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Published by Chris Coyier

CSS Rand

I was kind of confused when I first went to CSS Rand, because it just looked like some random nice website (not a gallery) then I figured it out... It's a new kind of design gallery, where you just reload your page and it loads up a new page for you to look at. Kind of a neat idea. Lots of non-English sites too if you are into/not-into that. I'd like to see some kind of voting...


The Highly Extensible CSS Interface

Cameron Moll has announced he will be publishing a four part series "The Highly Extensible CSS Interface". I am highly looking forward to this series. Stay tuned to Cameron's site for more.



I recently linked to PDFMeNot as a pretty slick way of embedding PDF files right onto webpages. I feel I must now also mention Scribd, which is a similar service but has quite a few more features. It accepts most of the major Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Rich Text formats and can host your files on their servers for those of you without your own hosting.


Designing Mazes

This is a little random, but I really enjoyed this article on Maze Design by Craig S. Kaplan. Turns out the degree of difficulty of a maze cannot be defined very well mathematically because it involves so much human perception and depends on how you go about solving it. "For example, the eye can easily become lost in a set of parallel passages."


  1. Thanks for the link!

  2. Hey,
    First off, nice re-design. Css Rand is a very intresting site, thanks for that. As for the multiple languages, It does turn me away because i cant read it, but I do look at the designs.

  3. At the time of this posting, CSS-Rand is dead due to bandwidth issues. Did it get Dugg?

  4. Brent: CSS Rand is working. Did you see an 509 error?

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