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Worried about putting your email address right out in the open for all the world's spam bots to see? Enkoder will obscure it through javascript, yet be a perfectly useable link for everyone else. I tried to include mine here but WordPress wasn't digging the javascript inside the post. Alternatively, you just use GMail and never worry about spam again.


Videos from An Event Apart

CSS expert Eric Meyer explains why the W3C’s recommendation to allow browsers to insert quotation marks doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense.

British web designer Andy Clarke shows how comic book artists use panel size to indicate how much time a reader is supposed to spend on a particular chunk of content. He argues that web layouts can work the same way.


Sprout Builder

This is honestly one of the neatest things I've seen in a while. Sprout Builder has a really well designed interface for building your own "widget". These things are seriously dynamic. You can pull in from services like Poll Daddy, Twitter, and Google. Add RSS feeds, calendars, videos, slideshows, just to name a few. All this with a ton of design control (including multiple "pages"). They are extremely easy to preview and embed on your own site, and you don't even need to sign up to get started!


12 Examples of Paragraph Typography

Jon Tangerine takes us back to the basics and shows us the different ways to style paragraphs of text. Design is in the details after all, and we can't ignore these basic building blocks of content.


MySpace Redesigned

Adaptive Path got involved with the big MySpace redesign. Nice choice for a design agency to worth with, but MySpace has been a pile of crap for so long I'm saying too little too late. Valleywag has screenshots.



  1. royler
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    i cant imagine any redesign helping myspace with thier in-your-face attitude towards advertisements.

  2. Yeah, myspace is just horrible, no matter how they redesign it.

  3. Myspace is horrible to us, but teens love it. I don’t think it’s too little too late at all. Consider their target audience, it’s only going to get bigger because people are narcissistic. They love to have their own Myspace page and talk about the drama in their life and show off their emo/drunk pictures.

  4. Aaron B
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    It would be nice if MySpace had cleaner hooks to style if not easier customizability, so that if the need arises, we can make the page look decent with less hassle.

    Question, how can Gmail eliminate spam if you use just a mailto link?

  5. pab
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    I spent about an hour goofing around with Sprout builder,

    very easy to use and somewhat customize (needs work in that dept IMO)

    but the code it creates is awful, tons of errors…

    as for Adaptive Path taking on Myspace, I think this could be good for people into re-designing Myspace layout for clients, well at least i think; since i figure they will get rid of all those tables and replace them with semantic mark up and css crosses fingers

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    instead of that encoder shizzle… u can just create an image with your email adress… this already reduces it allot. Just dont name the image email or anything near that, and u will be fine.

  7. I feel like an idiot for not going to the New Orleans List Apart but it was very expensive. Only about a hour drive from what I live. :(

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