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"wordpress theme framework" vs "Blank themes" vs free theme

  • # February 27, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    I use Dreamweaver as a main IDE and I like to use Blueprint CSS Framework. I’ve good knowledge of XHTML CSS but PHP knowledge is not much ( just know how to use PHP include command).

    I want to focus myself for "PSD 2 wordpress" work.

    which thing would be best to choose to make custom themes

    1. I should learn and use any WordPress theme Framework
    2. or I should use Any WordPress Blank theme … =&aq=f&oq=?
    3. or I should find similar free theme
    to my design then edit to it.
    4. or I should use this

    "Wordpress theme framework" has something different folder/file structure than blank theme and it needs more learning curve. What are pros and cons to use "Theme framework" over Blank themes. Mostly i use wordpress as a CMS for site and use blog functionality only for one "Blog" page. so basically i create different landing pages and Home page.

    # February 28, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    1. Theme frameworks typically extend the functionality of WordPress in some way. They have options panels and fancy functions for attempting to make common tasks easier, etc.

    2. Blank themes are stripped down WordPress themes intended to be a starting point for customizing. There is nothing there that doesn’t need to be.

    3. If you can find a theme that is close to what you need, that’s a great route. If you can’t, it’s probably too much trouble to fight against all the stuff already there and easier to use a blank theme.

    4. I kinda forgot how that worked, but it hasn’t been updated in a while so maybe go with a different option.

    # March 2, 2010 at 4:35 am

    Thank Chris for good reply.

    For long run should i learn and use any "wordpress theme frameworks" in place of "free themes" and "Blank themes"?

    or i should try all depends on situation.

    Can we make any type of theme, any type of design with "wordpress theme frameworks" or it has some restrictions. Does theme "framework" uses more files than "themes"?

    "Which wordpress framework would you suggest for me to learn and use for everything?

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