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Looking to Hire Someone for Web Work?

Published by Chris Coyier

The very first thing you should do is start writing. Just open a text file and define exactly who your ideal hire is. What they are like, what they hopefully know, what you'll need from them, and what you can offer them.

Then find somewhere to post it online. Probably your own website for one. Blogs are great for that. Or get more aggressive and do an in-app notification about it. There is no excuse not to have somewhere to post it. Even if you are brand new and don't even have a website yet, you could always use a Google Doc.

Now you need people to see it. Take what you've written and go post it over on Authentic Jobs. I think it's the most mature and successful industry job board. You'll probably get a lot of responses, so use an email filter to help keep yourself organized. I'd probably use an incoming email like "" so they will be automatically tagged.

Good candidates will be obvious. They will email you and quickly explain in natural language why they are a good candidate. Crappy candidates will write crappy emails. Those are automatically out, since, let's face it, all jobs require good communication.

Another reason to start with Authentic Jobs is because if you don't find someone you like, you can just ask for your money back as it's guaranteed. If that's the case, I'd recommend trying to post on Smashing Jobs, 37 Signals Job Board, Dribbble Jobs, and Forrst.

None of these are free. Nor should they be. It's a crap-job / crap-company filter. If you don't believe me Google around for "free job boards". Companies that aren't willing to invest a few hundred bucks in their most vital assets don't deserve good applicants.

Then obviously: share the link to your job posting on social media stuff. Email people you think might be interested. Email folks you think might know people.

OK I fess up

Here's why I'm writing this: I get quite a few emails like "Hey Chris, we're looking to hire somebody, know anybody looking?". Oh really? Who are you? What will they be working on? What do they need to know? What are they going to earn? What benefits do they get? How should they apply? Should they send you a super vague email like this one? =)

I don't mind folks asking me about hiring, but when you're that vague, you're putting the work on me, and forgive me but I'm just not going to do it. Give me a link where you've got everything clearly defined, and I'll happily look it over and share it with whom I feel appropriate.


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    Great info, even helpful to me as a designer. Maybe I’ll take a bit more time when responding to potential clients now.

  2. I actually just heard about Authentic jobs a couple of weeks ago, and it seem very nice, though a bit broad. A WordPress-specific board worth looking at is

    There are also some good reverse job boards out there for those that are looking to promote themselves. One for WordPress that I’ve gotten a decent amount of contact from is WPCandy Pros.

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    This post was very much conveniently timed. Thanks! I’ve been wondering about how to begin hiring people for a project of mine, but haven’t put a ton of thought in it yet.

  4. Kenny
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  5. Thanks for writing this, now I know where to send all these people asking me about who to hire :)

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      Haha… I was just thinking the same thing. Or at the very least, just copying and pasting Chris’s “fess up” section in my reply….. :)

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    Thanks Chris – if someone is looking to get some WordPress theme development done, they can contact me :D

  7. Thanks for the tip on Authentic Jobs. I tried Dice and Monster, and both were overrun with agencies that pretty much fit the description in your post: “I need a warm body. Got one?” Every time I tried to find out more about the work / employer / terms, they’d flake. I know there are people out there who will do anything for a buck, but (in all humility) I’m of the mind that if I’m not happy and interested with the work, I’ll be wasting everyone’s time if I take it.

  8. totally agree.

    Just noticed the use of local storage on the comment form. Nice.

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    Well put! I have gotten these same request wanting to know if I know of someone but I have no clue what these people actually want. So if I do want to recommend someone who might be a good fit I have nothing to tell them as to why they should apply. It’s actually rather snobby not to provide any details.

  10. Noah Gelman
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    I wonder if it would be appropriate to have a “looking to hire” or “find a partner” section of the website. The forums aren’t the right place for that.

    I don’t know if you want your website to serve that roll but it’s something I’ve asked myself about every now that then.

  11. I have read this article .I think it’s the most mature and successful industry job board. I would be appropriate to have looking to hire someone for website work. Thanks for sharing………..:)

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    Looking for a full time job right now and even though this is meant for employers, I feel like the resources are beneficial to someone like me as well. I knew about Authentic, but hadn’t heard about those other job boards. Time to check it out! Thank you!

  13. Interesting recommendations. I think they can be successfully used in practise. The main idea is that if you are eager to do something you will find the right ways for it realisation. An this is one of the ways that you can use in order to find suitable people.

  14. John Ledford
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    Well said.

  15. i love to work with new ideas…..

    thanks with love

    Farrukh j.Saleemi

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    Nice website with useful articles. Thank you so much.

  17. The hardest part of running a business is hiring help. It really does take a concerted effort to take Chris’ solid advice of committing what you need to paper. The initial effort may bring the fact to light that it’s a big challenge even to define that. It took me years to hire my first good developer. The turning point was accurately describing what I needed. Once I did that, I was able to post it around on various sites and that lead to finding a great guy who I’m still with today. That didn’t sound right. Oh well. Anyway, I have a friend who runs an ecig business selling eliquid and that kind of stuff. We talk often about the challenges of running a business. It’s also helpful to have friends who are ahead of you and behind you in that process of learning and growing. Help who you can help, and take help when it is offered. Just remember that people are the most important thing to a business. They are everything.

  18. Thanks for the post I’m always trying to better understand the process my clients go through in finding a web developer. The next time you get an email about hiring someone I would appreciate the referral.

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