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Lifestream Website with Sweetcron

Published by Chris Coyier

I wrote a tutorial for NETTUTS that has been published:

Sweetcron is "The Automated Lifestream Blog Software". It is still in public beta, but is already a very nice blog software package. The beauty of Sweetcron is that new posts are created automatically from your activity elsewhere on the web. New photos on Flickr? Tweets on Twitter? Thumbs up on StumbleUpon? Blog posts on Tumblr? Add them all to your Sweetcron-powered site and they will appear on your site in minutes.

The tutorial goes all the way from installation to custom themes.

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Demo removed


  1. Erik
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    This looks like a really interesting piece of software, have you come across any WordPress integrations with it?

  2. Mixedbrains
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    Hey Chris, The link pointing back to this site from your sweetcron tut is missing .com.

  3. Permalink to comment#

    Yeah, I’m doing the same in my blog :b

  4. Signed up for the beta, looking forward to kicking the tires a bit

  5. Permalink to comment#

    Looking forward to taking this one for a test drive!

  6. Permalink to comment#

    Check out my install.

    I hijacked muxtape’s look for a clean, simple feed-stream.
    Thanks for the tip Chris!

  7. Permalink to comment#

    Very cool Matthew. That muxtape style is so distinctive, nice adaptation.

  8. Hey Chris,
    just thought I’d let you know the demo on Nettuts gives a database error. I assume it’s bc you upgraded servers (?).
    not sure if theres anything you can do about it but thought I’d let you know.

  9. Chris
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    Hi Chris,

    Looks as though your demo page is not working. Just wanted you to know

  10. @David & @Chris — I went ahead and got the demo back working again.

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