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Happy Fourth!

Published by Chris Coyier

A little fireworks display

Today is America's birthday and also (more importantly) the birthday of CSS-Tricks, which turns 3 today. If it was a human being, that means it would be starting to string together sentences of five words or more, socializing well with others, and not wetting himself most nights. I guess it still has some work to do.

Last year I did a giveaway. Sorry to disappoint but this kinda sneaked up on me and I didn't prepare anything. Besides, I think comment-to-win style giveaways are a little hokey. I have some things in the early stages of planning that will be far more interesting opportunities to win stuff.

I'd like to share some milestones with you. RSS feed subscribers are at a solid WTF.


I'm sure there are a lot though, so thanks to everyone for caring enough about this site to subscribe. The screencasts have been still trending downwards. I think I'm still going to try and make 100 though, just because that is a cool round number.

I'd share some other analytic data with you, but honestly, there isn't all that much interesting to share. People come from all over the world. India is second behind the U.S. More than half the visitors use Firefox. Chrome is bigger than Safari. I serve about 2 million pageviews a month. I kinda don't care that much about analytics. If you have a web app, you should care deeply about it. If you have a blog, you should close your Google Analytics tab and write.

I'm fairly happy with the page load speed (caching and the CDN help) but I gotta do something about the method I use to grab my latest Twitter update as that's usually the slowest thing which is dumb for something so trivial.

We're now in full swing of Summer, and I'm basically as busy as I've ever been. Fair warning, things might slow down a little around here for a little bit. Never fear though, this site is a part of me, and will be alive and kicking as long as I am. The current design of this site has lasted quite a while and I'm starting to get the re-align bug a little bit again. I wouldn't mess with the design just to mess with it, I actually have some new ideas, so I wouldn't be surprised if that dropped maybe in early Fall or so.

For this lovely long weekend some of us have, you should go see The Last Airbender despite the terrible reviews. My uncle made the stone weaponry for the film. Being a fan of the Nickelodean kid's show really helped me like the movie I think, it might be confusing otherwise.

Lastly and most importantly, THANK YOU for being a part of this "web design community."


  1. I love keeping up with your blog, thank you for the great work that you do! Perhaps more importantly, I should say that The Last Airbender was fantastic.

  2. Congrats, and Happy Birthday Chris!

    I wish you continued success, and I’d like to say “Thanks” for all that you do for the web community.

    You da man!

  3. Congrats to you for this achievement!

  4. Hi Chris,

    Congratulations on such a sterling success – you very much deserve it. Hope you and your American readers have a great 4th of July!


  5. Thank YOU Chris!

    Likely half of what I know about the esoteric CSS I use probably came from either you or Soh Tanaka – so thanks for all the awesome stuff!

    Also, I recently found a plugin by Sea of Clouds for pulling Twitter, which has been fairly swift thus far; – really simple jQuery thing, and bizarrely, very fast.

    Thanks again!

  6. wushi

    I ‘m pretty new to CSS and your blog’s been a very good source of inspiration and innovation. I´ll keep coming back avidly.

    Props from Mozambique

  7. Congratulations to you and thanks for your great site. I just discovered it recently and appreciate it greatly.

  8. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks! Thank you Chris for all the great articles and screencasts. They have been inspirational to me. Here is to another great year…

  9. Adam

    Can’t imagine my feedly without you in there. Thanks for everything!

    Happy Birthday.

  10. Happy birthday CSS tricks! You’re one of my RSS must-reads — I’ve learned so much.

  11. Congrats Sir,

    in this 3 years you made this site legendary, it has been like “god like” site for new web developers like me, i almost find every thing what i am looking for. You taught me so so many things.

    Keep up the great work.

    and yes Happy Birthday ;)

  12. Thanks for all your hard work Chris. CSS Tricks has always been an incredible resource.

  13. happy anniversary to css-tricks! Chris, don’t drop the screencasts. It’s true, I may have to put them off until I have a solid hour to listen to you blather on, but I still get around to it, and they’re often quite enjoyable. They’re an opportunity to convey information in a different way that’s often very effective, especially when you’re doing something hands-on like taking us through a demo.


  14. Wow 3 years thats great, Thanks for all you do for us.

  15. cathrine

    Happy birthday, CSS-tricks! I want to say thanks too! I discovered your site about half a year ago, but haven’t gotten through half of all the great stuff you are sharing! So in a way, I will be relieved if things slow down a bit here, maybe I get the chance to see everything! I really love what you do and how you do it!

  16. Thank you Chris for your personal contribution to this community!

  17. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks! And Happy Fourth to everyone!

  18. I must admit that the screencast videos were what got me coming to your site so regularly and i am always anticipating your next vid so i am glad that you are gonna carry on with that. (I just find watching a video so much easier to learn from).

    I actually found your site about 18 months ago on one of those top 10 best websites. It was something like best wordpress tutorials. It was love at first sight and I have been coming here pretty much every single day since.

    You have been the biggest inspiration in becoming a web designer and I owe a lot of my own success to you.

    You do a great job and deserve all the best. Happy birthday dude. I really hope you get everything you want out of life.

  19. Wow, impressive back-archive to manage in 3 years! Love the site.

    If the RSS Stats are anything like feedburner stats it may just register when a program polls the server to check for updates, in which case quiet days may be weekends or some other non-rss day for people.

  20. Congrats Chris!

    Please keep up the screencasts, I’ve been visiting your site almost daily for years now and have just recently been finding the time to watch some of the screencasts. I find them interesting and insightful.

  21. Chris, I use Twitter Tools for tweets, as it pulls them into the WP Database which seems to speed page loads up.

    On the down side, the tweets would be slower to appear on your page as you’d need to wait until Twitter Tools updates and then for any cache updates.


  22. Chris,
    I use your website for just about everything. You pretty much taught me how to use WordPress from the bottom up and hand-write my CSS styles rather than let good (but not really good) old Dreamweaver do it for me.
    Thanks for everything, keep it going, and happy b-day CSS-Tricks!

    Happy fourth everyone,

    • Kalee Eversole

      I couldn’t have said this better myself. I am in the exact same boat with you, Amit! Chris – you are are my web design hero. I very well may have given up trying to learn web design due to the mental stress it gave me in the beginning had I not had access to your screencasts, articles, and everything. Great work all around!

  23. Happy birthday CSS-Tricks :D

  24. Gourmador

    Happy birthday, css-tricks

  25. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks and fine work to you as ever Chris.

    Wishing you every success for teh future from here in sunny Scotland.

  26. Toni Kukurin

    Hi Chris,

    You’ve done a great job with CSS-tricks and I hope you continue to do so.

    As for the screencasts… Well, shouldn’t you be aiming for a rounder number – like 256? :D


  27. Anthony

    Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks, and congratulations Chris on making and maintaining one of my favorite sources for tips, how-to’s and inspiration!

    I’m with Toni on the screencasts. They’re excellent in the way you present them and a welcome change of scenery from the mountain of written articles available online. As they say…”seeing is believing”.

    Here’s to many more years of success!

  28. Ammar Alsulaimani

    Happy birthday css-tricks
    really Chris you did awesome things we appreciate what you did

  29. Congrats dear.

  30. Mohsen

    Just wanted to inform you about a typo on your header text (if I’m right)

    A Web Design Community curated by Chris Coyier

    are you sure about curated?

  31. Hey Chris,

    First of all Congratz! And second, I really enjoy your screencasts there really the best! Don’t stop making them!


  32. lalit

    Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks, and congratulations

  33. almost everything i know about the web is related to chris and with ur help man i got my job so my future thank you man happy birthday css-tricks

  34. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks and thank you Chris for providing one of the most solid, well-rounded web communities around.

    The screencasts are great, and I would hate to see them go. Just my two cents.

  35. Three is pretty good in web years, congrats and looking forward to whatever the future brings. I enjoyed the jQuery posts mixing things up now and then.

  36. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks :)
    thank you Chris. Your blog is really very helpful and now is one of my favorite of learning CSS & jQuery and all its tricks.
    Love it
    Your way of explaining things is making things easier me to understand :)
    lot of “aha” moment for me while reading your posts

    All the best

  37. Congratulations on the big 3. I’m looking forward to checking out another year full of quality articles.

  38. congrats! most blogs don’t make it past their first year.

  39. Mike

    “Today is America’s birthday and also (more importantly) the birthday of CSS-Tricks”

    While nice to see CSS-Tricks turn 3, it’ll never be more important then the birth of America.

  40. Akbar

    Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks!! :)
    This is one of the best! Few srcreencasts I watched are absolutely awesome!!
    Look forward to learn more!!

  41. Jeff

    Thanks for pointing that out Mike, although many here may not agree!

    But on a serious note, Chris is a great guy with a giving attitude who has helped thousands and thousands of people gain knowledge and pursue a passion or even just helping someone learning something new as a hobby.

    That’s something we can all relate to and appreciate much more in these times then something that happened 200+ years ago and required lots of killing and “treason.” Just my opinion :)

  42. CJ

    Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks. I would be sad to see screencasts go but I totally get if it if traffic is dwindling. Thanks for everything you’ve put it this site Chris.

  43. Happy Birthday CSS-Tricks , and keep on going Chris!

  44. Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more and a happy, profitable, successful future. Keep up the great work!

  45. Permalink to comment#

    well may be this is a a bit late but I also congratulate u for the effort y-u have put into this web site, it is very helpful and of high quality – thanks

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