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Published by Chris Coyier

Matthew Mullenweg (of WordPress) clarifies his thoughts on a WordPress theme marketplace. I'm all for it!

Foohack has a nice post up on 5 problems with CSS (Not like common mistakes, but problems with the CSS spec itself).

Not to be a big baby about it, but my post on what beautiful HTML code looks like was the top story on on Thursday for a while. Did I get a bunch of great traffic out of it? No... The image from the post was stolen, posted elsewhere, and dugg there. =(


Quirksmode has a super nice page detailing different parts of CSS and their browser compatibility.

Max Kiesler has a comprehensive roundup of ways to minimize your CSS and Javascript.

A heated little scuffle between Gadgetopia and Shelfari where the ethics of personal information is in question.

AdSense is simplifying.
Basically now you can control your ads through the AdSense administration panels instead of replacing code all the time. A much needed improvement.

CurvyCorners is probably the nicest Javascript technique of accomplishing easy and nice rounded corners I've ever seen.


  1. Kyle Kinnaman
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    Thanks for a great reference to show newbies and clients. I work with a few non-profit organizations that have well-intentioned volunteers that can use this as a roadmap.

    As far as your traffic goes, you got at least one more RSS subscriber…

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    next time put some link on the bottom of every image of yours ;)

    like all of the ilovejackdaniels cheat sheets ;)

  3. Thanks for a great post. I’m a freelancer and find your stuff really useful. CSS generally gets a lot of ‘column-inches’ on the web, but i find that you put a nice spin on things. You’ve definitely got a unique niche in this market. keep posting.

  4. Thanks for the support everyone. I get enough negative comments that sometimes making doing this a drag, and then I get positive comments like these that really motivate me and make me glad I’m doing this.

  5. Mate that must sucks. How was the guy who stole your image etc? So we know not to visit :lol:

  6. gregf
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    I did not find your site that day but I’m here now! :) Lots of great info here.

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