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Published by Chris Coyier

Web Designer Diary

I (literally) Stumbed Upon this video of a web designer working on a website. It goes from a blank page in Photoshop to a complete and coded design in about 2:15.


Band Website Template (now with WordPress Theme included)

Several people asked if the "blog" section of the Band Website Template could be as easy to update as the Shows page is. Blog functionality is much more complex, and we didn't want to set out to re-invent the wheel, so we came up with a better solution. Now all downloads of the Band Website Template come bundled with a WordPress theme you can use (totally optionally) as the blog section. I will be emailing everyone who has already purchased for this free addition.



I have no idea what WMD stands for, but they call it the WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) editor. Through a single line of javascript, all the <textarea>'s on your page get a nice bar above them with formatting options. As some of you know, I've had problems with comment formatting a bit, especially with code snippets. I've been testing this, and now if you paste code in your comment, highlight it, and press the code button (the one with little 1's and 0's), it looks like code is coming out right. Feel free to leave a test comment to check it out!


Silverback Exposed

Andy Budd reveals a bit about Silverback and shares some screenshots. It looks like it's going to be the first usability software (Mac only) that is actually useful and easy to use for anyone. Not to mention affordable. Imagine being able to watch a video of a user using your website where you get to see the screen, their mouse and where they are clicking, and their face while they are doing it. I'm exited to try it out, but alas, no beta invite for me yet.


  1. Too bad you have to use external scripts. NoScript on Firefox, for instance, reacts by blocking it immediately (then you’ve got to allow Well, here’s some invalid CSS:

    #breakfast { toast: 2; eggs: 2; bacon: (eggs*4)slices; }
    #breakfast:after { clear: table; }

    It’s nice, but kind of hard to understand at first.

  2. Yeah it’s too bad I can’t bring the script local, but it seems to have been pretty speedy. With javascript off, the form is still functional though, just no fanciness and no preview.

  3. After getting excited about Silverback, their feed came through with the mac only…boo.

    I’m liking the new sidebar by the way.

  4. I dont really understand the whole fuzz about silverback =/ whats so “cool” about it?

  5. Dig the new sidebar! and WMD is nice!

  6. WMD is badass! thanks for that!

  7. Just playing with WMD and it mentions using it on Textareas that allow html. I am writing a form to add text to a database, and want things like paragraph tags to be added automatically. Any pointers on where to go to make this happen? Thanks.

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