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Visibility with (sub):target – HELP!!!

  • # August 20, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    The red bar on this page represents tab1-tab5, with tab1 set as default with z-index. The problem is, if tab2 is visible, when you click on the blue buttons (the same as on tab1), the page jumps back to tab1.
    I’ve previously used display: block, as seen on the “encapsulation” link from the home page, but used an anchored page for each of the tabs1-5, as well as the blue buttons!

    I’m trying to accomplish two things.
    1)Eliminate unnecessary duplication of content, by switching the blue button content, rather than having duplicate of tab2 for each content change.
    2)I could just make each tab its own page, but want to keep tabs 1-5 on one page for SEO rankings.

    Is there some combination/selector to allow tab2 to display if one of the blue buttons is the :target anchor.
    Any help (and feedback) would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Here’s the link to the TEST page

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