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Published by Chris Coyier

Browser Differences I Can Live With

For a beautiful web has a nice article on acceptable cross-browser differences. Essentially, progressive enhancement typography stuff and then things like border-radius. I completely agree. I guess that answers this question.


Feed IE6 With a Basic Stylesheet

A lot of times when you use conditional stylesheets, you create one for IE 6 that over-writes some exisiting rules from your main stylesheet to fix quirks, hide things, and do just general cleanup. Simon Clayson has a clever technique, basically a combination of conditional stylesheets, which allows all browsers to be fed one main stylesheet, but feed IE 6 it's own unique stylesheet starting from scratch. This can be nice if you want to just give IE 6 it's own dumbed down treatment (like a text-only site).


Adobe CS4 Announced

We've known about it for a while, but Adobe did the official announcement last week with pricing and features and all that. Still no date though. I don't do a whole lot of fancy 3D or Video stuff, so I'm thinking I don't need the Extended Photoshop. I really am undecided on what package I'll end up getting. I do think the content-aware scaling thing in Photoshop is pretty badass.


CSS Systems: Maintaining Your Style

Natalie Downe gave a talk at BarCamp London about CSS Systems for writing maintainable CSS. Natalie does a good job of explaining the difference between a library and a framework (a library being a more individually customized set of reusable components, while a framework is a more rigid structure that affects how you must write your HTML). The full set of slides and notes are available to download.


  1. Brian
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    Thanks for these articles and links! This is always helpful. I am still grasping the way to write proper markup. Having to worry about IE and it’s quirks is always a let down.

  2. Al
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    interesting stats:

    doesn’t look like IE6 is anywhere like dying on a global basis!


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    I’d contend that IE6 isn’t dying because the people who still run it don’t know how to update their browser or simply don’t. I wouldn’t recommend dropping support for IE6 any time soon.

  4. IE6 will be around as long as designers and developers continue to hold its hand and bend over backwards to support it. It’s high time to drop the habit and move on..

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    IE 6 is dying, its just one of those slow, prolonged, agonizing deaths where everyone watching just wants it to happen already so they can move on with their lives.

    That being said, I’ve adopted one way of dealing with IE6. I don’t support it on my personal website. For freelance projects I charge MORE if the client wants it to work in IE6. And I try to steer my supervisors at work away from IE6. Basically I explain to them it will cost extra time and money to build the support in. Once you tell them this, then it is on their heads if launch is delayed thanks to IE6’s quirks.

    Most supervisors get the hint and say to drop IE6 if its going to cost us extra money and provide no benefit.

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