fabulous addition to my skillset, and bookshelf!

  70. Saeed Ashour
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    Learning jQuery maybe change my way that i’m looking to javascript

  71. Dan
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    With all the affiliate links, these are really nothing more then more ad’s right?

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    Learning jQuery will help me un-stagnate myself in terms of learning more ways to bring my software “skills” to the web world.

  73. duryodhan
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    Learning jquery
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum

    ok I really want that book .. like insanely .. esp. if the authors* sign and give it ..

    *your sign also will do

  74. Could really use this book. Pretty much the next step after HTML / CSS.

    Learning jQuery

  75. Chris, I am starting my journey to “Learning JQuery” and web development and this book would be a huge help. Thanks for opening up the chance to win the book.

    I have been following CSS-Tricks for months now and it has proved to be one solid go to source for questions I have had on site design and practicality. Thanks


  76. Learning jQuery
    I’m a student of Javascript, and having a book like this would really help me learn!

  77. I keep trying to tell other designers that learning jQuery is gloriously quick if you know your CSS syntax. They respond by pointing out that I should stop trying to incorporate the phrase “Learning jQuery” into every thing I say, because it only counts if typed here as a comment.

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    I have learned a lot from you but to “meet” the teachers teacher would be great! Learning jQuery!

  79. skusza
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  80. I’m working on a super cool web app, and jQuery would make it killer! Love to have a book to help me learn it.

  81. Amit
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    Learning jQuery

    This will probably help me get my job back :)


  82. Permalink to comment#

    I have started down the path of jQuery but would love to have “Learning jQuery” as a guide!

  83. Permalink to comment#

    I have only just started Learning JQuery after an excellent example on css-tricks (the dynamic faq page which I’ve integrated into my website!)

    I’d love to take this opportunity to learn more.

    This site is fantastic, and Learning jQuery would be just marvellous :)

    ok, that’s enough ;)

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    Learning jQuery is something I’d really like to do. My site needs the help :)

  85. Learning jQuery would definitely be a good asset to have as a learning tool. I know the basics but would like to see the possibilities of what I can do. Anyways, thanks for having the contest. Good luck everyone!

  86. Permalink to comment#

    despite i think i am not a beginner anymore, i think there is never enough Learning JQuery or javascript. Thanks for the opportunity.

  87. Dave Ladner
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    I’m a freelancer who has been, up ’til now, using mootools. Getting a book like “Learning jQuery” just might push me over to the other side!

  88. Fitz
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    I think Learning jQuery will help me spice up my slicing and also make me even more useful at work!

  89. I like the “comfort” of being able to refer to a physical book. Learning jQuery sounds like an excellent resource to help me on my way in learning the jQuery library.

  90. Sopandi
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    Pfffhhh… With those 81 comments up there, i don’t think i deserve for “Learning Jquery” book. Still commenting though.

  91. Learning JQuery would help me break out of my MooTools hell hold. Then my friends would see me as one of the cool kids.

  92. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would be Awesome! I want to start developing dynamic flash alternatives for the web. And jQuery is the best place to start.

  93. baldguybill
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    I am learning php in an effort to boost my skills. Learning jQuery would take it to the next level.

  94. Permalink to comment#

    I build websites here and there and all I know is the basics of html and css. I think learning jQuery would be a huge help to me and its something I’ve always wanted to look into.

  95. Learning jQuery would help me add a skill to my library that would help me achieve things that I always want to do with Javascript, but am unsure of how to without truly understanding the library and the way it works. Thanks for the opportunity Chris!

  96. Siobhan
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    I would love to win this book, if you please. Took a web dev track as part of my design at university, and got out of school and feel so behind the curve. All that money, down the drain. Can I get a refund? Even in school, I realized you have to learn on your own. :)
    Would love to get a free book!

  97. Mark Mackinnon
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    Learning JQuery.
    I’d love this book because Javascript is the next thing on my list to learn!

  98. Permalink to comment#

    JQuery is the way to go! :D

  99. Permalink to comment#

    learning jQuery would be nice.
    asterisks are nice too.

    I’m part of the pile of people who would like to move away from using mootools. and gain some real knowledge on making javascript work for me.

    always a fan chris.

  100. Wow, you say free and you get a ton of comments…

    I work in the non-profit arena which means 3 things:
    1. No Money
    2. No Staff
    3. I need to make a cutting edge website that will engage our audience with no money and no staff.

    Learning Jquery would allow me to produce more and better products in less time. It would be a tremendous resource.

    Thanks for the bookshelf- tremendous!

  101. On Friday the 13th of February, I’m leaving my job to start a Web design business in the world’s worst recession in 70 years.

    Learning jQuery can’t hurt.

  102. Tim Hosgood
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    Learning jQuery would be nice, as trying to make your way in the confusing world of freelancing is pretty damn hard, especially without the knowledge of a good, reliable Javascript framework.
    This is a book I really wouldn’t mind :D

  103. Permalink to comment#

    I’m a good bit at getting CSS and XHTML under my belt, but Learning jQuery would completely round me out as a front-end guy.

  104. Permalink to comment#

    I would love to learn jQuery. Learning jQuery has been one of my goals now since I’ve been progressing as a web designer! That would be AWESOME

  105. Roy
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    I been thinking of buying this book for quit some time to learn jQuery, and now my Java Script class starts Jan 19 so it would be awesome to read up on a framework parallel to that

  106. igmuska
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    Learning jQuery would add magnificence and one-up my tech bookshelf.

  107. Permalink to comment#

    Hi Chris,

    @colemangirl here :) I am a full time student at PCC learning Javascript and Java this term. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from people who use jQuery, I’ve been reading as much as I can about learning jquery and when @dougcoleman told me about your free book give away, I was on it! I will read that book from cover to cover and cherish it with all my other reference books ;) Did I mention that I am also a big fan of CSS- Tricks too, it’s on my bookmark toolbar and I visit you all the time :) Oh, and thanks for the gmail tip, my inbox is clean and still kept all 4000 emails ;)

    Have a great day and thanks for all the great tips,


  108. James
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    Just trying out jQuery for a few months I was able to get back some passion into web development! I would like to learn more about web developing with jQuery and Javascript!

  109. R3b0rN
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    I have been told that Learning jQuery is an excellent book for beginning jQuery development, I would love to have the chance to learn directly from a book that is specifically designed to teach you from the basic stuff to more advanced things, instead of going trough every tutorial on the net.


  110. Anthony James Bruno
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    Ive always wanted some solid literature on this amazing framework.

    Learning jQuery would be amazing to have!

  111. Permalink to comment#

    I know a little jquery but not much, mostly just fading effects. I would love to learn some more things about it, Learning Jquery would be a great asset to my web designing skills.

  112. Anne
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    Learning jQuery is exactly what I need right now! I feel like I’m going around in circles… a nicely structured book is just what I could use at the moment.

  113. Permalink to comment#

    MUWAHAHAHA! Learning jQuery will help me with my ultimate plan for world domination! 1st: accordions, carousels, lightboxes – next: web sites so awesome that everyone will fall over themselves to hire me as their designer!

  114. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery after a few years of web development. Loving it so far. It would be nice to have an official book on it.

  115. Permalink to comment#

    I had found jQuery around mid 2008 and it has increased the amount of JavaScript I use immensly. Before I was a little dumbfounded with JavaScript, but Learning jQuery is so intuative, simple to use and fun – I can’t advocate it enough. I’m still a novice and half jQuery as my number 1 thing to learn more of this year.

  116. Paul
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    Learning jQuery. I’ve read ALL of your jQuery tutorials and I really love jQuery. But I’m still having a hard time with it so this book might be able to help.

  117. Learning jQuery would be sweet.

  118. Mary
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    I just started learning jQuery and am hooked. This book would be a terrific resource as I add jQuery to my sites.

  119. Matt
    Permalink to comment#

    I am 16 and really getting into Web design/Development and with a couple of simple projects already under my belt, learning jQuery would be a awesome way to improve my skills and help me along the long and sometimes complicated road of the web.

  120. Eniak
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    Learning JavaScript at the moment and starting to develop more dynamic websites with the skills I am gaining, and the next step would be to start using a JavaScript library and Learning jQuery would be the best start.

    P.S. awesome site, I use it all the time. Keep up the great work.

  121. Permalink to comment#

    I started a few weeks ago to learn jQuery with the Jeffrey Way screencast, and I will be really happy if I can learn more with Learning jQuery !

  122. Dnyanesh
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would be great.

  123. Wow thanks for the overwhelming response everyone. I’m very sorry I only have one to give away! I’ll keep this in mind though, and try to get more next time so people have better chances.

  124. mattepp
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    When I talk with clients about why they should work with me, I always try to inspire them to think of their web site as “more than an electronic brochure.” The web is capable of supporting all kinds of interactivity that has the potential to change the way we interact with our clients. Jquery holds the promise, so I’ve been honing my skills with blog tutorials, and I’m really interested in diving in with a book. Learning jQuery would be fantastic! Thanks.

  125. Jess
    Permalink to comment#

    I usually breeze by your posts that are on jQuery b/c I’m not familiar with it but I definitely feel like I’m missing out… and keep thinking I need to get on that. So, this seems like a great time for Learning jQuery :)

  126. Mike A
    Permalink to comment#

    I recently made the switch from prototype to jquery. So glad I did.
    I can’t wait to keep ‘Learning jQuery’.

  127. Permalink to comment#

    I have been developing websites for years, but have developed a phobia of JavaScript. These past couple of years I have seen so many cool, functional, and (for the most part) bulletproof implementations of jQuery that I am ready to jump into the deep-end of the pool. I hope that reading Learning jQuery will help me swim with confidence. Fantastic site, keep up the great work.

  128. Permalink to comment#

    My work also is talking about using jQuery on the site. I’ve got my hand in there trying to become the jQuery guy so winning this book would be a step in the right direction for Learning jQuery!

  129. Jillian
    Permalink to comment#

    I’m not going to ask you for the book, I just wanted to say that I think your bookshelf is a nice added touch to the website, and also suggest that you look into some of SitePoint’s books, they have a fantastic collection of books on all different topics.

  130. Permalink to comment#

    I’ve been Learning jQuery from your videos, and it’s helped me SO much

  131. Permalink to comment#

    I already have the book about Learning jQuery – so if your random number generator selects me, I promise to donate it to a friend that really wants my copy.
    I can heartily recomment the Bibeault and Katz book as well… in fact I think that for a novice it is better – if only because the ‘contents’ at the back of the book is more thorough.

  132. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery, I really want this!

  133. Permalink to comment#

    Chris, Chris, quite contrary,
    I’d like to win Learning jQuery.

  134. Permalink to comment#

    I’d love a copy of Learning jQuery! I’ve been writing Javascript for.. 12 years, maybe? And I have a lot of bad habits I’m trying to overcome. I’ve already started working with jQuery and a more thorough overview would definitely help me transistion from my old-school ways.

  135. Permalink to comment#

    Since jQuery has been growing fast among designers and developers, Learning jQuery has become part of my learning path. In addition to your site I have been learning it form various resources. Therefore, this book can help me to move faster in this path. So please throw me in the hat too Chris.

  136. Permalink to comment#

    I’ve just started to explore the opportunities with JavaScript, so Learning jQuery has got to be one of my priorities.

  137. Miguel
    Permalink to comment#

    After learning that JQuery was the preferred javascript framework for web developers, I wanted to start exploring its full potential. Learning jQuery seems like the perfect place to start.

  138. Permalink to comment#

    Learning JQuery is the possibility to study a framework in my pc and i have necesity because i am italian and not are translation.
    I not buy the book with internet because i don’t can but readthe book in my pc it’s a good thing.
    Thanks for the possibility

  139. schnp
    Permalink to comment#

    I’m Learning jQuery, or trying to anyway, for my personal website. I’ve messed around with some web design for a couple years now and keep using my personal projects as a way to learn new techniques. For my personal site I decided I want to try jQuery but I’ve been having some trouble with it.

  140. I am going to school right now for graphic and web design. Unfortunately the school doesn’t teach jQuery, if I got this book I could show my instructor how awesome Learning jQuery really is, and how much it helps with creating a site!!

  141. Jake Mates
    Permalink to comment#

    I already am good at XHTML/CSS, and I think that Learning jQuery would be a logical next step for me.

  142. This has been one of my goals for a while, Learning jQuery and PHP. Might as well bang one out :)

  143. Gaston
    Permalink to comment#

    It’s time for me to learn JQuery. Plus, this book got great reviews on Amazon.

  144. Permalink to comment#

    I’m looking to expand my skills by learning jQuery. I have been following your tutorials and am hoping to introduce jQuery into some of my current projects at work. Thanks for the opportunity to get a book to help me get going.

  145. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery is essential to taking my web work to the next level.


  146. Learning JQuery

    I was thinking about purchasing this book just yesterday. I very timely give away!

  147. Learning jQuery will help me get a head start on my dream of someday playing in a rock and/or roll band.

    I use jQuery causally on my most recent web sites. It would be awesome if I had a more formal introduction to it. Reading a book works best for me, as opposed to online resources, because it’s a nice little escape from the glow of the monitor. Thanks Chris! =)

  148. I have been looking at getting this book for a while. Thanks for the opportunity.

  149. I just graduated college and am interested in Learning jQuery as part of my advanced real-world learning that’s ahead of me. Thanks!

  150. Permalink to comment#

    LEARNING JQUERY: Because I’ll make you a plugin for it.

  151. Jordan
    Permalink to comment#

    I’ve been tasked with developing my company’s open source initiative, and a big part of that is turning out to be jQuery plugins. We’ve rewritten large amounts of our custom backend UI scripts using jQuery and plan to release them as a series of plugins within the year, and a book like “Learning jQuery” would certainly help those efforts.

    So it wouldn’t just be me that wins, it would be the whole community ;)

  152. Permalink to comment#

    Ive watched a lot of your videos, the css-sprites one made me want to learn jQuery, so been watching a lot of videos over at the Nettuts blos, “in the woods”. its all great stuff, this book “Learning jQuery” would be a great addition.

    Thanks Again =]

  153. Permalink to comment#

    One never stop to Learning jQuery, is so much addictive.

  154. Teja
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery: $(‘jQuery’).html(“I want it to know more about jquery. Working with jQuery is obviously fun….”)

  155. Tory
    Permalink to comment#

    I need this book because, as a beginner, I know it will help me in my development and can make me more marketable as a freelance designer. And as the release of 1.3 has shown, amazing things can be done with JQuery.

  156. Permalink to comment#

    I would love to win “Learning jQuery”. I love the simplicity of jQuery and would like to further my knowledge of the language.

  157. I put alot of time and focus in what i’m designing. I’m currently Learning jQuery on my own in every way possible but sometimes I feel like i’m just touching the surface on what jQuery can do.. Any resource on jQuery would be helpful for any designer in the Web Designing field..

  158. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery…. because I am not John Resig

  159. SK
    Permalink to comment#

    My new project is all about faster and elegant UI. What else other than jQuery makes it easier and fun to do.

  160. Learning jQuery
    I would like to learn jQuery becuase I have in the past attempted to learn other forms of JavaScript, but failed dismally. Based on the tutorials that you have published on CSS-TRICKS I have just started to discover the one libary that I may begin to understand. Thanks for all you brillient work Chris (and please considor me for the book)

  161. Steven
    Permalink to comment#

    I need to learn jQuery to help find more work and Learning jQuery would do just that. I’d like to think of it as an investment in myself.

  162. Jose Pérez
    Permalink to comment#

    I have been coding a site by learning CSS, javascript and photoshop simultaneously and it’s been hard. I have heard of JQuery and how easy it is but I still don’t know object based programming and so I have stuck with doing simple css and javascript tricks. I would love to have the book to learn how to use JQuery.

  163. Permalink to comment#

    “Learning jQuery” ‘coz it rocks!

  164. Noel
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery is tough, and im finding it tricky, but hopefully with some hard work and a new book ill have it figured in no time!

  165. Permalink to comment#

    I could use a copy of learning jQuery since about the only thing I can do right now is show/hide and toggle.

  166. Permalink to comment#

    I started learning jQuery about half a year ago and next week i will hold a presentation about it at my university. The learning curve was a bit steep for me – but especially your site helped me a lot!

  167. Learning jQuery will help me make my clients websites better looking and more interactive :-)

  168. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery is on my short list of things to do this year. I have been designing sites for several years now and am finally trying to get over my fear of learning a language like this. For some reason when I see javascript or jquery, I get all weak in the brain and turn the other way. I need to get over that!

  169. kevinsturf
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery to me is very essential to my starting in the web designing world. Having the knowledge of this library will make my projects and works more efficient and presentable to others.

  170. Permalink to comment#

    long time ago trying to learn jQuery, I think such a book could help me “Learning jQuery“.
    jQuery for me is a goal to learn in 2009.

  171. Haymaker
    Permalink to comment#

    Just started getting into the whole javascript library thing and just discovered jQuery. Already, it seems more designer-friendly than some of the others, and I’ve been able to implement some stuff, but learning jQuery for real would be very cool.

  172. Jeff
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery could be the only thing that gets me out of corporate development hell… the cubicle walls are covered in creativity murdering brown carpet…

  173. Learning jQuery is what I’ve wanted to do for a looong time. I’ve been doing xhtml and css for years, but never took the step to learn javascript. This could be my big chance!

  174. Gaston
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery: It’s time for me to learn JQuery. Plus, this book got great reviews on Amazon.

  175. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery
    position: Scotland;
    display: on my book shelf;
    padding: by other books;

  176. Permalink to comment#

    I work for a very large corporation who is very strict with branding compliance which makes leaving a creative mark on anything very difficult. Learning jQuery would be a great addition to my arsenal that would also help enhance a rather dull intra/internet.

  177. Permalink to comment#

    As I’m still in the accessibility-business at work, I gotta admit I would love to learn how I could use jQuery without making it intrusive. Increasing the usability for the majority while keeping it accessible for the minority is a goal I’d like to achieve. With Learning jQuery I would get a better learning platform than trying to do so from online articles.

    Good as it is to inherit a library, it is better to collect one ;)

  178. Permalink to comment#

    I’m in the process of relocating and in my search for a new job I’ve noticed more and more employers require jQuery knowledge. Learning jQuery would be a really helpful first step in learning jQuery!

  179. Just started Learning jQuery while redesigning my website. this book can be a real help as i start walking the first steps…

  180. vectran
    Permalink to comment#

    Every time I look at any javascript I get somewhat confused. I am about to plan a new site and want to implement some AJAX, this book would definitely save some time (and frustration)! Learning jQuery would get give me skills with the best javascript library :)

  181. Learning jQuery seems like a very good book! I wish I had one.

  182. It’d be really great to get around my baby steps and get past my teething stage, I’ve been learning JQuery now for just over 6 months, and it seems that i’m back where i started. There aren’t that many great jquery guides that teach from beginner to advanced. This is where i want to be going, I’m hoping with the learning JQuery book i can progress much farther than i have been.

    Thanks for giving myself, and everyone else here the opportunity to partake in a great competition. Looking forward to see who wins the book, and also more great posts from CSS-Tricks!

    Thanks Chris!


  183. Benjamin
    Permalink to comment#

    Thanks Chris and Packt for this fun giveaway. I recently received Packt’s book on ExpressionEngine and am nearly through it- Packt does fantastic work.

    I hope to win ‘Learning jQuery’ because that is one of the areas that I really need another type of learning tool. Online tutorials are great, but I really need something that I can sit, read, and digest..away from the screen.

    If I don’t win- thats ok- there are many equally deserving people here. Cheers and thanks again for the opportunity.

  184. Permalink to comment#

    i am a complete jquery nerd. Love everything about it, and want to get into some more advacned learning. Learning JQuery is the besting thing ever!

  185. jimzak
    Permalink to comment#

    Hey Chris, thanks for all you do for all your community of followers. You keep on giving and we truly appreciate it. I haven’t been following you for very long but it seems like I have since I’ve gone through almost all of your video training in a very short period of time and sleepless nights LOL Great Stuff Chris.

    As I’ve shared with you about my families situation and my wife’s health and me trying to work from home. I feel that Learning jQuery would really help me to take my web development to the next level. I see you using jQuery a lot and really want to learn it as well so I to can do some of the kewl stuff you’ve been showing us in the videos. As I’ve mentioned to you in the past, I’m trying to teach myself PHP/MySQL and Learning jQuery as well. It would awesome if I would win this great book as Forms are something I’ll be working with a lot with some of my future plans.

    Again, thanks for all you do Chris.

    Warm Regards,

    Jim Zak

  186. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery !!, That is good, it’s a goal for 2009, thanx Cris for the Magic!

  187. Benny
    Permalink to comment#

    My girl said “Ben, don’t be shy. Just go ahead and ask it:
    Learning jQuery should be here, inside my wicker basket.”

  188. Tiery
    Permalink to comment#

    Web Form Design seems to be a good book. As Learning jQuery , could you give us one ? ;)

  189. Jason
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery can help me not to get lay off!

  190. Permalink to comment#

    I am learning Javascript as I’ll be needing it for my final project. After checking out jQuery and other Javascript libraries I have decided on Learning JQuery and I’m sure this book will be really useful to me.

  191. Matt
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery will really help round me out as a full time front-end web developer as I’m pretty weak in Javascript… and by weak I mean I’m very very new to Javascript

  192. Learning JQuery – I want to read this book to develop my framework knowledge. I know there has to be a better way than rolling your own every time. I have just scratched the surface with jquery (web tuts and some very simple scripts). As I now have 1 web app, 1 corp site and 1 blog I need to standardize my tool set and streamline my workflow.

  193. Andronicus Riyono
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery is fun. Having a book about it to read is double fun!

  194. Permalink to comment#

    I would love to start Learning jQuery. This sounds like a good book.

  195. I’ve slowly started to learn some jQuery basics over the past year or so. I’d love to take it to the next level with Learning jQuery . Keep up the great work Chris!

  196. Gustavo Caetano
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would make me a better professional.

  197. Michelle Cheng
    Permalink to comment#

    I would love to be Learning jQuery. I have been teaching myself how to build websites since I was young, and learning jQuery will help me challenge myself. My University courses don’t seem to cover topics like this (and if the school did, they’re too expensive :(.)

  198. I really want to learn JQuery. So far i have read many tutorials through many websites. I feel that studying through this way is really serious for the one who is the newbie as me.

    I hope i could get this book so that my JQuery study will be more systematic.

  199. Bohonyi Balazs - Zsolt
    Permalink to comment#

    I started to learn JavaScript to use it more in my web applications. After hearing about JavaScript frameworks like + Prototype, mooTools, jQuery I tried them all, and I decided that jQuery would fit my needs. Learning jQuery would help a lot to learn it quickly.

  200. Shane Keene
    Permalink to comment#

    since becoming acquainted with css selectors, I’ve decided to devote a majority of my time Learning jQuery.

  201. Tobbe
    Permalink to comment#

    I would really like to learn more about jQuery. Learning jQuery would be really interesting to read.

  202. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would improve my web design skill and help me to understand more javascript.

  203. Permalink to comment#

    I really could do with a copy of Learning jQuery as it would help me take my webdesign to the next level. Plus I just love books.

  204. I hope this book is easier than “jQuery in Action” which is really hard going. A far easier way to learn is to follow Chris’s podcasts and dipping into other tutorials on the web, such as Learning jQuery, Visual jQuery, Detached Designs, and Snook.

  205. Permalink to comment#

    Ha! Many comments, eh? Learning jQuery will make life easier for visitors of the sites I design.

  206. Permalink to comment#

    I’d love to learn jquery, and a book would really help

  207. Permalink to comment#

    learning javascript == learning jQuery

  208. This book would be an amazing addition to my bookshelf as learning jQuery has been on my list of things to do for ages!



  209. Seth
    Permalink to comment#

    I’m trying to get back into web design/development and I feel that learning jquery would be something that I need to do.

  210. Permalink to comment#

    Well, this is one way to generate comments for a blog post :) I would also love to start Learning jQuery like many of the others here.

  211. Hi,
    Great insights,
    You have nicely described. Thanks for the post.

  212. Permalink to comment#

    I really would like to get this book to develop my webdesign skills.
    In this right moment I am trying to do something on my website with JQuery, but meanwhile, I have to check it on your video tutorials :-)

  213. Ryan
    Permalink to comment#

    I really like the CSS Tricks Bookshelf you’ve added. Great resource for noobs like me who want to start designing websites, learning CSS, Learning JQuery, and all the other cool tricks I see on here!

  214. Neil
    Permalink to comment#

    I was really happy with Mootools but it’s always good to have options so I started Learning jQUery and I have been very impressed by it. I don’t have time for these daft flame wars which go on between some supporters of the two camps. From my point of view, I’d like to have both Mootools and jQuery in my tool bag and I’ll pull out whichever makes me most comfortable at the time.

  215. Permalink to comment#

    i’d love to win the book Learning jQuery, as a front end developer I feel I really should get the max out of this great library.

  216. I’d like to learn jQuery and extend my web design skills…this addition would be nice!

  217. Permalink to comment#

    I’d love to Learning jQuery from start to finish and use it so make the website i create give a better user experience
    I Think learning from the book give me a better structured way fo learning Jquery the best way. instead of just learning as I go along when I run in to things I need to do.

  218. mihla
    Permalink to comment#

    Funny, because just yesterday I asked on Twitter for resources for Learning jQuery. Since I don’t have the extra cash right now to buy the book, it sure would be great to win it.

  219. EJ
    Permalink to comment#

    Holy Cats! Everyone wants that book. You mention jQuery enough on this site that I definitely want to get on in this. I love to learn and hoping to keep my job, but flying by the seat of my pants, maybe that book could help.

    But in actuality I need to find someone that can come up with a custom CMS MS template like 8 days ago. If I don’t get a site launched by the end of the week I’m toast.

  220. Matt
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery – I’ve really been wanting to get a little deeper into jQuery and testing out some of the cool stuff you can do with it, and to incorporate into my own projects.

  221. Permalink to comment#

    Just started learning JQuery for a project I just completed. I have to say that I am now hooked. The ease of having CSS style selectors actually make JavaScript fun! Hmmm who knew?

  222. Fredrik
    Permalink to comment#

    I would very much like to win Learning JQuery.

    print("learning_jquery {position: mybookshelf;}");

  223. Jon
    Permalink to comment#

    Hey Chris,

    I’m not feeling very creative today, but I would love a copy of, “Learning jQuery”!

    As Gordon Ramsay would say, “Get off your ass, and give me a free copy of that book!!” ;-)

    Take care!

  224. Jeremy Karney
    Permalink to comment#

    Jquery is the new flash!…well except for video. I have so many clients who want flash like effects on their site, but also want it viewable on an iPhone. JQuery meets the best of both worlds and more. That’s why I’m “Learning jQuery” and working on every tutorial I can get my hands on!

  225. Diane
    Permalink to comment#

    Ever since the organizer of our web design meetup group started showing us jQuery, and how easy it was to implement, I’ve been interested in really Learning jQuery. This book is actually on my Amazon Wish List. I’m always looking for quick and easy ways to add some interactivity and interest to our sites, but since we have a small staff, we don’t have a lot of time to devote to complicated development. jQuery fits the bill for us. I’d love to win the book :)

  226. Permalink to comment#

    Currently Re-designing my new site and want to use Jquery! I was just skimming through this book not too long ago at Powells!

  227. Brandon
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery

    I always feel like I’ve only scratched the surface with jQuery. I’d love to get this book to learn a bit more.

  228. Permalink to comment#

    I would luv to have this book because simply JQUERY ROCKS!!! Investing in this book by the man himself that created the framework is such a great resource. No better than that to get the teaching of it from the guy who created the framework.

  229. Permalink to comment#

    I have been trying to teach myself as much as possible about all things web design related. jQuery can add some great design elements to a site and I definitely need to learn more. Having an actual, tangible book for learning jQuery would be great and would serve as a constant reference. Thanks so much for offering each of us the chance to win this free book.

  230. Permalink to comment#

    Hi Chris,

    [ Learning jQuery ]

    I’d love a copy of “Learning jQuery”. I was going to order it off Amazon soon but I’m not one to pass on a free offer! The main reason I use jQuery is to learn more and more about JavaScript, after all there’s no point in only learning about a framework and not touching the language itself. jQuery’s design and implementation just fascinates me and I don’t ever want to stop learning about it. I’m not going to rave about jQuery’s animation or Ajax capabilities since they’re appeal is pretty obvious; instead I am going to tell you that I want the book out of principle; I want to make a statement to myself and to others who deem jQuery as a noob library or a child’s toy; I want to continue to use jQuery and create useful jQuery plugins that enhance the developers and end-user’s experience.

    jQuery represents so much more that Resig believes, it represents how just one implementation of a previously dead language can not only influence the way in which our users’ experience our websites but also the way in which we design and develop websites. jQuery not only makes designing and developing a website more fun but it has empowered many people to do and explore things they would have previously thought boring. jQuery RULES!

  231. Brad
    Permalink to comment#

    I’ve been fiddling around with jQuery for the past couple months and am finding so many uses for it. It simplifies javascript coding so much. I’d like a copy of “Learning jQuery” because it would act as an excellent reference manual. Either way, I’ll probably end up picking up a copy anyways. Looks like a great book.

  232. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery has been a tough road for me and I was considering purchasing a book to help. This would be a great opportunity. Thanks!

  233. I would like Learning jQuery because it costs a lot (for a web book) and would love to get it for free.

  234. Hi there!
    I just happen to discover jquery and apparently, it’s a magical tool for creating marvellous content. I would love to have this book, since I’m not such a person who is able to follow web resources, tutorials, etc. Therefore, the book would be a great help to me to learn jquery.

  235. Mike
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would really help me with my new job. My other developer friends are pushing me to do it. I also follow jeresig on twitter ;)

  236. Learning jQuery is something I’ve been really wanting to do recently. I do open source web designs and I’ve been wanting to mix in some jquery with my work, but have had a hard time finding a good resource and I think this book would be just the thing I need.

  237. VijayD
    Permalink to comment#

    Wow great, I was waiting for this one. I email you for the same purpose. Thanks.

  238. mike
    Permalink to comment#

    I’ve been interested in learning jQuery for quite some time. The book, Learning jQuery would be a great way to start.

  239. Sam Hochman
    Permalink to comment#

    Hi I’m 14 years old love this website I’ve learned so much cool stuff. And this book would help me learn more awesome stuff

  240. Tommie
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery.

    Who doesn’t want that book? I want it as much as everyone else in here. No point giving a reason since it would just repeat what everybody have said. :)

  241. zserno
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery!

    Because I love jQuery. This is a must have book.

  242. Nic Brownlee
    Permalink to comment#

    Chris, I REEEEEEEEEALLLLLY would love this book !

  243. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery is the book that is missing on my bookshelf AND my memory.

  244. Permalink to comment#

    Hey, I`ve been learning css for a while now and I really would like to go a step forward and integrate jQuery in my Websites.

    So I guess Learning jQuery will improve my skills a lot and I would love to have a copy of that book.

    greetings from germany

  245. Permalink to comment#

    If anyone needs to start Learning jQuery I would imagine that would be me. It is just next on my evolutionary scale. I just finished reading Web Standards Solutions, and Don’t Make Me Thing in two weeks; after I finish CSS Mastery jQuery is next on the list!

  246. VASU
    Permalink to comment#

    I would like to learn JQuery to add more functionality to my web-apps. This book would be an invaluable resource.

    Thanks for the free offer and Good luck to everyone.

  247. Phill
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would make a fine addition to my web design resource collection.

  248. Permalink to comment#

    Because I would love Learning jQuery!

  249. Permalink to comment#

    Chris, I just checked out the bookshelf. It looks great. It would be awesome if you could do a screencast/article on designing the bookshelf. specially the hover javascript effect that you have used to display more info when the user hover on the book. Thanks!

  250. Alex
    Permalink to comment#

    I have been doing some basic stuff with jquery, and I would really love to expand my horizons with Learning jQuery. Thank you!

  251. Rachel
    Permalink to comment#

    I am a multimedia grad student and just started a new job where it would be great to have reference book such as Learning jQuery to experiment and learn more. Love this stuff! Thanks.

  252. Permalink to comment#

    Javascript and jQuery have always been a cut-and-paste what’s out there thing for me. Learning jQuery ignites my interest in really understanding how to implement more custom related features on my future sites. Thanks!

  253. Joshua
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would be a great addition to the bookshelf. Great contest!

  254. Tom
    Permalink to comment#

    I’m a big fan of this site. From reading CSS-Tricks, I’ve begun working with jQuery. As someone who is getting more and more into web design professionally, “Learning jQuery” would really help me out.

  255. Permalink to comment#

    Winter is the best time to spend some quality time with a good book – save me from fiction!

  256. grentis
    Permalink to comment#

    “Learning jQuery”

    the best way to start a new project

  257. Permalink to comment#

    I’m using Jquery with all of my website and I’m learning JQuery to write my own custom code. However I really don’t know how to start with.

  258. Jarryd
    Permalink to comment#

    It would probably be a good idea for myself to start Learning jQuery, the web wouldn’t be the web without it :).

  259. woohoo, 261 comments! most ever? ^-^

  260. Kevin Urrutia
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery

    im in college and i am very interested in learning JQuery and this book would help me out alot. thanks! :)

  261. Mikinho
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    Learning jQuery is most for any professional web developer.

  262. I’ve wanted the Learning jQuery book since it came out!!

    Help me pay my bills by making me have more smarts!!

  263. I could use the book Learning jQuery because I’m already sold on jQuery’s usefulness but need a good lesson plan to make sure I learn it properly.

  264. Permalink to comment#

    jQuery is great!!! I want to learn it more, more and more….

  265. Thanks for the hints. I do my first steps these days with jQuery and I’d like to Learning jQuery more and more.

  266. Hi Chris,
    I wish i can buy your book but now i can’t maybe next time. Thanks for these books. At this time i do some jQuery examples and this book will be helpful for me.

  267. Oppps! Sorry i supposed you wrote your book :(

  268. Permalink to comment#

    I would love to learn jQuery. This would go a long way in weaning me off of the hacking-other-people’s-code-to-get-it-to-do-what-i-want treadmill. I also live in Portland. Hook a fellow stumptowner up, yo!

  269. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery extensive would be my next step in my development status :)
    Thanks for the contest and great website and greetings from Flanders, Belgium!

  270. Permalink to comment#

    I’d love the Learning jQuery book. I’ve been planning to switch from my current job to something else more web-oriented, as I think the whole XHTML/XSS/PHP/JS-world is just so much more interesting than what I currently do.

    Also, thanks for the previous articles & especially the videos, I’ve learned a LOT!

  271. Toni L
    Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery book would be essential for me as I’m allways using flash because I lack the Mastering of jQuery. Need it as designer needs its imagination.

  272. Patrick
    Permalink to comment#

    I’ve had my eye on this book Learning Jquery for some time, but it just always seemed before I get my teeth into Jquery I gotta learn the nuts and bolts of Javascript and CSS first. I’m getting to that point now though – have used some plug-in a few of my pages now, but would be great to be able to make my own ideas come to life rather than just snap-on someone elses. I want this book!

    & Thanks for the great articles and screen casts, Chris.

  273. comment :D

  274. I am going to start Learning Jquery anyhow and think this book would be a great help.


  275. Edwin
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    I would like to win the book Learning jQuery because I am just as excited about jQuery as you are :D

  276. Wouter Tinbergen
    Permalink to comment#

    jQuery finally got me into JS… So easy to achieve great things… But I still need to learn much and a physical book is a great reminder of doing so! Even online….

  277. Learning jQuery is one of my new year’s resolution in 2009. lol. Thanks!

  278. Permalink to comment#

    Would love to read Learning jQuery and get some fine tricks in my tool box

  279. And here is my list of recommended books on web development:

  280. I am super fan of jquery but i think If i have the Learning jQuery book, I can be a advance user of jquery and a happy human ..

  281. Ben
    Permalink to comment#

    I have been wanting to Learning jQuery, as they hired this new “kid” at work and he has been flaunting his jQuery skills and making me look bad.

  282. Bob
    Permalink to comment#

    I work on a commercial website, and jQuery is my new best friend. I would love to have the new Learning jQuery book – I’ll probably spring for a copy soon anyway, but free is even better!

  283. Paul
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    I have always wanted to learn, but I was sure how to go about Learning jQuery. These days it is a must have skill.

  284. benny
    Permalink to comment#

    my evil twin requested this book on his death bed. even though he murdered our parents and ate all the pizza he was still my brother. i gave him my word i would hunt down and a copy of Learning jQuery, mash it to a pulp and spread it with his ashes. please help me fulfill my brothers last wish!

  285. I would love to receive a copy of Learning jQuery. I’ve always been fascinated with JavaScript and just discovered jQuery recently. I am a web developer that would really appreciate it!

  286. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery would be a great help to me. I really need all the help I can get and books like these always seem to drive it home and still continue to be a great reference in the future! Also, if I said pretty please would it help?

  287. I want to be Learning jQuery as a I want to future-proof my skills – jQuery is the future!!

  288. Woah! Lots of peeps are out for the Learning jQuery book! For my part, I would love to have this book under my hand to help me with my own jQuery plugins and writing skills. I only recently started to write with jQuery and I wrote 2 scripts (so far) for a client… and searching the web is always a hassle when you don’t find exactly what you need. A good old-fashioned book is just what the Dr ordered :D

  289. Seems like a lot of people are interested in Learning jQuery. I am one of them too, and learning from a great book is always more fun than trying to piece together information from the web :)

  290. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery is sweet. Nube here at the whole javascript thing. Completely changed the way I approach front end usability design.

  291. I’ve been looking for a decent book on JQuery. Free is always a good thing. :) Learning jQuery would be nice to have!

  292. I have been learning jQuery for the past few weeks as part of my job. However, as a computer science student it is also important to my school work as well. Learning the ins and outs of various frameworks would help me greatly. Oh, and I am a poor college student. :)

  293. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery might just help me get the creative juices flowing. I’d like to learn so I could add useful, yet nice looking effects into any design I come up with.

  294. Diana
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    Learning jQuery and trying to use it. that is what i have been doing/trying for less than a year now.
    But i still find that i am not using it always the way that it is intented. And that i could use much less code than i do. So this book could help me understand jquery more.

  295. Permalink to comment#

    I want to win “Learning jQuery” for two simple reasons. The first, I want to be a kick-ass web designer and jQuery will help me kick ass like a pro. The second… books are oh so damn very expensive in my country.

    Thanks for the contest and for the great resources ;)

  296. hoball
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    I’m learning jQuery right now and at the time I completed the first .js with a little bit of effects, I was so happy that I even Wow-ed! I love jQuery!

  297. dewayne
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    I’ve decided that Learning JQuery is something that I can’t avoid. A handy reference like this would really help out that process.

  298. Learning jQuery is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never made it a priority before. Hopefully this would make it easy.

  299. JQuery is now part of the essential skills of a front-end designer. The book would come handy.

  300. I would like to learn more about Learning jQuery, and have read enough of your tricks and advice to be very interested! I have an ancient (if I’m allowed to use the term) website that I’m redoing, and I teach web design at UCSB, so I would love the opportunity.

  301. Stephanie
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    Thanks for the list of great books. I love your site and appreciate all the info you give us. I am definitely interested in learning jQuery and would be very happy to win the copy of the book you are giving away. I would definitely read it and learn a lot from it!

  302. Chris Clark
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    Learning jQuery is at the top of my to-do list, and this would be a great help. Especially if I could save a few bucks by winning a copy!

  303. Learning jQuery looks like a great book! I’d love to own a copy of this great book!

  304. RE: Learning jQuery-“please!”

  305. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery – This is the one area in my repetoire that Im really lacking… as a designer this seriously SUCKS! so Id love this book.

  306. Damon
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    I was really going to buy Learning jQuery for Christmas, but couldn’t find it in stock locally (had some gift cards), and just haven’t gone looking since. Maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow. Thanks Chris for the post…most helpful, especially the forms book. Been looking for one on that topic, but never know what to get.

  307. Dixon
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    I am just now learning jQuery, so a book like this would be most helpful and appreciated.

  308. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery is a goal in 2009.

  309. Permalink to comment#

    Learning jQuery – and know its power. I have used it a few times and it’s been a life saver. A BIG THANK YOU to those people which made and make jQuery what it is.

  310. Peter
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    Learning jQuery is what I need, what I need, what I neeeeed! You remind me of Dane Cook is some weird way on your screen casts – thanks for them by the way; good times!

  311. Les
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    Learning jQuery by winning a free book would be awesome!

  312. Permalink to comment#

    Jope its not too late -> Web Form Design – would be great !

  313. BasementJack
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    Hey Chris –
    How about seeing if Packt will offer your readers a good (50%) discount on the book? There’s lots of interest here, but only one will win :-(

  314. anthoyn
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    Learning jQuery. Glad to see jquery become so prevalent.
    I heard others say good things about the web form design book. I’ll have to check that out, as I am trying to transition into UX field.

  315. Alison
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    At least once a week I realize I need to learn jQuery. Would love to get my hands on this book!

  316. Permalink to comment#

    Is it too late? I would really love to read Learning jQuery. I find I learn much faster with a book in hand and I couldn’t find this one in my local Borders. Pick me, Chris, pick me!

  317. Mike Dedmon
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    me too if it’s not too late. :)

  318. Zero
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    I would like to learn jQuery

  319. William Hernandez
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    The “Learning jQuery” book looks super cool!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

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