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Published by Chris Coyier

Double Background Effect with CSS

Soh Tanaka tackles a CSS layout problem that probably many have you have run into. The idea is double backgrounds, that is, having a centered design where the left side has a repeating design and the right site has a different repeating design.


New Wufoo Features

Most of you probably know I'm a big fan of Wufoo, the web service for building forms. (If you don't, I have an intro video here). In the last few weeks they have rolled out a bunch of new awesome features. They've added Likerts (you know, "Strongly Agree, No Opinion, Mildly Disagree..."). They've made it easy to add fill-in-the-blank "Other" fields to multiple choice questions, and they've seriously upgraded their hardware. Go Wufoo!



Lorem2 is "an all-around better Lorem experience." Just what is always needed: short paragraphs, long paragraphs, short list items, and long list items.


The CSS Gallery List

I once did a CSS Gallery Roundup, but I'm not even going to link to it because it sucks compared to The CSS Gallery List. Not only is this a great list of all the zillion galleries out there, but there are quick links to the submission pages as well as an innovative and really cool system for auto-submitting your page to a wide variety of them automatically ($3).

SimplePie Basics

David shows us the basics of using SimplePie with a tutorial on How To Add the Script & Style Feed to Your Website.


  1. How come you bouth the old commenting system back? I kinda liked the new one.

  2. It’s still there behind the scenes. I am seeing some serious issues with syncing, which is unacceptable to me. I’ll be bringing it back once some issues are resolved!

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    I’ve got to say it was really confusing when I suddenly saw alot of comments that didn’t have anything to with current post. I guess it was inevitable since IntenseDebate’s popularity skyrocketed after Automattic took over?

    The lorem2 is good, but I want raw HTML too, so I can copy-paste it directly inside the test files. But when I want to test a desgin with test-contentt, I usually use one of my own pre-made texts which uses both lists (ol, ul) and floated images too see how it’ll look.

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      From Chris’ Twitter: “I launched a new simple site: HTML Ipsum

      Seems that someone agreed with me on the raw-HTML argument, at least ;-) I’ll be sure to use this!

  4. wufoo looks interesting but the free plan seems really limited. Have you tried ?

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    Css galleries are a list of css sites, CSS Galleries list is a list of the lists :lol:

  6. Hey Anna!

    I have not tried jotform but that also looks cool. With Wufoo, it’s not even the forms themselves which sell it for me (even though they are awesome), but all the back-end options and reporting and user management and stuff. I agree the free plan could use a boost though =)

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