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Group Interview

Published by Chris Coyier

I recently participated in a group interview about clients, design, and freelancing in general over on Vandelay Website Design.


The rest of the participants were:
Alen Grakalic of CSS Globe
John Phillips of Freelance Folder
David Airey
Matt Griffin of Liquid Design Media
Connor Wilson
Thord Daniel Hedengren
Michael Martin of Pro Blog Design
Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design
Dejan Cancarevic of StylizedWeb

These interviews are kind of fun. I also did one on Snap2Objects recently. I think I'll try and find some interesting folks in the CSS field to interview for this site sometime soon.


  1. Hi Chris,

    I enjoyed reading your answers, and those of the other participants. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for mentioning the interview.

  3. You should interview craiglist’s founder. Tons of CSS there.

  4. Permalink to comment#

    That was a great interview, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Chris. Great answers.

  5. Howdy Chris, twas interesting reading your responses. Thanks for the mention as well :)

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