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Launch of ThemeForest + Exclusive Beta Invites!

Published by Chris Coyier

You guys are probably already aware of the Eden and their family of kick ass tutorial sites (e.g. NETTUTS, PSDTUTS, etc.). They also run the site FlashDen, which is a marketplace for Flash components. With your FlashDen account, not only can you browse and buy their giant collection of Flash components (think photo galleries, audio players, animations, even full website templates), but you can also be an author and sell Flash stuff that you make. The top authors on FlashDen make thousands of dollars a week, and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars overall. Modeled after the success of FlashDen, Eden also launched AudioJungle, which works the same way only for stock audio. Now there is going to be a third member joining the party: ThemeForest. (Info about beta invites below!)

Here is the announcement from Collis Ta'eed:

Almost two years ago launched as a marketplace for buying and selling Flash Components. Today the top authors on FlashDen earn in the thousands of dollars per week. We are excited to offer a new marketplace for authors to sell Site Templates, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS themes. Themes will be selling for between $5 and $75 depending on complexity and functionality and we'll be pushing the site hard to open it up to a large audience of buyers, as well as to the established community of 60,000 members already present on FlashDen.

ThemeForest will run off the same account system as FlashDen and AudioJungle, so with a single account, users can both buy and sell across all three sites. We're going to be running a two week beta trial period to get some content into the system and to iron out any last kinks before we start marketing the site big time!

For people looking to sell their work, this is an ideal time to start uploading as early content has a tendency of going on to sell really well in the long term before the market gets more crowded. We're also very excited to be building a community of themers and web designers, and to be introducing a new source of passive income to web designers and developers around the world!

Beta Invites for CSS-Tricks Readers

Like Collis said, the earlier you get in on this the better, especially as an author as good early content has the best chance of staying popular and being a high earner over the long term. The site will ultimately be at, but won't but up until Thursday sometime.

Here is what you gotta do:

1. Know your FlashDen account (or sign up for one). All three sites will share the same account.

2. Go to the special beta invite form. PASSWORD: csstricks

3. Submit the form and then the ThemeForest crew will activate your account.

Good luck ya'll! I think I'm gonna try and participate myself, maybe whip up a fresh sexy WordPress theme.


  1. Sweet, the more from Eden the better. I still haven’t heard anything about their Rockstar site being up yet.

    Ps – Script and Style has me checking my reader constantly at work.

  2. Brian
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    Neat! I’ll check this out.
    Flashden is a nice looking site. Anyone know what font that is used all over the site? “Get Started” , “What is Flashden?”, etc……

  3. JAM3SoN
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    Agenda Black I think :-P

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    I sounds interesting, however I think they pay very low percentage on Flashden. So I’m curious what percentage will be on ThemeForest, as for templates there are some really good marketplaces where we can get 100% for free.

  5. I’m concerned about the commission fee. That’s a whole lot of my hard work being taken away just for being hosted by a more popular website.

    That’s not to say I’m not going to try it out, but maybe only a few- if I can link back to my own library of themes on my own personal site.

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    Hey guys! First thanks Chris for putting us up over here!

    @Brian: The font we use is Agenda, specifically Agenda-Black.

    @depi & Linsey: We get a lot of people worried about the commission, but I do find most come to see why we work it that way. Any author with great files generally gets to the 50% rate reasonably quickly and as I like to point out there are authors around making 5 figures a month. It is possible to make more on your own though, and it’s a decision every author should look at thoroughly to make sure they are doing the right thing for themselves. In the meantime we’ll do our best to make listing with ThemeForest the most economic/easy option :-)

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    I submitted my application, eagerly awaiting a response

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    Hey guys, a quick update, tomorrow morning (AU time) we’re moving the site from the staging server to the live server where everyone who filled out a beta invite form will be able to log in. I’ll send a mailout to everyone to let them know!

    Thanks for signing up!

  9. naser
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    I can not sign up
    not show form
    this error: This form cannot be viewed by the public.
    please help

  10. Brian
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    I just love that Agenda-Black. Do you know where I can go to get the typeface or is it something I’ll have to purchase??

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