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Published by Chris Coyier

Tutorial Search

When I was doing that video on Google Search I thought to myself wouldn't it be cool to make a search engine that only searched through design/development sites? I talked myself out of it, because I started to think you'd be better off searching regular Google instead of limiting yourself to certain sites. Reader Art Webb clearly had the same idea, and built I almost wish I hadn't talked myself out of it, because in practice, this is quite cool and serving up pretty great results.


Chris Spooner

Many of you probably know Chris Spooner from his killer SpoonGraphics Blog. Chris built a new personal homepage, using some ideas from CSS-Tricks! Namely, the Build Your Own Social Home tutorial and the Weather Switcher. But of course, his implementation is much nicer.



I'm sure I won't be telling anyone here for the first time, but Google has a new browser out. Kind of a surprise to me, but I basically trust Google to do the right thing. It's based on WebKit so I imagine it'll share any CSS quirks that Safari has. I haven't done much playing with it. It's for Windows-only. I could run it in VMWare but meh, I might just wait until the Mac version is out to do much more playing. I checked out my important sites and that is probably good for now, although I do have a few ideas for tests / CSS quirks I wanna check out at some point.


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    Thanks for the link Chris. You have enough going on. Keep up the good work.

    Also, I am working on having a massive link list page which will be added to

  2. When I first heard about tutsearch, I was really skeptical of the results, and turned off by the design… but it actually works really well. I wish there was a list of the sites they search, a feature that allows you to select multiple specific sites to search, and possibly even display link info/status (diggs, bookmarks, etc).

  3. A tutorial search engine is genius! And seems to work fairly well. It’s nicer than having to search each site or blindly with google to find a good tutorial on something specific. Good find!

  4. Al
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    The color for the already clicked links on the TutSearch site is indistinguishable from the background color.

  5. Not sure that Chrome will have the same quirks as Safari. It’s possible, but I don’t think WebKit is the only thing that determines these things. Ok, so I know almost nothing about WebKit, but I know that Firefox and Camino use the same rendering engine and sometimes behave differently.

    Sidenote: was impressed with VMWare running XP, seeing you pull it up in your screencast. It looks quite unobtrusive. If I get a larger HD I might install it… maybe.

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    @charles – thanks for the heads up on the visited links. It has been fixed.

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    tut search is a brilliant idea

    well done

  8. Permalink to comment# is trying to do a smiler thing to TutSearch. But hopefully be ‘more’ than just a search simple engine.

    Keep a look out, it should be launching in the next couple of months.

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    This has been fixed and then some

  10. Permalink to comment# - i created a link list of most of the sites in the

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