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WordPress user portfolio plugin suggestion

  • # October 17, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Hi guys I want to manage a WordPress site and want it to perform following functionality

    1. user get registered
    2. user can make a portfolio (like can up its paintings designs)
    3. Those portfolio design will be sold on that site
    4. The user who up that portfolio will get his/her money and site will take its commission.
    5. user will be able to edit his/her portfolio and profile.

    is there any plugin that performs a functionality like this or some plugins list that I can grouped together to get this functionality or near to that functionality.

    if WordPress is not suitable for this kind of site I mean if no plugin support functionality like this then what should I do, should I use some other framework like Joomla or should I develop it from scratch.

    I’ll be very thankful for your guidance.


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