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It’s WordPress Week!

Published by Chris Coyier

I've been working with WordPress a lot lately. The redesign around has had me moving lots of stuff inside WordPress and using it more and more like a real CMS (video on this). At work lately we've been doing a ton of WordPress sites and it's just all up in my mind right now. So... to get it all out of my system, this upcoming week on CSS-Tricks is going to be WordPress Week! The theory here is to get it all out in one concentrated week and then return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here is the plan:

  • Monday: What to Ask a New Client Wanting a WordPress Theme
  • Tuesday: Links of Interest (WordPress Edition)
  • Wednesday: The Very First Steps After a Fresh WordPress Install
  • Thursday: Screencast - Hodgepodge of WordPress Tricks (Woohoo! Thanksgiving!)
  • Friday: Uhm... I'll think of something. I may expand on something from the video.


  1. Daniel
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    I'll be here every day. Do you know when WP 2.7 will be released?

  3. Its will be interesting! And I`ll be here, too :)

  4. Paul
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    Great I can't wait! Btw do you have MSN?

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    Rad! Will be tuning in for this.

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    A great week is waiting for us. I can hardly wait.

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    Sounds awesome!

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    Can you do a post on integration already existing plugins into a theme. Another cool idea wow be being able to change the CSS with the functions.php, there seem to be a plethora of blog post on it lately.

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    It may be worth doing something about migrating themes between versions of WordPress? Thelast few installs of new updates have killed various of my theme's functions. Standardization and working with the WP framework would be a great help!

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    Sounds like an awesome plan. Looking forward to that.

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    If possible, I'd like to see you take on widgetizing a custom theme. End-users who couldn't care less about the technical details still tend to use widgets, as it's easy to understand and use.

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    Looking forward to it.

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    This is going to be great. I'm excited about all the insight you have and are willing to share with everyone else. If it wasn't for your series on how to create a custom WP theme I don't think I'd be where I am today. Thanks man.

  14. Daan
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    "Friday: Uhm… I’ll think of something. I may expand on something from the video."

    Why not briefly explain how to create a simple theme? :P

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    can't wait till this happens, I always learn something from your post :)

  16. I cannot wait till these things…

    And about the WordPress 2.7, I think the release will be about 12th of December!

    I'm really excited with this new release!

  17. Murray
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    Can't wait to see the content throughout the week.

    I've actually been working with WordPress more and more lately as well, and I'm quite excited to see what info we'll get.

  18. I would love to figure all that out as well. I'll add that to my list of ideas. Not sure that it's going to happen this week but it will eventually. The problem is I've never really designed a theme designed for generic public use or sale. Those really need to be widget-ready and as soon as I do that I'll be learning all about it I'm sure.

  19. I'll try to show off one way I use custom fields personally in the video Thursday.

  20. Thanks Kyle! I'm a big fan of the clean style you've pulled off on your theme.

  21. I have done a video series on creating a theme in the past, if you are interested:

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    "Likewise I'm sure" (quote from one of my favorite movies 'Best In Show')

    Also, love this Intense Debate commenting. Can't wait to see the threaded comments in WP 2.7

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    Looking forward to this week, I can't get enough WordPress info into my brain

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    Coincidentally, it's supposed to be released this week.

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    Really looking forward to this!

    And I like the logo too. ;)

  26. Wouter
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    nice… can you use some custom fields in your tutorials… they stay a mistery to me….

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    the WordPress community is lucky to have you on its side, Chris.

  28. Chris I have become a fan of you in last few days. You really helped me to learn many things. All your video tutorials rock! People follow various styles of coding/ working/ designing. Accidentally your style seemed very friendly to me (may be my style somehow near to yours) and I easily grabbed them. I tried to start learning stuffs related to WP but all the time lost my way in the middle. But your videos really kept me on course so far. Waiting to enjoy more like those. You know – seeing is believing and IMO seeing is learning too. I learn more by watching something than reading it. Thanks for all these great tutorials.

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    Chris, your site is awesome – and I'm excited for WordPress week – I've learned so much from CSS-Tricks already and can't wait to learn even more!

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    I love the friday topic – made me lol :)

    Thanks chris – I use wordpress alot and I am hungry for more info :D

  31. magichew
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    Would love the video to explain a little about "The Loop". At the moment I have such a descrepency between my current skills and what I want to make WordPress do! I'm just trying to read and watch and listen to as much as I possibly can, hoping that some of the information will sink in! The screencasts have helped no end so far.

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