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PNG issue, width and button text problem in IE6

  • # October 30, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    Hi I have just built a website I am using PNGs I have added in the hack which is fine for most of the PNGs but on this page: the icon at the top right I positioned absolute, but the PNG is not appearing correctly. How do I fix this for IE6? It shouldn’t have that bounding box around it but instead be transparent.

    On the same page on the contact form you see the button with the text saying ‘Submit’ but half of it is been cut off. This is happening in IE6 and 7. Does anyone know a fix for it? Below the contact form is the ‘Terms and Condition’ link in all the other browsers its fine but in IE6 and 7 the text is wrapped onto another line. Do I need to specify a width to fix this?

    Finally I’m trying to create some drop down menus for this site, as you know IE6 doesn’t quite understand it does anyone know any good tutorials for drop down list, as I’m not good with it or javascript

    Much help is appreciated

    Thank you

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