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Published by Chris Coyier


Using justified text on the web has long been tricky, as lines could sometimes be rendered with god-awful word spacing. This is due in large part to the fact that rendering engines aren't smart enough by themselves to know when and where to hyphenate a word. The wp-Hyphenate aims to add smart hyphenation to WordPress blogs.

Believe me, the last thing I'm going to do is get all political on you. I just think this is one of the cleanest designs that has likely ever existed on a .gov domain name.


24 Ways

In a few weeks it will be December which means the fourth year for 24 Ways. I'm pretty sure they are doing it this year? Probably worth going over there and snagging the feed to pick up on the daily web dev/design articles from some of the top folks in our field.


Lessons Learned While Building an iPhone Site

Flickr shares some valuable advice on building a site for the iPhone. Part of which is, don't design a site just for the iPhone.


jQuery Robot

Fun little animation experiment from Anthony Calzadilla using jQuery to animate different parts of a robot.


  1. The jQuery robot is pretty fun. Awesome links.

  2. Al
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    it is harder with your new format to see where the links are. Not sure there is one for
    the item, if there is, I have not found it. Using IE7 here, haven’t tried it with FF.
    The links in the other items are not very visible to my eyes either.

    I don’t have the best eyes in the world, am colour blind as well, so have some strikes against me to start with. The easier web sites make it for me to read their stuff, all the better.

    Thanks Chris, really like your site, keep up the good work,


  3. Steve
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    Tried the wp-Hyphenate site you recommended. AVG reported potential virus warnings when I tried to unzip, so I bagged it. Just sayin’

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    hey Chris. I discovered the other day.

    Do we know who designed/developed that site? I kinda imagine it is the same crew that did (another great site).

    Any ideas, Chris?

  5. Permalink to comment#

    Thanks for the links. The Hyphenate plug in is really useful ;)

  6. Permalink to comment#

    Thanks for the links Chris! :)

    @Steve, there are NO viruses in the wp-Hyphenate download. AVG has been known to report stuff where there isn’t stuff… Just sayin’ Kaspersky FTW

  7. I won’t get all political either but from a BRANDING point of view and url marketpoint I thought was absolutely GENIUS and I didn’t vote for Obama. I love the view of the site. I saw it Monday morning I think.

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    I had seen the aQuery obot before, It’s fun, but just for a minute. It’s a great idea though. It can be the base of many more interesting effects.

  9. Johnb
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    Wow, tough crowd!

    I have a wide screen 22″ monitor… i do maximize my monitor all the time, but after reading some comments, I’m realizing that i don’t need to. I can now fit more stuff on my main monitor! I can’t believe i didn’t think of this before! :)

    I agree with the inconsistent styles (footer vs. rest of page), but i really honestly do like the design.

    For all the haters… just remember “Content is King”, right? This site has some of the best CSS content anywhere on the web! Keep up the good work.

  10. Johnb
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    Oops, my previous comment was meant for the new site redesign!

  11. Jeff
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    (not to get all political on you, but) the reason thats "one of the cleanest designs ever on a .gov address" is that its not actually a government website, rather, the online home of Obama's transition committee (a political nonprofit that gets most of its funding from donors). i voted for Obama, but does it seem disingenuous to anyone else that they're using a .gov address for what's essentially an extension of his campaign? the site was even developed by blue state digital, a democratic consulting firm that does Web work for dozens of left-leaning causes and candidates. i can't even figure out how they managed to snag that address, but like i said, it seems problematic from an infrastructural and intellectual honesty point of view.

  12. Jeff
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    Hey Benjamin,

    Just mentioned this as part of another post but figured I'd reply to you directly. The Obama campaign site ( and were both developed by blue state digital:

    My understanding is that the firm was started by ex-Howard Dean campaign staffers after the '04 cycle, and that they're more or less the best in the biz when it comes to political/advocacy sites.

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