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My Slides from InControl 2012: What We Don’t Know

Published by Chris Coyier

I know it's weird to go through slides of a presentation outside of the context of a real talk (and pales in comparison to the experience of being there) but nonetheless, there may be bits of goodness you can extract from them.

[Slides are embedded, come to site to view them or view on SpeakerDeck]

These are my slides from InControl 2012 where I did a talk I called "What We Don't Know" sort of based on this post. Here's the short of it:

On any given request for our website there are many unknown factors. One of the more obvious unknowns is the browser. There are lots of techniques and tools we can use to ensure good experiences across any browser. But we also don't know about the person. Who are they? Where to they live? What are they thinking? We should be admitting that we don't know those things either. And how does that person interact with their browser? And how does that browser interact with the server behind our website? These are all unknowns. The first step is admitting it and the next is embracing it.


  1. william malo
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    I love that laundry website!
    Good example of how all sites should be designed <3

  2. Hey Chris, I enjoyed your presentation slides. Thanks for sharing them and I really wish I was there :)

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    This is great! Is there a video of this presentation by chance? Thanks.

  4. Permalink to comment#

    Really nice presentation, i love it. Thanks very much for share.

  5. Permalink to comment#

    I wish I could be there in person, but these slides are really great!

  6. Chris
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    What font did you use in the presentation?

  7. Kevin
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    I really never understood why people always post their slides. What good is this? I can maybe kinda infer some of the presentation from what’s here, but that’s about it. If there’s no video then what the heck good is this? “Here’s some pictures of me talking! Sometimes my mouth is open, other times it is closed. Enjoy.”

    • John
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      Basically the point is, read the slides and take what you can out of them. If you can’t understand what is going on, then ignore it and move on.

      Since a lot of us can’t be at the talks, we still appreciate the slides just to get an idea of what went on.

      No one forces you to look at them.

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      Maybe it’s just me (I doubt it), but I had no problem figuring out any of those slides and I found it to be very informative. Thanks Chris!

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      Slides-only leaves some holes, sure, but I still get value from them. I’ve seen (and bookmarked) previous slide presentations from Chris.

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      Video is annoying, and requires too much dependancy on audio. I was able to read Chris’ slides at my own pace and it was very informative on the slides alone.

  8. Pankaj
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    what is the best way to optimize a image?

  9. Simon
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    Thanks a lot, it was fun and useful !

  10. JSimon
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    Hi Chris, is there a Audio or Video recording available?

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    Great slides! Interesting! I could follow them to the point even without hearing you. That’s a good job!

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    Great presentation Chris. Really gets you thinking about the importance of not getting hung up on distracting factors.

    Nicely done.

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    Dang. Really, really hoping I get to see you present live some day.

  14. Todd
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    I need to see you speak sometime. I feel I could gain a lot from seeing this first hand. Video would be a good backup to this.

  15. Zibi
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    Really nice presentation ;)

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    Chris, I was at InControl and your pres was kickass. Loved the energy and content. Thanks for posting the slides.

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    Really helpful, as always. Big thanks.

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    Thanks for sharing! I hope to make it to the next conference.

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    Thanks Chris! it was awesome

  20. Thanks Chris for such an informative presentation. I didn’t know half the terms before reading this and now I feel much more empowered!

  21. Chris, I was amazed by your “jokeliness” on InCtrlConf. You are such a great presenter that your readers would love the video of your presentation. Well, keep up the good job!
    –Cheers from Br

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    One of the most EPIC presentations I’ve ever seen. Thumb up

  23. Nice! I wasn’t event there and I was chuckling away.

    Boooo.. I listed all the links in the slides for easy sharing but it wont let me post the comment (understandbly).

  24. lol
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    work with firefox, chrome, maybe opera and……
    fuck the rest

  25. Red
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    You’re the man Chris. Thanks for sharing. The issues you tackled really are a great deal of pain to us developers.

  26. zsitro
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    Thank U for sharing this presentation!

  27. Thanks for sharing all of the links also. There are couple new ones in there I need to check out.

    Also, “Ooooo Laptop.” That’s where I’m at right now.

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    Nice presentation, thanks Chris!

  29. Well done Chris! Thx for that. ;-)

  30. Anthony
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    I just wanted to let you know that the link to the form on your Contact page at the bottom of the site is throwing a Page Not Found error.

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