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Published by Chris Coyier

Yesterday I "upgraded" the forums from phpBB 3.0.0 to 3.0.2. It was a bit of a debacle, probably mostly my fault, and it was down for a lot of the day. It's back up and running now though! Apparently it fixed an issue one user was having with IE 7, so that's cool. I did lose the some of the "search" data from the database, so searches in the forums might be kinda limited for a while (if anyone knows how to make phpBB force-rebuild those tables let me know). The big problem I was hoping to solve is that email notifications to topics you have subscribed to weren't working... and still aren't. Bummer. Oh well, all in good time.

If you have never checked out the forums, you should! We've got a nice little community going in there (thanks guys!). Posting in there for troubleshooting help will get you better and quicker help than emailing me will. I've been kinda buried in troubleshooting emails lately so I apologize if I need to pass some of you off to the forums instead. But really, it's better for everyone that way.

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  1. Eric
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    To fix the Search index… Look under the Maintenance tab, then under Search Index on the LHS menu…


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    @Eric: Nice! Totally worked. I’ll have to do that from time to time, because it indexes spam posts too as they are posted and doesn’t clean that stuff out when the post is deleted.

    I can’t believe spam still gets through that big ass CAPTCHA…. Ah well I usually catch it fairly quick.

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    What made you choose Phpbb instead of BBpress (since you’re using WordPress)?

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    @Lostkore: I’m 90% happy with phpBB. I like how it looks and mostly how it functions (I REALLY wish I could get those email notifications working). If I could go back in time, honestly, I’d probably choose BBpress. I don’t like how everyone has to sign up AGAIN for the forums, even if they have a regular WordPress CSS-Tricks account.

    Someday down the line (no hard plans), I’m considering making a members-only section of the site. One of the big hurdles is not wanting people to have yet-another login for this site. I’m considering amember which supposedly has WordPress integration, but we’ll see how well that works…

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    Yes, I know what you mean, you could lose some accounts in the process of signing-up again. We are a lazy generation haha

    It sounds like a good addition to the site, sort of a CSS-Tricks Plus membership.

  6. Thanks for the post. Just now found out about Your great forum – I will surely join Your community :)

  7. John S
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    There is a MOD for phpBB for importing a CSV users list into the database.
    I’m going to make up a small list (50 or so) of user and give it a try on my dev server.

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    Have you tried using SMTP for the email notifications? In the configuration for phpBB you can tell phpBB to use SMTP instead of the default php mail function.

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