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Published by Chris Coyier

jQuery 1.3 Beta

If you want to help test, all the details are here. Many rewrites of core areas like the selector engine and DOM Manipulation (append/prepend/before/after).


Absolute Columns

Dan Rubin hits the nail on the head with a great way to handle columns of equal height.


WordPress "Art Direction" Plugin

Not all posts are the same, so why are they all designed the same? This plugin will allow you to apply styling that is unique to that post in WordPress.



I was recently featured in this interview and this list of the A-Z of Web Design.


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    Thanks for linking to the equal heights article – never knew about the absolute positioning method.

    Also, word of this art direction plugin has been spreading around various blogs like wildfire as of late – while the fundamentals of it is great, I just hate seeing layouts/color schemes suddenly changing one me when I’m on the same site, especially different blog posts on the same blog. But then, I’m pretty much a down-to-earth consistent guy, so that might not be a problem for others.

  2. ikthius
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    The equal column tutorial was handy, however, after trying to change the code to make the left side increase when more content was on the right side, it just did not work.

    I think this seem to be only for right sided small columns, not very practical

  3. Thanks so much! These are great. I think having more control over WordPress is great. I do agree with John in that having drastic changes could visually be an issue, but then I think if users are careful in their implementation, it can provide a nice variety… I guess it’s one of those tools that used carefully can be great!

  4. Useful stuff!

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