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Published by Chris Coyier

Table Cloth

Alen Grakalic of CSS Globe has released Tablecloth, a really nice table framework.


The Glass Wall

I know I'm almost 6 years late on this one, but I just read "The Glass Wall" for the first time. "The Glass Wall" is a comprehensive walk through of the re-design process of BBC homepage. Some of it feels a little hokey-outdated and obvious, but much of it rings true. I can imagine 6 years ago this was seriously cutting edge thinking in user interface design.


HTML 5 vs. XHTML 2

Adriaan de Jonge has an article on IBM's site about the emerging competing standards HTML 5 and XHTML 2.


Your Input Wanted: Drop Shadows in CSS3

css3dropshadows.png is gathering peoples opinions on how you would like to see drop shadows work in CSS3.


9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design

PSDTUTS has a very nice article about some fundamental elements of good web design with examples.


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    That PSDTuts article was really good. It has all the elements of good web design.

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    Also, the Tabelcloth I’ve seen before but never really had a use for it. Until now!

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    I think the article about html5 and xhtml2 is quite interesting although it will take a long time until the browsers will endorse one of them but it’s a good watch into the feature!


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    I’m more concerned about the backwards compatibility of HTML5. Especially since there’s still a throng of people using IE 5.5 and other old browsers.

    The drop-shadow is quite interesting, though it ain’t on my list of wanted priorities in CSS. The first one will always be grids, grids and more grids. And then, because IE is slow on the CSS-implementation (except from IE8, which renders Acid2-test perfectly!), it’ll take some time before the most used browser would support the shadows.

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